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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, After having a talk with my Dad today about money and how much the next three years of my degree are going to cost I am left with the worry of where I'm going to find the money to pay for it all. I will have the fees and maintenance loan but that doesn't cover all the costs that I will face and my parents aren't going to be able to pay for it all as money is very tight at the moment, this means that I need to find the money myself. I currently don't have a job due to having dance so many days a week including A Level all day on a Saturday and allowing myself time to work on my A Levels. I would like to find a way of earning money to pay for the costs related to my course but I don't know what to do. I won't be able to have a job when I'm at school as I'm going to Ballet West so there isn't anything around their to get a job with. Basically, I need advice on how to earn the money and if there is any way that you think I can be earning whilst studying. It's getting to the point now when I'm really panicking about what I'm going to do. Thanks and I hope that the responses will also be useful to others on here starting or at Upper School.
  2. The M Word. Money. 100 years ago, a Russian child could learn to dance for free! Not now! There's so much I need to do to get my technique up to standard (as a late starter) but we still need money to buy food and pay bills! So, is there any way possible for a young dancer to earn some money? Weekend jobs are hard, as we have dancing lessons or Associates! I just wish there was a way! I'll try and find someone who needs some basic cleaning/gardening/odd little jobs, but I doubt there will be many! It's sad how much money it takes to live your dreams ????????
  3. It's been a rather big problem for the past three years or so to actually get some good and healthy food in me regularly. Because of several reasons my family struggles with money and as a dance student I feel like my performance could improve by a diet that provides me with all the nutritients that I need. My Mum doesn't cook and I'm always busy with school and dance. Setting time aside to putter around in the kitchen is difficult and stressful most of the time. (I admit that I am also a tiny bit lazy and can't get a move on. The teenager does shine through...) I've seen plenty of people preparing food 'in bulk' that they divide into smaller portions that they can reheat over the course of the week, though. So with the proper motivation and tips that might be an option? But mainly, I wanted to ask you for tips and advice. Maybe you are in a similar situation and have found ways to work around this problem or alternatives that have worked for you to replace the unhealthier ingredients in meals. Maybe you have even found tasty replacements for a meal altogether? To put things in perspective, right now our kitchen is stocked mostly with bread and white rice, formula for mashed potatos, processed and frozen foods. There is powdered soup and in the fridge we have cheese, pudding and some smoothies. There's some fruit every now and then, except for apples that are always there. (And we have candy/sweets. Which I end up eating when I'm sick of all the other options - of course, not a very good choice.) Now, I'm not saying that everything needs to be a hundred percent organic or anything. Not even that I don't want anything that's just a little unhealthy around the flat. We all need to splurge sometimes. I'd just like to be able to have some food around that I can use to prepare/cook something more with so that I can have more of a variety or something that is better for me than chocolate and crisps when I want to snack a little. (Does that make sense? I feel like I can't find teh proper expression.) Mum thinks she's doing me a favour, even when I tell her I'd rather skip the pizzas or the candy for a while she tells me I have to eat *something*. In that aspect, she's right but then again, we can't afford to just go wild in the fruit and veggie aisle and she won't risk any experiments with groceries that we might end up throwing out. And I desperately need help in getting information about some foods and ingredients that are kind of 'universal', in a sense and that can be used for many meals instead of just in combination with that one thing or other. And honestly, before I danced this was mostly fine because I didn't eat as much, just like she still does. (A coffee in the morning, a few more while at work and then some bread or pudding when she gets home in the evening. I can't do that when I want to dance. And it's not very good, either.) I have continuously gained weight since starting classes because my body needs more food but all I can give it leaves me hungry again an hour later. And despite what I told myself in the beginning, not all of that is new muscle mass. Mum tells me to just watch what I eat and simply eat less, but it's difficult when you don't have many options (especially when you want a warm meal!). Even with the chance of sounding whiny or even ungrateful (I promise I am neither of both intentionally) I thought I could reach out here and ask for all the help you can give me.
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