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  1. Thanks Mary from me to. My wife and I spent the interval wondering what was going on.
  2. Bridiem spot on with her review, Frankie showed great comic timing and playfulness, you could see the fun she and Gary were having in the second act, she is a total joy. But in the pdd in Act 3 you saw the serious side with a glorious pairing with Alexander, very moving. All the cast really looked to be enjoying themselves which came across the footlights concluding with loud appreciation at the end. Great Christmas show and I hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.
  3. I have set myself up to receive an email whenever a ticket is offered for sale. For the last week I get seven emails for every ticket put up for sale. WHY?
  4. The performance’s in today’s matinee were truly wonderful. I was standing in the stalls circle today and witnessed Francesca’s total absorption in the character of Manon. Normally in the amphi where facial expressions are beyond my eyesight I could see her happiness, sadness and all inbetween emotions on display, Of course the dancing was just wonderful, Alexander really looked after Francesca even when he was throwing her about and Cesar played a fantastic drunk. All the smaller roles have their parts to play in making up the whole which they all did beautifully. I didn’t think of Brexit once, thank goodness.
  5. Do the BBC still make programmes paid for by them, I don't think so, certainly not movies.
  6. Just received a tweet announcing a new filmed version of the the above starring Francesca and Bracewell as the lovers, supported by dancers from the RB. Being shown by Curzon chain on December 16th , I guess to tie up with release of Cats. Looks great, hope for DVD eventually. If there was any doubt this will rocket Francesca’s career to greater heights.
  7. We finished off another brilliant season with our very first performances at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow earlier this month. We’re now pleased to announce promotions and new joiners for next season. Promotions Congratulations to our dancers being promoted within the Company: Aitor Arrieta, Katja Khaniukova and Ken Saruhashi are promoted to First Soloist Julia Conway, Daniel McCormick and Erik Woolhouse are promoted to First Artist Emilia Cadorin is promoted to 7th Year Artist of the Company Stina Quagebeur will become First Artist & Associate Choreographer. Following the premiere of Nora, her first main stage work for our triple bill She Persisted, Stina will now divide her time between performances and work offstage, including choreography and work with young dancers through our Engagement team and English National Ballet School. Joining the Company Chloe Keneally joins as Artist of the Company from English National Ballet School. Keneally was the winner of the ballet category of BBC Young Dancer 2019 and has previously performed with English National Ballet in Nutcracker and My First Ballet: Swan Lake. As previously announced, international ballet star, Brooklyn Mack, will perform with English National Ballet as a Guest Artist during the Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 season. Mack last performed with us in 2016, in Le Corsaire. Breanna Foad will return as Artist of the Company, joining until the end of the London Coliseum season. Mayumi Ganley joins the Artistic team as Ballet Mistress, alongside new Ballet Masters Laurent Gilbaud and Renato Paroni de Castro, who joined mid-season. Farewell Principal Begoña Cao leaves English National Ballet to pursue other projects after an impressive 22 years with the Company. Artist of the Company Shale Wagman left at the end of the season. Artist of the Company Connie Vowles left the Company in January to join Dutch National Ballet. After 27 years at English National Ballet, Company Pianist Chris Swithinbank leaves at the end of the season to pursue other musical interests. His final time playing for Company Class took place during our tour to Moscow earlier this month at the Bolshoi Theatre’s New Stage. We wish them all the best for the future!
  8. I love seeing the muscleature, male or female. To me it encapsulates both strength and beauty. ( Hope the pin was removed safely )
  9. Is this the only time the dancers get to dance with the orchestra. It was for the Royal Ballet School; we went on the Saturday morning and that was their only go.
  10. For me it’s because their cheaper and you get a “full” performance ( ballet). With Opera whilst the main singers are not going full blast I can take chance on whether I will like it or not without paying top dollar.
  11. I would add to your comments RuthE that having a “live” orchestra as opposed to recorded music made a huge difference. Great job by all concerned and a shout for Jay Jolley who is retiring after 20 plus years ( if they let him)
  12. Nederland Dance Theatre2 I believe, He was dancing his audition piece, no surprise he has been hired.
  13. Careful, I thought I had been buying tickets but they have disappeared from my upcoming events and had no email confirmation. Tickets have now re-appeared in my upcoming events and have just received confirmation email - WHAT IS GOING ON????
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