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  1. if these are still available, I would very much like them for my daughters and am happy to pay! Many thanks
  2. https://www.onedanceuk.org/job/dancers-casting-call-for-tom-hoopers-cats-for-universal-studios/ https://dancingopportunities.com/audition-notice-lucy-bevan-casting-cats/ There were some 'open' auditions for this over the summer. Some of my daughter's friends attended, I am sure they will feel much better knowing they were beaten to it by a Principle of RB I wish her well and look forward to seeing the film!
  3. @FlexyNexy, I have sent you a pm @Picturesinthefirelight and @Snowflake, best wishes to your families at this difficult time and good luck to your DDs
  4. I have a friend who has a room available to rent, lovely family, will send you a msg 😊
  5. My dd was fortunate to do the Royal Covent Garden SS last year, when sitting with some of the international students, they were discussing all the different competitions they were entering and were quite incredulous when my dd replied....none! One of the girls did go on to do rather well in the Genee 2016. We also have a couple of names to look out for in future Prix de Lausannes - they were starting their training in anticipation of applying for 2018/19. It was quite an eye opening conversation albeit rather depressing!!
  6. my dd and I have a thing about white feathers so when we find one somewhere unexpected, we keep it for luck. We have found a fair few! If she feels she the need for some extra luck, she will slip one in her shoe.
  7. Wow! That's a huge number of applicants, and each one submitted 5 photographs, that is a lot of pics to look at, think it will take Mr Annear sometime!! Good luck to everyone, any dc that gets a place has done very well indeed!! Edited for spelling mistake
  8. Never done a festival so this is more of an anecdote.... when my dd was younger, she needed a solo for an audition and her then teacher choreographed a lovely little ballet dance to some piece of music he had come across, 'it's from some film apparently' he said with a dismissive wave of his hand......it was the piano version of the Harry Potter theme tune lol! Still can't listen to it without his voice in my head bellowing out the steps! What I can add that might be useful, is how different it sounded when only played by the piano, perhaps a different arrangement of your favourite piece might work? Good luck with it all!
  9. My dd's were very lucky to be given the opportunity to perform when JA/MA's. On each occasion, assistance was given with travel expenses and parents were invited to watch the pre gen rehearsal (for free. The travel expenses were paid by the company and not the RBS. Unsure from your post if your dd is Royal associate but hopefully other schemes may offer similar 'perks'when asking their associates to perform. Hope you can manage to do it, good luck.
  10. Kat09, I am interested in the indigo one, just have to investigate sizing unless you can advise how a degas size 0 compares to other makes eg Bloch? Many thanks, will be in touch asap!
  11. You guys put me to shame, don't do parcels nearly as often as I used to...but do find Amazon prime useful for next day free delivery on all sorts of things from shampoo when they have run out.... to urgently needed stationary...to 'lucky' ear rings to wear at appraisals....and all sorts of random stuff in between ???? what I do mostly do now, is email daily, an inspirational quote or funny picture..sometimes just what my dd's need at that exact moment in time, free of charge but often priceless ????
  12. Ask her JA teacher for advice, it was many yrs ago for both my girls but from memory I think Royal told them to wear their JA leotards....both had very different end results so its not down to the leotard! Younger DD is now preparing for US auditions and the quest for a Leo is driving me crazy, I would quite like it if she could just wear her associate one lol! ???? good luck with it all.
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