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  1. Looking for recommendations for dance schools for dd 13 (RAD ballet/vocational ballet/tap/modern/jazz/acro) around Glastonbury/Street/Wells areas and irish classes for ds 10. Thank you!
  2. We are starting to think about GCSEs for dd 13. Does the RAD and ISTD have a credit system towards GCSEs? Dd does RAD ballet graded and vocational and ISTD tap, modern, jazz as well as acro. It would be good to think that she could get some credits towards GCSEs given all the hours of training that she does... Thank y'all!
  3. Could anyone update me please as to whether the RAD is still running their Associate Programme in Birmingham. Dd did it before Elmhurst Associates and is interested in restarting it. Thank you in advance all!
  4. Definitely give it a go! It is a wonderful experience and the Young Dancers make lifelong friends. We had a long drive and a 7am start for classes but dd absolutely loved it and although she was exhausted afterwards, she wouldn't have missed it for anything!
  5. Hope all those around Birmingham are ok following the flooding yesterday... I read that Bristol Road was bad...anyone know whether Elmhurst had problems? I know they had flooding problems a couple of years ago...
  6. A friend has a query which someone may be able to help with. Their dd is wanting to go down the vocational route of dance teaching. Should she focus on the RAD majors (vocational grades) rather than the normal grades? She presumes it is better to do both as it gives better foundations in technique and if dd wanted to teach then she would learn the syllabus? What routes have others taken to teach RAD ballet? Thank you!
  7. I think Annette Nicholson up in Birmingham advertised something similar in Dancing Times recently.
  8. Interesting Bluebird22. They are certainly spending a huge amount of money on advertising (Dancing Times every month) and they seem far more competitive with RBS now than they used to be. Artistic Director abroad often judging comps etc, auditioning overseas. I wonder if he has his eye on David Bintley's position at BRB as DB will be retiring next year? They seem to doing another set of auditions for Years 7, 10 and sixth form as they did last year based on photos and then an invite to audition. Doesnt seem an even audition process to me! Think how all those who went through preli
  9. Just wondering what the assessment procedure is for JAs and Mids. Do parents get feedback throughout the year? Do the students get an idea of their weaker areas before the assessments so they know what to work on beforehand? Apparently Elmhurst Associates do not give parents any feedback of their child's progress at any point during the year and no report at the end of the year for Extended Associates. How can they justify this?
  10. That's interesting, Bluebird22. Any idea why the shake up?
  11. We are in our 4th year of weekly Saturday runs to Birmingham for Associates and fortnightly Sundays too...a 4 hour round trip. Yes, it takes up pretty much the whole day, but dd has loved every minute of it and wouldn't change it for anything. Definitely don't let the distance discourage you from applying!
  12. Would be wonderful if you could extend it to regional centres...sounds amazing...wishing you all the best for setting it up!
  13. Peanut68-join the worrying mum burning the midnight oil too... I totally get where you are! We are in the very same place with dd! At least we are not alone in this, thanks to this wonderful forum and advice...but help!
  14. Very well put, Nicola! Hadn't thought of it like that! Thank you!
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