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Found 6 results

  1. What's the best, most insightful, most useful, most inspiring, funniest, or bitchiest technique correction you've ever received? I say received so you can't hype your own gems of wisdom, of course. So: You will post your favourite correction. If you feel you can, credit the teacher, but it's OK if you leave the arms out for now. Here's one from Nicola Simpson, last week: (I ask for a correction on turns to my weaker side) Keep your weight forwards. Always forwards. Don't let your head go back. (I mumble with incoherent bafflement) This means you must keep your hands forward in your port de bras so you can track them through 5th without letting your head go back. That way your plié tracking will be better as well. Why it's great: it worked! Also it hits like three important issues at once. And it's very non-obvious. I asked about turns and here we are marking port...but it makes total sense, because a turn has a plié/relévé movement. And I also noticed that we'd been working on just those issues all week.
  2. The announcement has dropped and he is (a) Ballet Master of the ENB: https://www.ballet.org.uk/people/renato-paroni-de-castro/
  3. Hi, I’m new to this forum but am looking for a bit of advice from fellow dance teachers. I have run a dance school for over 20 years and currently have a very large number of primary-Grade 2 students. As lovely as it is, when we come to our dance shows it’s proven difficult to have enough seats per performance for parents. I can’t have more performances so I think I need to split the students into only dancing at certain performances. I just wondered how other teachers did this and how you split your school for performances. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. There are several Teacher only groups on Social Media where teachers can exchange ideas on various matters, exam boards, admin, music systems, teaching particular steps etc. etc. However, they are also a good place to let off steam! Recently a Teacher was exasperated by teenage pupils who were getting a bit too big for their boots. So she wrote that she really dislikes these Pre-Madonnas.
  5. Calling all dance students and their parents, dance teachers, professional dancers and retired dancers. I am writing a self-care book for dancers regarding emotional and mental health. I know what help and support I would have liked as a dancer but I am only one person. I would therefore like to hear from as many people in the dancing world, whether working or not, as to what ideas, techniques, or questions you would like answered in my book. If you have positive anecdotes of overcoming issues and how it was dealt with, please include those as well. I am also looking for therapy volunteers as case studies for the book. These will be anonymised for the book and the sessions will be free to the volunteer. I hope my book will go a little way in helping remove the shame (stigma) surrounding mental health and allow people to ask for help. N.B. Please go to my website to check my professional credentials, which you can also find on the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) website. Parents please note that I will not be offering therapy sessions to those age 15 and under and for those age 16-18, please ask your parents to contact me. Email me if you don’t want to reply openly to this post. Please share this post with others who you think may wish to contact me. counsellingfordancers@gmail.com
  6. HOW DO YOU CONVINCE PARENTS?! I come from a very non-dancing family... They believe that I should only have one ballet lesson a week, and I can go to RBS when I'm 16 in 2 years and become a Darcey Bussell? ???? anyway, stresses are high at the moment because we are waiting on RBS results and hopefully auditioning for a couple of Associate programmes. Mother put her foot down on applying for any other full time ballet schools as she has a bit of a worryingly passionate relationship towards my academic school (she emails my head of year once a week to tell her how wonderful the school is ????). I suppose that's alright, as there aren't many spaces available anyway. Anyway, to the pointe. I am trying to construct a good and convincing argument for my parents to let me attend another recreational dance school for extra ballet classes, as present one only has 2 (one at my level, and one 2 levels below me...) a week. I will work hard to try to pay for these classes, but at the moment parents say no, I can either choose one school or the other (although it would be more expensive that way....). Any suggestions for persuading them? I'm trying not to pester them too much, I just crave more ballet than 1h 30 a week and the schools have links anyway. Sorry for the length of this, I'm just worried that I won't have enough ballet technique, as I onl,y started ballet 2 years ago. I just love it so much!
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