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  1. I am in deep shock. My condolences to John’s family. Rest in peace, John. I shall miss him and good conversations with him at ROH.
  2. Ondine pdd and R&J balcony pdd are part of tribute to Margot as well. Manon pdd sounds odd if it is a part of tribute programme. This could be marketing Japanese ballet fan to visit Covent Garden next season? McGregor, Wheeldon and Scarlett works were wiped out, because full Winter Dreams is going to be performed instead of farewell pdd.
  3. Hi I tried to send you PM, but bounced back. Your inbox might be full. Can you get me in touch? yumiko
  4. Japanese impresario known as NBS is particular about principal rank dancer casting. But there were few exceptions in the past. 2010 Ricardo Cervera, first soloist, danced Alain. Lise was Laura Morera, by the way. 2013 Beatriz Stix-Brunell, soloist at that time, was casted as Alice. Due to injury related reason, Yuhui Choe replaced Lauren Cuthbertson in the same role. She was/is first soloist.
  5. The casting is available. It does not appear on surface. You need to scroll down till Latest cast details part. Then choose individual date. https://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/the-firebird-a-month-in-the-country-symphony-in-c *edited to add more details
  6. I meant previous booking related pages have been hidden. I can’t see any difference or improvement sincec the new looking was expermented.
  7. The last time it was just IE with one of my laptops IE, Chrome and Safri display the same design this time. So the answer is probably no. The bookmarked production link leads to new designed page. So booking related pages have been hidden.
  8. The nightmare is back I can't see any improvement since they tried the first time. When you see feedback screen pops up, pleaase do feed back at that point. Once you move the page, it will not reappear. That is my case.
  9. Rear Stalls and First Circle seats are offered £25, on 26, 27 & 28 March. Almost 50% discount. https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/NYAR-northern-ballet-victoria/
  10. I shoudn’tve quoted Sim’s post. I meant Mrcuitio and Mitzi Casper the ones appear at curtain call. I also don’t agree with curtain call at each end of act.
  11. Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Mitzi Casper in Mayerling are the few roles appear at curtain call. There could be more?
  12. ROH website display has gone back to the familiar display. What a struggle and frustration I experienced for the last few weeks.
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