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  1. I got my DDs from Porselli (www.dancewear.co.uk ) Got orange size adult small. Ordered them on 5th Jan and arrived around the 13th.
  2. DD is just making do with Sanshas at the mo. They come high enough up the back (just; if I sew the elastics in exactly the right place so they don't slip off!) but are a bit baggy on the toe area and don't show off her point to best advantage.
  3. Thanks Bellini Pointe, I will definitely have a look at this site
  4. Hi, my DD is auditioning for MAs on Sunday and we were wondering if the audition class includes any warm-up time, or if she should warm up on her own beforehand. If anyone knows, we would be grateful for any answers ... (I did email rbs but no reply)
  5. Does anyone know what time the Tring spring (easter) course starts on the first day (bank holiday monday)? I am wondering if we need to get there the evening before, as we have quite a long distance to travel.
  6. I just looked at the Chacott and they don't appear to come in different widths, so I fear they would be too wide for DD as she is narrow.
  7. Thanks for both those suggestions; I will look into teaching shoes (I didn't know they existed!) and Freed Chacott.
  8. Hi, Does anyone have experience of needing a soft ballet shoe which comes higher up the back of the heel than average? My DD needs them so she can fit heel lifts inside without them slipping of her heel. She has Sanshas at the moment which are ok except that the width of them is still not narrow enough, even though she's got the N width ones! Blochs are narrow enough for her but we haven't yet found any that come high enough up the back of the heel. Can anyone help please?
  9. Thanks for your replies; that is a very useful comment about taking in advice given generally to the class/to another child. I have gone ahead and booked it!
  10. We are considering applying for the Tring spring (easter) course and, as it is quite expensive, I am wondering how worthwhile it is. Did anyone find it not worthwhile for any reason?
  11. Can anyone tell me what the usual timing of RBS mid-associate auditions for the day is (start and finish time) please? Am wondering whether to go for London or Manchester!
  12. Hi, can anyone advise on a good place to go for pointe shoe fitting in the Newcastle area?
  13. That was my suspicion, Pas de Quatre. Their website link must be wrong then. We will have to do our photos again
  14. Thanks, Lema and Sarahw. The 1st photo set were headed 13-18 yrs, and the 2nd 11-13 yrs, and as DD will be 13, it could be either
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