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  1. Is it possible to have pics of any remaining Yumiko Leos still available? Many thanks
  2. Came across this article in another thread elsewhere in the forum, seemed apt to share it on doing dance as if you read through it, gives two examples of how different countries train their young dancers. https://balletassociation.co.uk/pages/reports-2020-jessica-clarke Apologies to the mods if we aren't meant to double post links but wasn't sure how to divert people onto the original thread!
  3. Hello, are any of these items still for sale? many thanks
  4. Is this still for sale Tops?
  5. if these are still available, I would very much like them for my daughters and am happy to pay! Many thanks
  6. https://www.onedanceuk.org/job/dancers-casting-call-for-tom-hoopers-cats-for-universal-studios/ https://dancingopportunities.com/audition-notice-lucy-bevan-casting-cats/ There were some 'open' auditions for this over the summer. Some of my daughter's friends attended, I am sure they will feel much better knowing they were beaten to it by a Principle of RB I wish her well and look forward to seeing the film!
  7. @FlexyNexy, I have sent you a pm @Picturesinthefirelight and @Snowflake, best wishes to your families at this difficult time and good luck to your DDs
  8. I have a friend who has a room available to rent, lovely family, will send you a msg 😊
  9. My dd was fortunate to do the Royal Covent Garden SS last year, when sitting with some of the international students, they were discussing all the different competitions they were entering and were quite incredulous when my dd replied....none! One of the girls did go on to do rather well in the Genee 2016. We also have a couple of names to look out for in future Prix de Lausannes - they were starting their training in anticipation of applying for 2018/19. It was quite an eye opening conversation albeit rather depressing!!
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