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  1. Only just got home but had to say what a sensational debut by Vadim; all the more so because he and Sarah had such limited rehearsal time because of Lauren's sad accident. All credit to both of them for such a brilliant performance, ably backed up by Valentine Zucchetti and Gary Avis as Mr GM. It left me feeling emotionally drained but dying to see them again. Unfortunately Vadim's next performance is this Thursday and I can only do weekends. I saw all 3 performances this weekend and all were excellent and memorable but for Vadim to do such an amazing performance on his debut was something really special. can't wait for Don Q!
  2. Re unsold Manon tickets my husband got an email from the ROH offering discounts for certain performances. matinees 27th and 30th September, stalls £45 and amphi £26 and evening performances 1st and 8th October, stalls £52, amphi £34. You can book online with the code manonreturns in the code box or phone the box office and quote the code. Presumably I wasn't sent the email as I had already booked though given that many ballet enthusiasts book for several casts it would have been nice to have the opportunity. Also though I am personally pleased to see so many performances of full length ballets such as Manon, Don Q and Onegin as it gives me greater choice of dates and casting I am slightly concerned that the sheer number of performances may lead to overwork and injuries so early in the season.
  3. Do you know what cinema/s are showing it in Ireland? I can't see anything on the Odeon website or Cineworld.
  4. According to the Radio Times SkyArts 2 is showing the Cuthberton/Bonelli Romeo for the first time this evening at 8pm so I've missed it! However, it is repeated at 3am tomorrow morning ending at 5.35 am. It is repeated again tomorrow at 8am. Also Saturday 16th August at 2pm and Sunday 17th at 9.30pm.
  5. The Bayadere is the old Royal Ballet Acosta/Tamara version and they are showing it several times the week after next also. On Tuesday 5th August at 3am and 8am they are also repeating the Osipova/Acosta Giselle. There is a very good website called locatetv.com which has 2 weeks of programmes. Very useful for forward planning or if you're going away and want to set the dvd.
  6. As I live 200 miles from London I booked to see both the Saturday Manons on October 4th and the matinee on October 5th, thereby getting 3 Manons for the price of one lot of train travel, one overnight stay and no problem getting to the Sunday matinee! it was just a pity that the Saturday evening was Marianella who I will see anyway in the cinema relay (much as I love seeing her). if it had been Osipova I would have seen 4 performances of all the casts I wanted to see with just one lot of transport and accommodation. As it is I'm having to have a second visit to see Osipova at the end of October. At least they schedule her with plenty of Saturdays. I think in Onegin she is even doing a matinee! At the end of December I am seeing her Don Q on Monday night and Vadim and Takada on the Tuesday matinee. I think there are a few opportunities to do something similar with Onegin. it seems hard on the dancers but great for us northerners! Re the booking when I checked the ROH website the day after public booking opened there were only a very few bad seats in the upper slips for the Osipova Manon but plenty of seats for other dancers/productions including her Don Q. I do think her name is a draw for many ballet goers even if she isn't as well known outside ballet circles as, say, Acosta. I do think people want to see her in a new full length role, especially something as iconic and 'Royal Ballet' as Manon. This may partly explain the not so good ticket sales for her Don Q as many people have had the opportunity to see her dance that many times now and with Vasiliev. I think it is a combination of familiarity with her in the the role, lack of Vasiliev (it would have been interesting to see ticket sales for a Don Q if he had guested with her for a performance) and not being too sure about Matthew Golding as Basil after seeing her with Vasiliev. He is a hard act to follow in Don Q. I always remember when they changed the nights they were dancing Don Q a few years ago at the last Bolshoi visit at the ROH when they were still in the Company. There were signs up at the box office saying 'Mr Vasiliev will not be dancing tonight' but, as far as I can remember, no mention of Osipova! So the ROH seemed to think he was the person people most wanted to see.
  7. I too enjoyed the Mariinsky Bayadere. if they had been performing it in London I would certainly have come. At Blackpool we started off with several minutes without sound. Because of work I got there just before transmission started and didn't realise there had been no audience sound. Several people got up to complain; one person in particular being quite rude to the usherette until someone pointed out it wasn't her fault. When sound returned after about 5 minutes it was really too loud for quite a small cinema and I asked them in the interval to turn it down and it did seem bearable after that. I was very surprised there was only 1 fifteen minute interval. ROH take note! I think it helps to have a basic plot explanation on screen in case there are people who didn't get the plot sheets. There are more likely to be people who haven't seen the ballet before attending a cinema performance. I missed the little backstage touches and interviews that make a cinema evening special but I suppose you can't do much in 15 minutes! I'm sure the sets must be either new or refurbished. They were certainly amazingly colourful, especially in the betrothal scene. I thought Gamzatti, Solor and the bronze idol were terrific. I'm afraid Tereshkina doesn't do anything for me. I agree with the other posters who say she is too cold and difficult to engage with. Oh for the days of Altynai!! Perhaps it will encourage them to broadcast more regularly though I don't know if their rep. is big enough to broadcast as much as the Bolshoi or Royal. it's a good way of getting to know dancers we haven't seen much of recently. If they broadcast more regularly people would get to know them and look out for details. Blackpool and Preston have recently had good audiences for ballet but there were only about 30 there for Bayadere. However, for one-off performances like that if you don't use a website like this or the cinemas own website I don't know how you would find out about one- off broadcasts.
  8. I just wanted to book a Manon and Don Q ticket today and was in and out amazingly quickly and got exactly the seats I wanted. I wasn't able to log on until about 11am so perhaps missed a bit of the rush. Last Tuesday I took a couple of hours off work to book 3 Manon/Don Q packages (why do they always open booking periods on a Tuesday when most people are at work?) as I thought it may be a bit complicated. it was but not in the way I anticipated as the online booking system was down and I had to hang on to the phone for 30 minutes to get through. At least they tell you where you are in the queue and the queue was going down so slowly I was hoping it was because people were able to book and not being told to try again later. This proved to be the case and when I did get through the young man at the box office was very helpful and I got my 6 tickets and all on the front row of the amphi! (A bit more expensive than I normally book but I find my eyesight isn't as good as it was for long distances). However, if I wanted to book for cheaper seats I wouldn't have been able to as he told me the package seats only went up to row H or J in the amphi.
  9. I see the Odeon, Blackpool are also showing it now. it definately wasn't there when I looked at the beginning of the week.
  10. Not listed for Blackpool either and they normally show the Bolshoi but possibly not the Mariinsky. However I picked up a leaflet for the Winter gardens, Blackpool entitled 'Opera House Cinema Nights' and they are showing Nureyev: 75th Ballet Concert from Paris this Tuesday 10th June at 8pm £10 per ticket; £6 concessions. I don't know if it's being shown elsewhere as my home and work computers are so out of date it's hugely difficult accessing the Odeon website which is my only local cinema showing ballet. From the little I've been able to glean about this broadcast it sounds as if it might be the Nureyev and Friends gala broadcast on SkyArts a couple of weeks or so ago, especially as it doesn't mention it is a live broadcast.
  11. I too really enjoyed last nights Dream and think Bruce has done a superb review of it. I thought Natalia was outstanding in her RB Ashton debut and proves her versatility as a great classical dancer. Is there nothing she can't dance and no roles she can't make her own? I enjoyed Matthew Golding's performance more than I thought I would though I still overall prefer Steven's performance and would love to have seen him with Osipova. Valentino Zucchettii was a real revelationa as Puck. I thought Paul Kay was really excellent but Valentino was amazing. I wish he had the chance to dance Don Q. On last night's performance he would bring the house down. Thought The Concert was really excellent too; great performances by everyone, especially Sarah Lamb stepping in for the injured Lauren Cuthbertson.
  12. According to the new Dancing Times it will be screened at Odeon, Vue, Showcase, Empire and independent cinemas and stars Viktoria Tereshkina as Nikiya, Anastasia Matvienko as Gamzatti and Vladimir Shklyarov as Solor.
  13. I love the music for Carmen and have often thought it would make a great full-length ballet as I dislike the Roland Petit shortened version. However, I don't like the sound of Carlos' version being 'modern and direct'. I would prefer a more traditional version or at least one like The Winter's Tale which blends classical choreagraphy with more modern movements. Joan
  14. Just seen in the Radio Times there are several 'new' dance programmes on SkyArts 2 next week. Monday 19th May 6pm South Bank Show featuring Tamara (this is a repeat) 8pm Nureyev and friends (NEW) Gala type programme with solos and pas de deux that Nureyev danced. According to Locate tv website which lists 2 weeks of programmes ( a useful website if you're going on holiday and want to set your dvd recorder), pas de deux include, Bayadere, Manon, Swan Lake and Marguerite and Armand and dancers include Tamara, Aurelie Dupont and Vadim Muntagirov. Wednesday 21st May 7pm Merce Cunningham: a legacy of dance (repeat) 8pm Solo (NEW) performance by Sylvie Guillem 8.15 Shift (NEW) Performance by Russell Maliphant. 8.35 Two (NEW) Performance by Sylvie Guillem 8.50 Push (NEW) Duet with Russell Maliphant and Sylvie Guillem. 9.25 To dance like a man (repeat) Doc. about triplet boys at ballet school in Havanna.
  15. It is strange how ballet companies seem to come and go. I first saw the Kirov in 1990 in Manchester and I was absolutely bowled over by them so much so that I persuaded my husband to come with me to see them in Birmingham the following week. They were doing Corsaire and it was just incredible; possibly the most wonderful ballet-going experience I've ever had. For someone who'd just seen the Tchaikovsky ballets performed by small touring companies to see something as incredible and exotic as Corsaire by such an amazing company was just mind-blowing and I became a ballet devotee from that moment; especially of the Russian companies. At that time the Bolshoi were going through all sorts of artistic and management crises and the Kirov were riding the crest of a wave with dancers such as Altynai Assulyuratova, Konstantin Zaklinsky (her husband), Faroukh Ruzimatov, Yelena Pankova, Larissa Lezhnina and the young Igor Zelensky. However, by the end of the decade many of these dancers had either left the company or had retired and the Kirov, ever so slowly and slightly started to lose it's lustre (in my opinion, anyway). By the time the Bolshoi became resurgent under Ratmansky with his new ballets, and discovered homegrown talents in Osipova and Vasiliev the Bolshoi were definately in the ascendent and it was the Kirov who was waning and seemed to continue to wane though I thought their last visit showed more promise than they have done for a while; at least from a dancing point of view. However, what this years visits hightlight for me is their very poor rep. They seem to have no new full length ballets worth seeing and I am disappointed they are yet again not bringing Corsaire. I won't be visiting London this summer and it is the first Russian summer season I've missed since that first visit in 1990. Here's hoping for better things next year.
  16. I too really enjoyed A Winter's Tale at the cinema tonight. It was my first viewing of the ballet and I was very pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it as much as I did (as did my 3 companions). it was an intriguing mix of classical and more modern which worked really well. I thought much of the choreography was really good with some amazing lifts and characterisation. The dancers were all superb, especially the main 6, and Valentine Zucchetti and Gary Avis also deserve a special mention. I agree with Regattah's negatives above and also I think the first act could do with shortening by at least 5 minutes and more time given to the last act which did seem to be rushed. More should definately be made of the discovery of Perdita's identity (pas de deux with father?). It is an important moment over in about 10 seconds! But these are minor quibbles and did not at all detract from a great night out (and without the time and expense of a long journey and hotel stay). Can't wait for Manon!
  17. Yes, that was my first reaction too (though I think I would always hanker for Taranda in this ballet). I assume the ballets entitled Direct are live performances and the ones entitled Enregistre are repeats. Slightly disappointed with the ballets selected. Why couldn't they repeat Flames of Paris as that has only been shown once ages ago? It seems the only way we'll see Osipova and Vasiliev together at least in the near future. I know at one time Vasiliev wanted to do Ivan so it will be interesting if he does dance it though as he isn't a Company member they may not choose to film him. Would also love to see what they make of Manon.
  18. Disappointed there are no matinees for the Ashton bill and only one performance at the end of the week (Saturday 18th October first night) So some of us who live at a distance will have no choice as to which performance we attend and will have the expense of an overnight stay as well. Joan
  19. This week SkyArts2 are repeating the Dutch National Ballet Cinderella (with Matthew Golding) on Thursday afternoon (10th) at 2pm Followed by A Beautiful tragedy at 4.05 to 5pm, a doc. about a young Russian ballet dancer 5pm - 6pm BalletBoyz: a chance to dance. repeated Sunday 7pm NEW on SkyArts 2 Friday 11th 6.40 - 8pm To Dance Like a Man: 11 year old Cuban triplets dream of dancing for the Cuban National Ballet; repeated Saturday at 1am and also 9.40am. Saturday 12th 6.40 - 8pm Nacho Duato Danse la danse repeated Sunday 8.30am. Tuesday 15th 7-8pm Destino: a contemporary dance story. Wednesday 16th 7-8pm Making of La Dame aux Camellias 8-10.20pm La dame aux Camellias POB repeated 2pm Thursday
  20. Forgot to say in my last posting I am disappointed with the cinema broadcasts. It must be the 3rd broadcast of both Alice and Swan Lake and neither are a favourite though if they want a Christmas broadcast it would have to be Alice. Am looking forward to Manon (Osipova?) as it is a while since it was broadcast and also looking forward to Fille though I don't see how the previous Steven/Roberta broadcast could be bettered. I realise the RB is restricted by what ballets they are dancing and they couldn't do Don Q as it has only just been done and they aren't allowed to film Onegin. It's a pity the Ashton mixed bill couldn't have been filmed as I think the popularity of the cinema broadcasts are definately growing and I think it could be time to be a bit more adventurous and try a mixed bill.
  21. Very excited about the new season. Sounds really great. Especially looking forward to Manon, Fille and Onegin and wondering how the casting will pan out with the new principles and soloists. Disappointed Reid Anderson still hasn't relented about filming Onegin. it is a great ballet and should be recorded at least using Stuttgart dancers if not the excellent casts I'm sure the Royal will produce. Will Ed Watson get to dance Onegin? Will Steven get to dance the role given Onegin tends to be tall? Will Vadim be seen to be too tall to dance Lensky or will he go straight to Onegin? And this is before we get to the female roles! A big plus for me living away from London is the amount of matinees; 5 I think for Onegin alone! Also Onegin has 3 days when it is danced twice so you can see 2 casts for one overnight stay. Also one Manon weekend had this and also a Sunday matinee so you could see 3 casts for one overnight stay; brilliant! Am hoping for Steven in matinee and Osipova in evening (or vice versa) like they did in Giselle. I hope they scedule some big name principles for matinees or intersting top soloists like Choe and Takada. When you live a long distance away it is very expensive to keep having to attend evening performances which involves a hotel stay because you want to see your favourite dancers. I'm with Don Q fan about not liking the early matinees (we both have to travel about 200 miles!) but it's worth getting early trains (even if it costs a bit more) rather than have the more extortionate cost of an overnight stay. Does anyone know when casting at least for the first season will be announced? I'm glad someone said it recently has usually been announced at this stage. I thought I remembered it at the year's announcement last year. I'm with whoever it was who says the Royal triples are always spoilt by one ballet you don't really want to see, usually the one scheduled in the middle so you can't even have the slight advantage of arriving a bit later or leaving early. I'm looking forward to the Ashton triple but I wish they had something different to the Isadora Duncan (which I bet is scheduled 2nd!) Ashton has done so many great ballets I would loved to have seen Enigma variations which I thought would have gone nicely with A Month in the Country. I too also dislike Song of the earth. I remember a while back I had 2 tickets for separate triples it was in and I had to re-sell the 2nd ticket as I couldn't face sitting through it again! Anyway it saves a bit of money in what is looking like an increasingly expensive ballet year.
  22. Just finished watching Osipova/Acosta Giselle. Just as sublime as when I saw it at the cinema. A great treat and amazing to see it so soon after the broadcast, especially as it's going to be released as a dvd later in the year. I can't recall any other ballet that was shown so promptly. Usually you've got to wait about a year. I think the Polunin Beauty they showed at Christmas for the first time was filmed about 2011. Also they seem to have edited it slightly from the cinema version. They edited out the rake falling on Hilarion when he tries to break into Albrecht's cottage. Also I seem to remember something happening to Myrtha and her flowers which didn't appear. They also showed the bits of the audience who were giving them a standing ovation at the end. I just wish the camera was a bit higher when the corps cross the stage in the second act. You lose a bit of the magic by seeing it on a level and you definately didn't need close ups then. But that is a very minor point for a superb ballet experience. Is it too much to hope Reid Anderson will relax his no filming rule for her Tatiana?
  23. In an article in this month's dancing Times Vasiliv says he would like to dance Mayerling. However, given the tricky nature of the role with all those pas de deux with different females (is it 6 pas de deux with 5 females?) I would have thought he'd have to commit more to a company as it's not the sort of role you can jet into a company and learn quickly. You would need intimate knowledge of all your partners and that takes time. Much as I would like to see him perform this role I think to expand his repertoire generally there will come a time when he will need to commit more to an individual company. I'm sure most companies will be glad to accommodate his need to guest with other companies just to have him on board.
  24. I too had Onegin on my wish list as I think it is a marvellous vehicle for dramatic dancing for Osipova and any other Royal principals. I'm also intrigued as to how they will cast the male roles. I can see Matthew Golding as Onegin but what about Vadim? He is quite tall so would make a good Onegin but will those casting think him too young? If so he will make quite a tall Lensky who traditionally seems to be shorter than Onegin. Also, will Steven MacRae get the chance to play Onegin? What about Edward Watson? I don't know why he has been overlooked for the role given his success in Mayerling. Fille is another wonderful ballet I would like to see again. Interestingly the Mikhailovsky have just aquired it. I think it premiers either the end of this month or the beginning of next. It will be interesting to see what the Russians make of Ashton's humour especially as it didn't seem to last too long in the Bolshoi's rep. What about Graduation Ball? I can't remember the last time I saw that performed live. I have a very old recording of Festival Ballet performing it with Sanguine Fan; another great dramatic ballet that never seems to be performed. An Ashton triple with Patineurs sandwiched between A Month in the Country and Enigma Variations would be good. I find the trouble with Royal Triples is that there is usually one ballet I'm not interested in and it's usually in the middle. The Concert and the Dream is a good case in point. I'd like to see both but am not bothered about the other ballet. When you travel 200 miles and have to spend on travel and accommodation these things matter. I've been re-watching the Ballet Russes doc and am struck with all the wonderful dramatic ballets that Massine created and seldom seem to be performed today. Even the well-known ones like Tricorne, Train Bleu and Gaite Parisienne. Let's see some fun, dramatic ballets that are so little performed it will be like seeing new ballets.
  25. I have emailed the Radio Times, expressing my enthusiasm for the series and hoping for more actual ballet on the BBC; perhaps more archive performances given the extent of their archive. if anyone want to email the address is feedback@radiotimes.com . If you want your comment to be (possibly) included in the letters in the Radio Times you will need to add your name and address and a daytime phone number. I think it's important for as many people as possible to express their support for this series as it's not going to lead any tv ratings which is how programmes tend to be judged these days. So if people don't contact them to express their enthusiasm they may not make any more. Here is a copy of my letter Bravo BBC! As a ballet enthusiast I would like to congratulate the BBC on their ballet documentary season which was both interesting and informative. For me the highlight was the recently discovered Margot Fonteyn Sleeping Beauty. it was amazing to see this woman who was probably at least twice the official age of the young Aurora become a teenage girl just by her personality and beautiful dancing and the way her smile lit up the stage. I wonder how many other treasures remain hidden in the BBC archive that we never are allowed to see. At one time there was talk of digitising the BBC collection for everyone to access. Has this idea now been shelved? it would be wonderful to access more of these forgotten performances. There is also a fascinating article about the Royal Ballet's cinema broadcasts in this weeks Radio Times in which a spokeman for the Royal Opera House says they would love to broaden out their live broadcasts to television and I'm sure many arts enthusiasts (who for too long have thought of themselves as practically an endangered species) would really appreciate this idea. In the Second World War the Royal Ballet brought ballet to the masses; to thousands who previously had never even thought about attending a performance. It would be wonderful if the BBC could perform a similar service for ballet today. Though I said my highlight was Fonteyn as it fitted in with what I wanted to see about seeing BBC archive performances I too was very impressed with the Tamara doc which I thought the most interesting and informative ballet doc since the 1991 doc about Irek's first year with the Royal Ballet. She is such an informed and passionate speaker it would be great if she could host a series of ballet docs or masterclasses but I suppose that is just a daydream. However, to revert to the BBC archive I was watching the repeat of the Tony Palmer doc about Margot Fonteyn shown this week on Artsworld and there were several clips of a colour Sleeping Beauty featuring Margot which looked wonderful. Surely they wouldn't have filmed just bits and I don't recall a colour Sleeping Beauty of Margot being released on video so maybe that is a treasure possibly in a BBC archive somewhere waiting to be 'awoken'. SkyArts 2 are also showing the Ashton programme featuring Polunin in Marguerite and Armand that was shown at the cinema and I think has been released on dvd. It is this Friday at 8pm; repeated at 3.30am on Saturday.
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