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  1. Was one of the boys taking class on Wednesday Harrison Lee do you know. I think he has been injured ro some time now. Hard to tell wearingmasks.
  2. I have just sent her a present, to the ROH, of a green beanie. Couldn't resist.
  3. I am a huge fan of her Instagram page, she is completely daft ( in a lovely way ) and will miss her "green beanie" very much. God Bless Beau, stay safe and be happy.
  4. Now Friday and I received the confirmation email today with a subsequent email giving apology. All is well.
  5. Yes, I did. I have checked what tickets I bought in the “Events” section of my membership file if they are their and they are so all seems well but to make sure I copied the error message to the box office and asked them to confirm. No reply so far.
  6. Will we have to wait until September for it to be back to normal. I have been chasing my tail looking at the ticket situation regarding the Royal Ballet School performances and whilst we are currently in social distancing in theatres surely come June 21st all that will go away so theatre's can sell all seats. The matinee performance is on the 10th July so why can't they sell all the seats after June 21st.
  7. Do you happen to know, but I read somewhere that the lower school performances will be performed at White Lodge not in the Linbury.
  8. What’s happened to the Kyle Abraham’s ballet in the21st Century Choreographers program?
  9. Still play Bat out of Hell after all these years ( got to be a full volume ). Good job I have earphones. R.I.P Jimmy you and Meat rocked.
  10. Awful news, enjoyed the work that he did. My thoughts are with his family.
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