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Found 1 result

  1. I was confused about the packages information given on the ROH FAQs and emailed the ROH Customer Services today. I did get a very prompt reply. Here are my queries and their reply. "I just have a query re booking a ballet package. As I'm not a ROH Friend I realise the package booking doesn't apply until the 1st August. I am interested in attending all the ballets in the autumn period. However, how many tickets can I book? The website says A flexible package allows you to build your own series of performances according to the dates that suit you, letting you choose the seats for each performance. Can I book multiple dates for the same production? #Our packages are configured to offer a selection of productions and so you cannot buy multiple performances for a production within one package. The first quotation seems to contradict the second. Does that mean I cannot book more than one performance per ballet per package. So if I wanted to book 3 performances per ballet would I have to book 3 packages? Also as I book side stalls circles what seats are available in the packages? On your website it says only higher priced stalls circle seats are available for package booking but people who have actually booked said most stalls circle seats are available. Finally do you keep some side stalls circle seats in reserve for when public booking opens?" Their reply was "Please be advised that you can book up to a total of 9 tickets per performance within a Package. The number of tickets has to be exactly the same for every performance within the package. You can only have one performance of a particular ballet/opera production within a single package (i.e. you cannot double/triple up on the same ballet production within the same package). If for example you wanted to see a performance of Manon twice then you would need to book at least two different packages. The seats offered in the Stalls Circle will include all but the very lowest price categories (i.e. the bench seats, restricted view and standing positions). We have slightly relaxed the restriction on only being able to book the top two price categories for the forthcoming season, however I cannot guarantee that this will be the case for every season going forward. We do not hold back any seats in the main auditorium for public booking". So it looks like you can book up to 9 tickets per performance but not multiple single tickets for different nights of the same production (which is what I want). So if I want to book 3 tickets for all 4 ballets I will have to book 3 packages. Also I was rather surprised no tickets were kept back for public booking. I thought a certain percentage was kept back and that was one reason I decided not to opt for becoming a ROH Friend.
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