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  1. I'm more nervous than DD!! She's says she's not at all as she's not expecting anything but I'm thinking the nerves will kick in when she arrives!!
  2. I'm quite confused about the company for LCB, of course we are not expecting DD to get a place as previous years she has gotten a call back but no final audition. I wonder if the actual dances will be more challenging seeing as the ballet is shorter?
  3. Would be interesting to know how many are auditioning this year as I know many cannot make it/ have other commitments when the rehearsals are. Despite the fact they are only casting half the amount of students maybe all the "more talented children" (sorry I didn't know what other phrase to put) are not able to audition so will free up some places??
  4. Do dancia tend to charge a lot for Grishko?? DD is set to get her first pair soon and her teacher said Grishko would probably suit her best
  5. Oh don't worry!! I read the email wrong, I must have been up to late the night before lol
  6. On the email it said something along the lines of "on 1st January" you will be assigned a group. Does this mean there is multiple company groups or am I just being stupid?
  7. DDs friends bought DD an RAD one as a little bday gift, ps DD is 13
  8. DD did a class at RBS with a teacher from Paris Opera (sorry can't remember his name) where the class was told to pretend to be kicking your least favourite teacher in the face when doing battement frappés . According to DD the whole class' frappés suddenly became a lot "fiercer" in DDs words.
  9. I think it's a lovely idea to change it up a bit this year but I suspect it will be harder than ever to receive a place as it has always been! I wonder if they are still going to organise the tours that smaller groups of children took part in that got through to the final round of auditions
  10. We were also looking at these for my DD (slightly older). The photos shown on the website seem as if dancers who don't usually do ballet participate as they don't seem to be wearing leotards etc. Though I may be wrong as this is just my DDs perspective and I don't know a thing about ballet!!
  11. What grade is your DD, maybe she was considerably higher than others her age?
  12. Ahh thought so as other schemes usually are but was just wondering as it said on the website something along the lines of, to be placed on the waiting list for the audition please contact us.
  13. DD was interested in auditioning for this, does anyone know when the audition is. (I'm guessing we've missed it)
  14. If you'd like a source of iron without eating meat, as it can be very expensive if you buy free range, my DD takes a natural iron supplement in her drink (usually juice) every other morning:) edited to add: she takes the spatone one
  15. Okay thanks, looks like I was completely wrong with my guess lol XD
  16. What does SWL mean?? I'm assuming .... white lodge??
  17. Thanks Janet, I had never heard of it before as not many of the children at DD's dance school do other schemes/associates
  18. Sorry that I'm going off topic but what is a "CAT scheme"?
  19. DD's teacher has recently noticed that she has been having a growth spurt as it is quite noticeable! She has told DD to lower her leg a little in her developes, focus lots on balance as she has lost much of it due to write body not being exactly in proportion. She has also told her not to panic if she seems as if stretches she used to be able to do easily now make a her feel a stretch. Hope this helps!!
  20. Thank a lot for the information, it's been really helpful and probably saved a bit of the workers at pineapple a bit of time! We have decided to probably try out Maggie Paterson's Elementary ballet class soon and see how that is for DD
  21. Yes Anna C I was planning to do that but decided to post on here in case someone new to save Pineapple a bit of time. Thanks for the advice
  22. Thanks for the feedback, I'm guessing the level of classes is similar for Pineapple?
  23. Yes Anna C, we weren't sure on the level of ballet class DD should take, would you think Elementary would be okay?
  24. Am I right in thinking that the academic year of your DD you put down on the application form is the year they are going into in Sept??
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