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  1. I too had a similar experience to Alison and Meunier; had seats and then hadn't got them; error messages, money not tallying, extra tickets I'd booked to replace ones that were lost but then re-appeared later, had to sign in and out and really worried because I was at work and it took me over an hour. Finally, I did manage to sign in and get the tickets I originally wanted. The whole thing took about 10 minutes when it's working well but I had to go without lunch and breaks all day to put back the time I had lost when trying to book. Joan
  2. Have booked my tickets for Don Q and Lauencia. Does anyone know if Vasiliev and Osipova are scheduled to dance Giselle on 27th March as Bluebird posted? it's just it's their one ballet whose performance date was unconfirmed on the ENO website and when I booked the box office assistant wasn't sure so I thought I'd wait until it is confirmed. All the other dates are as they were on the Mikhailovsky website so I assumed this was but I didn't want to book in case this was the ballet that was changed. Aileen, unless there has been a new posting I've missed I don't think the Bolshoi are scheduled to dance Don Q this summer so it may be as well to see them with the Mikhailovsky. Joan
  3. Thanks very much for this Bluebird and Haydn. Like you say it may be subject to change but it's interesting to see how they are possibly thinking of dividing up the visit and it gives you an idea about casting. presumably they are thinking of making some changes for it to vanish from their website and this will have to be sorted before it appears on ENO website and people start booking for individual casts. I hope they keep to the idea of giving Osipova and Vasiliev 2 performances for Don Q and Laurentia as my husband and I both want to see them but will have to go separately because of the dogs!!
  4. As the Mikhailovsky casting has vanished from their website can Meunier or Lgny (or anyone who saw it) remember the approximate order in which the ballets will be perfomed? it's just I will need to get time off work for the ballets I wish to see and it will give me some idea though I know if the casting has vanished the order may be changed also. it's a Russian company so there must be changes!!! it's just so great they are coming. Can't wait!!
  5. Brilliant news that Osipova and Vasiliev are coming with the Bolshoi. I knew the Hochhausers would do everything to get them as they are so popular and, in London especially, so associated with the Bolshoi. With the slight debacle with their change of dates for dancing Don Q in 2011 the box office actually had notices up saying 'Mr Vasiliev will not be dancing Don Q tonight', something I've never seen before at the ROH. I wonder if that was what happened if Nureyev had to cancel? However, I'm still not very happy with the rep. Even in these straightened circumstances it seems rather conservative. It would have been great to see Bright Stream or Pharoah's Daughter, ballets we don't get the chance to see over here (except possibly at the cinema). So, I won't be going as often as I'd hoped but still it will be great to see them again. Joan
  6. I saw POB Coppelia and was more impressed with it than I thought I was going to be. it helped to see the doc. first then you weren't surprised to see a young (and very personable!!) Dr Coppelius. Jose Martinez as Coppelius stole the show giving a marvellous performance, though Swanhilda and Franz were also excellent. The men generally were given more to do and I enjoyed Patrice Bart's choreography. Though much of the music was Coppelia's Bart also introduced other Delibes music to give the production a rather 'darker' atmesphere than normal.Coppelius' wife had died and he was using an older 'traditional Dr Coppelius type' man as his assistant to utilise Swanhilda's 'life force' to possibly bring his wife back to life again (I think) The last act is missing altogether, though with the introduction of the other music it probably lasts nearly as long. it ends with a wonderful pas de deux between Franz and Swanhilda. During the ballet Swanhilda is rather torn between Franz and Coppelius (don't blame her!!) but it all works out in the end. I feel I need to see it again to take it all in but I do feel it is worth watching again which I didn't think I would when I read about it.
  7. I too keep wondering about this. I check ENO and the Mikhailovsky websites fairly regularly but nothing yet. I did ask Osipova when she was guesting in Swan lake if she was coming with the Mikhailovsky and she said 'yes' so I'm still hoping though I didn't think to ask about dates. Also, I see in this months Dancing Times that the Bolshoi have acquired Cranko's Onegin and are premiering it this July. I suppose it's asking too much for them to bring it when they come. I'd love to see what a Russian company make of it. I know the Royal are doing it in January but then they're also doing Bayadere in April/May and the Bolshoi still seem to be bringing that. Joan
  8. I see in the calendar section of this month's dancing Times the Bolshoi visit is listed. They still give the ballets being performed as mentioned above unfortunately. (I keep hoping for a change of heart at least for Swan lake!) However, it does say booking opens in April so a bit longer to save up. Joan
  9. I see the Odeon Culture plus have announced their locations for their screening of the Bolshoi Bayadere on Sunday January 27th. At the moment they are; Basingstoke, Blackpool, Braehead, Colchester, Covent garden, Guilford, Harrogate, Hatfield, Kensington, Kettering, Lincoln, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes,Salisbury, Taunton, Whiteleys, and Wimbledon. if it is anything like The Pharoah's daughter other venues may get added later. From a personal point of view I'm very pleased and relieved to see Blackpool still on the list, despite there being only a handful of people attending Pharoah' Daughter there. I'm surprised they don't show it at Preston where I attended the RB Nutcracker and there seemed to be about 100 people in the audience. I wish someone would publicise these screenings more. I'm sure they'd get better audiences if people knew they were being shown.
  10. Doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid. If committed ballet goers can't relate to it how are ordinary members of the public supposed to be enthused by it? Also, how much does it cost to produce something like this? however much is involved I'm sure it could be money better spent elsewhere. if it is to promote the coming season, far better to show brief clips from the very dramatic ballets that can be seen then. if people buy tickets expecting to see something like this they are going to be very disappointed!!
  11. I've had a quick trawl through the Christmas Radio Times and spotted a few things (nothing earth shattering) Saturday 22nd Sky Arts 2. 2pm Swan lake Probably the one recorded for the RB a couple of years ago; Marianella? 7pm Mystery of Coppelia. Doc. about POB Patrice Bart production. 8pm Coppelia itself. Doen't sound too traditional; a bit more Gothicthan normal. 11.10pm. Mikado. fabulous Jonathan Miller 1920s style production with some dancing. Sunday 23rd Sky Arts 2. 2pm Nutcracker (and repeated). Probably RB version starring Steven and Yoshida filmed 2 or 3 years ago. Sunday 25th. BBC4. 8pm. Swan Lake. Mariinsky version starring Lopatkina and Korsuntsev (I think) More4 11.15pm Matthew Bourne's Christmas. Dance film celebrating his work. Saturday 29th BBC4. 7pm. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Repeat of RB production. New years Day BBC2 11.15am. New years day concert from Vienna. BBC4 7pm. Extended coverage of New years Day concert including a performance by Vienna State Ballet. For me, posibly the most interesting offerings are on the French tv channel Arte (www.arte.tv) . On New years day at 2.55 pm they are showing the Opening gala of the Bolshoi Theatre. and on 4th Jan at 8.50pm what I think is a new 2012 recording of POB Don Q, starring Agnes Gillot. I'm hoping a friend will be able to record these for me. Joan
  12. I too am disappointed with the ballets announced in the Dancing Times. For the last several visits the Bolshoi have been a Tchaikovksy free zone and still seem to attract good audiences. Perhaps they think without Osipova and Vasiliev they need the 'old warhorses' to attract good audiences but it seems a lost opportunity to regular balletgoers who would like to see Esmerelda which they haven't performed here and hasn't been released on dvd. Also, Bright Stream and Pharoah's daugher haven't been performed here for ages. I know there has to be a balance between more established ballets and not so well known works but even so I think they could give Swan lake at least a miss.I seem to remember when they used to bring Swan lake it always got panned by the critics. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hochhausers don't try to get Osipova and Vasiliev to 'guest' for certain ballets such as Flames and Bayadere. I'm sure in a 3 week season they will be performing more than 4 ballets. They could very well be finalising a triple bill and hopefully deciding what other full length ballet/s to bring. My vote goes for any of the above and also Don Q if they could get Osipova and Vasiliev.
  13. I see the Odeon has announced its cinemas showing Pharoah's daughter. They are Blackpool, Braehead, Colchester, Covent Garden, Guilford, Hatfield, Kensington, Milton Keynes, Salisbury and Wimbledon. Rather an odd selection but great for me that Blackpool is the only Odeon cinema in the north of England showing it. I know other cinemas show the Bolshoi but it means travelling to Liverpool or Lancaster so I hope they continue showing them, especially Don Q. I'm dying to see that again. Joan
  14. Interesting that you say Pharoah's daughter is in the Odeon's 'Culture' leaflet Alison. I have Culture Plus saved as a favourite and there is no mention of it there yet. However, I noticed last year they broadcast Esmerelda at very short notice and also this year they advertised la Sylphide also at short notice and at a very few cinemas (none that close to Preston where I live). I have raised the issue of Bolshoi broadcasts several times with Preston Odeon as we get quite good ballet audiences considering they only started broadcasting them this year. I pointed out the discrepancy between opera shown at the Odeon (many by Glydebourne and the Met) and even the ROH film twice as many operas as ballets. I was told the decision is taken by the distributor not by them. So I will keep checking Culture Plus and hope this time they will show Pharoah's Daughter somewhere local. Joan
  15. Just been back to the Paraclassics website to see if I could track down the Novosibirsk Swan Lake and it is still there despite being streamed on 20th October. it didn't seem as easy to find as I couldn't find the direct link on the homepage but if you do a search for Swan lake you should find it eventually. Unfortunately, although it is another Igor production he's not starring in it this time though as I only saw the first few minutes he may have a smaller role.
  16. No Polunin wasn't there but it was great to see Igor as Ali again. He still has the marvellous jetes and soft landings. My computer was playing up last night so I've only just finished watching it. I'm surprised it was still there today. Often these live streams vanish overnight. it was virtually the Kirov version. Wonderful sets and costumes and good choreography and dancing, though the fountain was dry, alas! I look forward to seeing more performances on Paraclassics. I think they're doing the Mikhailovsky Nacho Duato triple bill at some stage and their Swan Lake also. I see on the Mikhailovsky website Duato says he is doing a Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet with some additional pas de deux for Osipova and Vasiliev. Perhaps a live stream for the future.
  17. A friend has sent me a link to a live streaming of Le Corsaire by Novosibirsk Ballet staged by Igor Zelensky who is dancing Ali. It took place earlier today but the stream is still there. I've not long checked my emails or I'd have posted it earlier. You need to go to www.paraclassics.com and click on the relevant link. This is the same Company that streams the Mikhailovsky ballets. Sometime later they are doing a Novosibirsk Swan Lake. Hope it's still there tomorrow as it seems to be nearly 2 and a half hours long. I've seen the first 15 minutes and so far it is identical to the Kirov version but there must be differences later if the timing is correct as the Kirovs is only about 90 minutes though I've just realised the times will include an interval as it's a live stream. Must get back to it! So much for an early night! Joan
  18. just a couple of snippets about Carlos. 1st. There is a new series called Masterclass starting November 13th on SkyArts 1 hosted by Michael Parkinson. Apparently one of the programmes features Carlos though no details as to which. 2nd. he has just appeared on the Whats On section of the London Coliseum for next summer, Carlos Acosta visiting Company, presumably doing one of his small scale shows. it gives the dates as Friday 30th August to Sunday 4th August which doesn't make sense! I think it must mean 30th July to 4th August. Will clash with the Bolshoi if their website dates of 29th July and 17th August are correct.
  19. Northern Ballet also do a really good Christmas Christmas Carol with music by Carl Davis. I think it is or was available on dvd, with the incomparable Jeremy Kerridge playing Scrooge (easily the best Scrooge since Alistair Sim). I've booked to see them at Blackpool. Really looking forward to it.
  20. I suspect she can do them that fast! it would be interesting to compare her and Nina Anashiavilli to see who can do the speediest fouettes. For anyone who missed the broadcast it still seems to be on the Mikhailovsky website. Hopefully they will archive it as they have with other broadcasts so we can still enjoy it. Like Meunier I thought the camerawork could have been better. it seemed to zoom in on Don Q himself while there was other action going on. Also, it missed half of at least one of Vasiliev's most stunning leaps. He seems to have got even better at those if that were possible. At one point I too wondered if the camera operators had seen the ballet before! However, it was a stunning production; great sets, colourful costumes and brilliant dancing; and also very well lit (ROH take note!) apart from some dark bits in the gypsy scene. The only thing was it did make me wonder if the Royal Ballet are really the company to tackle anything so alien to their usual style of dancing. Comparisons will inevitably be made to Osipova and Vasiliev as they are the most recent exponents people in this country have seen yet their training and traditions are very different.
  21. Don't Forget!!! Mikhailovsky Don Q starts online on their website in just over an hour. Hopefully about 4.30pm our time. Possibly our only chance to see Osipova and Vasiliev together this year (though Osipova is, of course, guesting at the ROH in Swan lake later this year).
  22. Bolshoi dates are 29th July - 17th August 2013. it is on their website. No details of rep. yet. Joan
  23. I suspect they will not update their website until all details of the tour are known; what ballets being performed when etc. I don't think they ever have just bare details like on the Bolshoi website. They like to have all the info. before they go public so it may be a while yet. I suppose this is fair enough; as the promoters they would be bombarded with enquiries so they're better waiting. From a personal point of view I find it helpful having the dates so I can think about booking time off work. It is worth registering with their website as you do often get some advance notice for booking though not , alas, any discount. it is a pity they can't adapt the Coliseum policy of giving a discount for multiple bookings. it would especially help those of us who have to add transport and hotel costs to a hefty theatre bill. Joan
  24. Yes, I would like to see Pharoah's Daugher and Bright Stream too. It seems ages since they were performed in London. It would be great to see ballets we don't get the chance to see in this country.
  25. Just been on the Bolshoi website and under 'tours' it announces Ballet Company tour in London, 29th July - 17th August 2013. No further details at all; you can't click on the link yet. Still it's great to know the dates so far in advance. Do you think the Hochhausers will request Osipova and Vasiliev to 'guest'? I hope so though the Bolshoi are stll great even without them. A three week season too. Hopefully, we'll see some rep they haven't danced here such as Flames and Esmerelda. Joan
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