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  1. I would think the lack of people leaving as soon as the performance ended was due to the request by the management that we should remain in our seats until the ushers said it was our turn to leave. Social distancing to be kept.
  2. Wonderful to be back, if a little strange. not used to seeing ice cream in the auditorium ( stalls anyway). I see the cast list had the wrong conductor ( Koessels not Wordsworth ) but was Joe Sissons the soldier? Nela and Vadream just superlative.
  3. Spot on James, could not agree more. She performed beautifully in the gala recently and like others are sorry the casting was not available before booking opened as I would like to have seen her. There is a huge amount of talent in this company, how can they all be kept contented? For clarity I am talking about Romany, Anna-Rose is already well established.
  4. I had that problem too. I got 2 tickets for the rehearsal which is the limit. I then booked 2 for Friday the 11th and that was it, when I looked again on different dates it said I had reached my limit but the info page said we can buy up to 6. Emailed Box Office but no reply so far.
  5. Just received a response from the ROH Box Office advising that for anyone buying tickets this week:- "I am afraid that due to the added complications of the lockdown period, we are not yet in a position to announce casting for upcoming performances of The Nutcracker. We hope to be able to announce in the coming weeks and apologise for any inconvenience caused." Bit disappointed, I do like to pick.
  6. Yes it was, Alison. I think he and Frankie dance really well together. I loved their R & J earlier and looking forward to the DVD.
  7. What great reviews, well done everyone. What amazing talent we are blessed with and what a job Mr. O’Hare has on his plate. Tonight, ( really every night they dance ) Nela and Vadream the perfect partnership, loved Francesca’s Swan Lake, something to savour. Morera’s Manon, not seen her dance this so added to my list of must does. Top of the list for me has been Ms Magri’s Carousel and tonight’s Corsair, Ball partnered her beautifully, but did she fill her boots tonight, fantastic. Made me realise how much I have missed this place, got to get rid of this virus.
  8. Received a Friends email yesterday saying my booking dates for The Nutcracker had been moved to a week later, should have been next week, makes you wonder. Saves refunding.
  9. For Friday 6th who are members? Does that include Friends+
  10. Do these pay streams stay available after the "live" showing. If they do, can you return to watch again.
  11. I have been watching the streaming from the ENB,NT and ROH, on the last two occasions of the RB ( Cellist and Fille ) the performance has stopped and the “loading” message appears (You Tube) on the screen. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just my broadband?
  12. Tonight just reminded me how much I miss the RB. The Elgar cello concerto was already burned in my heart having seen du Pre and Barbarolli with the Halle perform it wonderfully, now in a different genre, hearing it again within a backdrop of her relationship with Barenboin and others in her life and the illness leading to her death was beautifully portrayed by Lauren, Matty, Marci with an exceptional support cast and orchestra. Very moving; beautifully and lovingly choreographed by Cathy Marston; a total, total joy. DVD please.
  13. Separation is not just the seat either side of you it’s also seats in the row in front and also the row behind you, they are also too near. We have all seen the queues for the ladies at the intervals, how could each of those to be deep cleaned between use. Unless a vaccine is found and we can treat everyone attending it’s not going to be 2020.
  14. Having started this thread regarding extending Friends membership renewals because of the lockdown and lack of performances. For completeness I have received a reply from the Opera House which I copy the relevant part below. "Whilst your membership is a donation, we are aware that many members choose to join us in large part because of the benefits which we give in thanks for your generosity. We are in the process of evaluating how best to manage the delivery of these benefits and assessing a range of options for recognising your support whilst we are closed. I would be
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