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  1. Documentary programme of Nikolaj Hübbe, Artistic Director of Royal Danish Ballet is available online. Total 4 episodes, about 30 minutes each. The dialogue is in Danish, English and Denglish (mixture of Danish and English). I heard it was filmed between December 2019 and March 2020, COVID_19 situation was not featured. The link is here Moderator - if this topic should be under existing thread, please move accordingly.
  2. Up to 42% discount applies to selected bands by From the Box Office. https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/16LW8-cunningham-keegan-dolan-peck-nico-muhly-drawn-lines/ *edited the link stin Peck
  3. Emma has been promoted to soloist from Corps de Ballet. RDB has 4 ranks. Principal Dancer Soloist Character Dancer Corps de Ballet
  4. Alina Somova will join and pair with Kimin Kim. Announcement in English https://www.nbs.or.jp/english/stages/2020/cojocaru/top.html Programme details in Japanese English page might be followed. https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2020/cojocaru/index.html# *edited links
  5. Hi Sim Tried to send a message, but failed. Can you check your inbox? I’m interested SC D34. yumiko
  6. I posted about Sadlers Wells Theatre screenin, but realised there was a post already. I have deleted my earlier post.
  7. Totally agree. Although RB gives more than 100 performances at Royal Opera House, this kind of show has been missing.
  8. Part 1 (31 Jan&1 Feb matinee) Black Swan GPDD from Swan Lake Act3 Y Naghdi, V Muntagirov PDD from Corybantic Games M Magri, L Acri GPDD from Coppelia Act3 A Takada, W Bracewell GPDD from Raymonda Act 3 M Hamilton, R Hirano PDD from Chroma M Magri, L Acri Tchaikovsky pdd L Cuthbertson, F Bonelli Part 2 (31 Jan & 1 Feb evening) Balcony PDD from Romeo and Juliet Act1 Y Naghdi, W Bracewell 2 Sol
  9. Hikaru Kobayashi, former RB First Soloist, produces ballet shows in Tokyo on 31 January & 1 February. http://www.royal-ballet-stars.jp/ The contents are in Japanese language. Stylish promotion video is embedded in the front page. You’ll find 4 categories on the right top drop down list. Introduction by Hikaru Kobayashi Dates, venue address, ticket price etc. Dancers Programmes I might be able to translate the programmes later on.
  10. Hi I tried to send a message, but it seems your inbox is full. Could you check it? And I’d like to buy the ticket. Yumiko
  11. I am in deep shock. My condolences to John’s family. Rest in peace, John. I shall miss him and good conversations with him at ROH.
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