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  1. It was directly below a posting that mentioned lastminute. com having some deal or other so I assumed it referred to that.
  2. Can't see anything on their regarding Alina - am I looking in the wrong place.
  3. Loads of tickets left for all the performances, great shame, I love Alina but the programme is not for me.
  4. Unfortunately it appears it is not available in the U.K. and it does not tell us where it is available.
  5. Just received email, Natalia is ill and is replaced by Marianella for Fridays performance. Get well soon Natalia.
  6. I have to say that ticket sales for her performances do look very “slow”. There appears to be a lot of unsold seats still available, which does surprise me.
  7. Just home from 8 days at sea on a cruise to find Vadim not dancing Onegin but he danced last night. Why has he pulled out?
  8. Thanks Mary from me to. My wife and I spent the interval wondering what was going on.
  9. Bridiem spot on with her review, Frankie showed great comic timing and playfulness, you could see the fun she and Gary were having in the second act, she is a total joy. But in the pdd in Act 3 you saw the serious side with a glorious pairing with Alexander, very moving. All the cast really looked to be enjoying themselves which came across the footlights concluding with loud appreciation at the end. Great Christmas show and I hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.
  10. I have set myself up to receive an email whenever a ticket is offered for sale. For the last week I get seven emails for every ticket put up for sale. WHY?
  11. The performance’s in today’s matinee were truly wonderful. I was standing in the stalls circle today and witnessed Francesca’s total absorption in the character of Manon. Normally in the amphi where facial expressions are beyond my eyesight I could see her happiness, sadness and all inbetween emotions on display, Of course the dancing was just wonderful, Alexander really looked after Francesca even when he was throwing her about and Cesar played a fantastic drunk. All the smaller roles have their parts to play in making up the whole which they all did beautifully. I didn’t think of Brexit once, thank goodness.
  12. Do the BBC still make programmes paid for by them, I don't think so, certainly not movies.
  13. Just received a tweet announcing a new filmed version of the the above starring Francesca and Bracewell as the lovers, supported by dancers from the RB. Being shown by Curzon chain on December 16th , I guess to tie up with release of Cats. Looks great, hope for DVD eventually. If there was any doubt this will rocket Francesca’s career to greater heights.
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