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  1. I am so shocked by this news. I had expected Johann to wind down his dancing career at least when it comes to full length classics but hoped he would stay in a choreagraphic and/or teaching role. I was really looking forward to seeing Alina start on a new aspect of her career parnered by Steven. I was so looking forward to seeing them in Don Q and Romeo. I remember seeing her light up the stage in the Royal's last rather drab production of Don Q with Angel Corella. They danced so well together. I am so pleased a saw a couple of her performances as Tatiana earlier this year. She gave a wonderful, heartbreaking performance even without Johann. it is terrible to think we may never see her dance the role again and equally terrible it was never captured on film. At least we have a few dvds to remind us of her greatness. I know it's never the same as a live performance but it's better than nothing. Joan
  2. That's great. I'll be in touch nearer the time when we've booked seats. Joan
  3. Lucky Australia having Bright Stream. I wish we were having Bright Stream or Pharoah's Daughter instead of so much Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. Joan
  4. Many thanks to those who took the time and trouble to help me out with booking. After much thought I've booked the end 'pink' seats on the second row of the upper circle. While I'm there I can try out other seats and familiarise myself with the theatre for future visits. Janet I'd love to meet up with you on the Sat. matinee. It will be great to chat with a fellow northern ballet enthusiast. I didn't go with the front row of the stalls as my husband can't be that close to the orchestra. However, could meet up in the interval or afterwards. Are you thinking of seeing Sofia Ballet's Don Q in Manchester? I was debating about it. Or the Bolshoi? I've booked for Saturday Bayaderes and all Flames performances. Contact me if you may be attending. Joan
  5. I want to book for the Taming of the Shrew Saturday matinee and evening but it's a long time sice I went to Sadlers Wells and I can't remember the seating very well. I remember the bar being a nuisance on the front row of the upper circle (I'm only five feet) but could anyone tell me is the second row of the upper circle ok or would it be better going for the third row? Also, what about those few seats to either side of the upper circle? Are they also obscured by the bar as they say? I like the idea of not being too hemmed in. Finally, the last row of the dress circle. It says you may not see all the sets from there but are they good seats? If you're in the amphi like I usually am at the ROH you often miss the top of the sets there too. Are there any better seats in these sorts of price ranges at Sadlers Wells? We don't like too many people in front of us so we often go for either a front row or over an entrance or back row where you can lean forward if necessary without disturbing anyone. Thanks very much. Joan
  6. I was there too. it was a great performance; really wonderful. Seeing all the cast put their heart and soul into the ballet and perform the choreography so amazingly made me believe (perhaps for the first time) the Royal ballet can deliver a spectacular Don Q.
  7. As the Onegin thread has been revived I've often wondered why Ed Watson has never been chosen to dance in the role. His acting/dancing credentials are impeccable and if anyone can conquer Prince Rudolf so spectacularly surely he should be cast for Onegin. I've always wondered if it was hair colouring but now it seems there have been other fair Onegins so why not Ed?
  8. Tamara Rojo is featured in a new South Bank Show on SkyArts 1 at 9.30 pm Thursday May 9th. Presumably it will be repeated as most of these programmes are. it will be great to hear her talk about her new role and (hopefully) the new production of Le Corsaire. Joan
  9. Just seen on the Odeon website what looks like a new recording of the Kirov Swan Lake in 3D! it is filmed to celebrate 275 years since Russian ballet began and stars Ekaterina Kondaurova. Doesn't say who the Prince is. The picture looks a bit like Daniil Korsuntsev but it may not be. It is being broadcast on June 6th but only (at the moment at least) in a small selection of cinemas. They are Cardiff, Dumfermeline, Kingston, Liverpool, Sheffield, Silverlink and Trafford Centre. Often more get added as time goes on. Apparently the production 'will include Hollywood, Russian and other international guest stars - and exclusive glamourous presentations, exclusively for the cinema audience'. The mind boggles!!! Joan
  10. In the Dancematters section of May's Dancing Times Osipova comments on her move to the Royal Ballet that her decision was based on repertoire but also business 'In Britain all promises and conditions are put down on papaer - and not like what happens in Russia where everything is words'. So it may not be just the Mariinsky that is affected in this way. Joan
  11. I don't think we can really say Ivan wouldn't fit in to the Royal Ballet without seeing him. (In the event it is all speculation at the moment as he has not committed himself to the Royal or any UK Company.) Ivan's situation reminds me very much of Irek's when he came here back in 1990. Both made their names in big Bolshoi productions, playing rather macho or character roles. Both left the Bolshoi because they wanted to expand their repertory and perform other more classical roles. Even their stature is rather similar. I'm sure I remember comments about the size of Irek's thighs and rather stocky build that the Bolshoi didn't think suitable for more classical roles. And then look what a brilliant classical dancer he became when he had the chance to prove himself! I think Irek was 30 when he came here and had a long and varied career. Ivan is only about 24 so he has plenty of time to mature and develop as a dancer.
  12. A 'red run' is when the soloists take their bows in front of the curtain when the other dancers have gone. I think Deborah Bull in one of the performances she introduced (Carlos La Fille?) referred to it, presumably refering to the dancers 'running' through the red curtain folds. Joan
  13. Apologies if this has already been spotted and posted elsewhere but just seen on the ROH website that the Ashton mixed bill, including the Polunin/Rojo Marguerite and Armand is being shown at cinemas on Monday 15th July. Other ballets include Voices of Spring, Monotones 1 and II, La Valse and Meditation from Thais. No venue details yet. Slightly disappointed as I hoped it would be shown on tv then I could record it but I suppose it may yet appear on tv or as a dvd. Joan
  14. I too found Osipova amazing. Certainly one of the best interpretations I've seen. Though I loved seeing Vasiliev again I thought the evening belonged to her. She was very touching with her heart problems in act one though I don't think she was as obviously frail as she seemed to be in the Bolshoi. I seemed to remember in her Bolshoi performance Clement Crisp described her as the sickest Giselle he'd ever seen. I will await his comments on last nights performance with great interest. Huge applause and bravos for her second act variations. She literally didn't put a foot wrong and her port de bras were incredible. Completely different to her Swan lake which left me unmoved. Unfortunately I had to leave after Vasilievs solo so didn't get the hear the reception at the end of the performance but I expect it to be incredible. I was in the balcony which was only about three quarters full which surprised me. I thought it would have been a sell-out for this performance. joan
  15. Many thanks for those who emailed me yesterday explaining about the advance booking. I was clicking on the Hochhauser link rather than the performance itself. Couldn't thank people yesterday as I was dashing off to see Osipova in Giselle! Managed to acquire 3 tickets each for Flames for myself and my husband (at vast expense!) and am trying today for Bayadere with no success so far. Blank screen when I clicked on 'select your own tickets'. Perhaps bettter luck later on. Joan
  16. Where do you put the code in? I've clicked on the link and also tried going via ROH and have just gone straight to the Bolshoi page without being asked for a code. Consequently It's just saying Not on sale when I click on individual ballets. It's very frustrating, especaially as I'm on holiday and am dependent on library pcs. Joan
  17. Just seen the Bolshoi Romeo and Juliet advertised on Odeon Culture Plus website. Live broadcast to be shown on 12th May. About a dozen cinemas listed including Blackpool, Manchester, Covent Garden and Taunton for Pat of Somerset! Been on the Bolshoi website but when you click on casting for that date it brings up casting for April 2012!! I seem to remember watching my old Bolshoi at the Bolshoi video with possibly Irek and Bessmertnova with Alexander Vetrov as a very powerful Tybalt and there was very little in the way of scenery or sets. I kept waiting for some to appear! Does anyone know if this 2010 revival has proper sets? Also, is Grigorovich still at the Bolshoi? I know he was taken on again as 'caretaker' to his own ballets when Burlaka started but haven't heard anything of him recently. Joan
  18. Also, as well as the prices, the unimaginitive programming could put people off (It's certainly put me off). The idea of a 3 week tour in which 2 weeks are given over to Swan lake and Sleeping Beauty is I think a big mistake. I'm just going to book for Bayadere and Flames, whereas on recent tours I've been spoilt for choice with the programming. I know they need some big name ballets (especially in the current economic climate) to persuade people to part with big money for tickets but are there really enough Tchaikovsky enthusiasts to fill the ROH for 2 weeks? I won't be among them but I would have gone to see Pharoah's Daughter, Bright Stream, Esmerelda or Don Q. Joan
  19. Bolshoi next season cinema dates have been announced. I didn't know if I should start a new thread but thought it seemed a bit premature as the first performance isn't until October. October 20th Spartacus November 17th le Corsaire (repeat) December 22nd Sleeping Beauty (repeat) January 19th Jewels February 2nd Lost Illusions March 30 Golden Age Link http://www.pathelive.com/fr/news It is in French but Google will translate. Like the Royal they've had to start repeating. I wish they'd repeated Bright Stream. I'd love to see it again. Also apparently the Bolshoi are acquiring Pierre Lacotte's Marco Spada next season which I really enjoyed seeing on the Nureyev dvd. Some good male dancing in it. It seems ironic they've acquired both this and Onegin after Vasiliev has left. I'm sure he'd love to dance both roles.
  20. Was any casting given for the opening of Friends booking on the12th? Joan
  21. Living in Lancashire really pleased at 5 cinema broadcasts. At first I groaned when I saw the Nutcracker yet again then realised even with this we are still seeing more broadcasts than ever before. Also really pleased Mr O'Hare is continuing his matinee performances. Most ballets have at least 2 matinees which means I can get home without having the expense of an overnight stay. Would have liked one for the Dream which is one of my favourite ballets and the Concert which I've never seen live but I think I've seen it on a Jerome Robins dvd if it's the one with the pianist on stage and everyone gathering round to listen. I thought it was very funny. Looking forward to Don Q and Winter's Tale. At least we haven't had to wait another 17 years for a new commissioned ballet! I've said it before; how can a Company like Northern Ballet put on a new full length production every year while RB has to wait years? I know Northern have their own choreographer, but still... Their Great Gatsby sounds really good. Also intrigued by the idea of Hansel and Gretel. However it is an 'adult take' on a children's story. ENB and Northern Ballet are creating short ballets specifically aimed as 'starters' for small children. Should the Royal Companies not be doing something similar? My only (small) gripe is that most of the mixed bills have a modern ballet in there. Surely there are many lesser known classical, Ashton or Macmillan short ballets that it would be great to revive and see. It seems ages since the Royal Ballet (or anyone else ) did Les Sylphides. Last year went to Birmingham to see Daphnis and Chloe and Two Pigeons (would love to see the latter again). Also saw Checkmate, Symphonic Variations and Pineapple Poll. Those are the sort of mixed programmes I really like and would make an effort to see. Joan
  22. Classic FM news tonight said Dmitrenchko and 2 others had been arrested. Joan
  23. Yes Andre is dancing Espada. Where are you seeing it next Sunday? I saw it 2 weeks ago but would love to see it again. Incidentally I emailed BelAir dvd company again and they got back to me this time and said they are negotiating the video rights so perhaps this Christmas I'll get the Christmas present I wanted 2 years ago. Joan
  24. Interesting they may be showing Esmerelda instead of Rite of Spring. Is this a live performance replacing Rite (which is still on the Bolshoi schdule website) or a repeat of the recording shown about 15 months ago? Incidentally, any news about the filming of the Ashton triple bill at the ROH? is it going to be shown on tv? Despite the cinema screenings very little seems to be reaching the tv or dvd stage, mainly I suppose because they've all been done before. (Don't bother about spelling my name wrong, Pat. I answer to anything!) Joan
  25. Saw the Bolshoi Don Q yesterday and it was even more amazing than what I remembered 2 years ago. There are the usual minor gripes about sometimes the camera not being where you wanted it but that was more than cancelled out by getting great close ups (something you really miss when you're in the amphitheatre). You pick up all sorts of 'business' you would otherwise miss. I'd forgotten the wonderful Andre Mercuriev was the matador which I think he also was in the recent Kirov Don Q featuring Sarafanov before he left the Kirov. I hope Andre comes with the Bolshoi this year for Flames. He's great in that too. Osipova and Vasiliev were really something else. I've only ever seen Nina Anashvilli compare with her for fouettes. I don't know which would win that competition. But her backbreaking leaps too and when she soared into Vasiliev's arms; she just took off like a rocket. he too was amazing. His jump where he turns and does the splits mid-air and that amazing turn when his legs and feet seem to be going in opposite directions. his most amazing feat was when he did the one-handed lift. Amazingly he does it on tiptoes and the second time he went into arabesque at the same time!! All we need now is the dvd. I've emailed BelAir but first they kept saying it was due out last year and recently they've just stopped replying to my emails. Oh well, there always March to look forward too!! Joan
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