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Found 9 results

  1. What's the best, most insightful, most useful, most inspiring, funniest, or bitchiest technique correction you've ever received? I say received so you can't hype your own gems of wisdom, of course. So: You will post your favourite correction. If you feel you can, credit the teacher, but it's OK if you leave the arms out for now. Here's one from Nicola Simpson, last week: (I ask for a correction on turns to my weaker side) Keep your weight forwards. Always forwards. Don't let your head go back. (I mumble with incoherent bafflement) This means you must keep your hands forward in your port de bras so you can track them through 5th without letting your head go back. That way your plié tracking will be better as well. Why it's great: it worked! Also it hits like three important issues at once. And it's very non-obvious. I asked about turns and here we are marking port...but it makes total sense, because a turn has a plié/relévé movement. And I also noticed that we'd been working on just those issues all week.
  2. Hi All, I'm studying Baroque historical dance but so much want to improve technique by finding local adult classical ballet lessons near Basigstoke, Hants.- but finding them for the few days in the week available is difficult. Which makes me sad because for the couple months I was able to train was really, really interesting and rewarding. Any tips to find what I need?
  3. Hi! I want to share something really interesting with you: some famous Principal dancers give really informative tips. IANA SALENKO, LAUREN LOVETTE, SONIA RODRÍGUEZ, MAIA MAKHATELI AND MANY MORE. VANESSA ZAHORIAN – POINTE SHOES AND Q&A The Guide To The Pointe Shoes by Vanessa Zahorian Vanessa Zahorian, principal dancer from San Francisco, explains everything you need to know about ballet pointe shoes: choosing pointe shoes, ribbons and elastique, sewing ballet pointe shoes, using padding in pointe shoes and much more. Adiarys Almeida, Guest Principal Artist will share her tips on designing and sewing the tutu for the role of Sugar Plum. MAIA MAKHATELI – GRAND ALLEGRO AND Q&A LAUREN LOVETTE – PETIT ALLEGRO AND Q&A In a new livestream from Tips from a Ballet Star, Lauren Lovette answers the audience's questions and tells her tricks about petit allegro.
  4. Hi All *** ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT *** We are again running our 3 day Christmas Ballet Intensive on the 28th/29th/30th December 2017. A MUST for all whom wish to keep in top physical, mental and technical shape for the important "Assessment" term, or for any ballet dancer wishing to go back to their school with an "edge" over the rest! We will focus your mind and your body, and send you back fighting fit and ready to take on 2018, prepared and ready! 3 full days of class with me, Nicola Moriarty, 2/3 nights accommodation, all food and drinks are included - £395.00 (12 places only) Being the festive period we will have lots of fun, and games. But.......... we will work hard and build confidence and focus on those areas of concern within your technique. I trained at RBS and danced professionally for 3 years around Europe. I have taught classical ballet to such a range of students over the last 20 years, I feel I know how to bring out the best in you! We will welcome you into the WDR family and once you in, you won't want to leave! *** ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT *** Please email me for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com and we can have a chat. Kind regards Nic x
  5. So basically, I was in class and told my tendus were looking pretty good. I repeated the exercise using the left leg, and my teacher gasped in horror. For weeks now, I can feel my hip jerking and horribly misaligning but I have no idea how to solve it, and neither does my teacher. It is a recent thing, and it drives me mad! Could anybody please give me a helping hand?
  6. Hi everyone, I've found that I have a real problem engaging the adductors in my working leg when doing tendus. I have no problem engaging them in my standing leg but I really struggle to do so in my working leg, especially in tendu à la seconde/to the side. I've tried standing in second position and slowly dragging my leg and foot back into first and fifth, I've tried doing tendus with my foot flexed and off the floor so I'm definitely using my leg muscles and not my foot to return to first and fifth but I still can't feel my adductors working. I have swaybacks/hyperextended knees so I try to bend/'straighten' them so they don't get in the way and I'm holding my turn out as much as possible when coming back into first and fifth position. Any tips? Thanks!
  7. Myself and a colleague are running 3 days of 'back to school' dance training in CENTRAL Birmingham at a bargain price of £100 for 3 days! (Considering how much I normally charge these days this is a total steal!!!!!!!!!!) Seriously though - I will be teaching all day, every day on this course and will focus on placing and technique, strength, safe flexibility, injury prevention as well as teaching all of the tips I have learnt from people like Rebecca Davies, Tahlysia Smedley and Rosina Andrews to get you turning more easily, jumping higher and doing all those fun leaps and tricks SAFELY! (Includes classes in Progressing Ballet Technique) It is open to ANY dancer from age 8 upwards - and I can also accommodate private coaching time for anyone who is looking for help with something specific, or wants to learn some exercises to help with their dancing or prevent injury. To apply just complete a registration form on www.midas-dance.org.uk - no payment will be needed until the first day of the course. **** VENUE: Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University B4 7ET - Walking distance from the stations*******
  8. Can anyone share any tips on how to turn more than once in a pirouette. My teachers get me to be on a high releve with a snatch but I can't do more than one. If I do, then I can't close it properly back into position, I just fall out. Thank you for reading this and for any suggestions. ????
  9. So you's are probably sick of hearing from me Anyway, at home my balance is great and I have vinyl flooring in the kitchen where I practice but in class where they have a Harlequin sprung floor my balance is awful. At home I can hold an arabesque for a good few minutes but in class just past there I could barely hold myself up right. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not used to the flooring or what, I'm certainly pulled up but I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to improve. Any suggestions?
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