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What after junior associate auditions??


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Hi peeps,

DS is still absolutely in love with ballet but turns 11 in August. Hence he is now too old for the junior associate stuff. Am I missing something or is there a gap? Obvs I know about RBS mids but that would be unlikely.

What else can he get involved in? He’s taking every class in his little school.

He’d love to join some more dancing boys of his age.

Any ideas?? 


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Lots of the voc schools do special boys days of dance every so often (Tring/Hammond both do) and RAD has lots aimed at getting boys involved....you will often find therewill be more ‘one off’ things for boys & often free of charge!! Not sure I’ve ever seen anything free for girls....

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Northern school of contemporary dance Leeds used to do boy only session. 


Elmhurst mids only in Birmingham I believe


York Scholars? Hammond associate? CAT at Lowry? Or Leeds? 


DD loved Chantry 


Midas Associates 


What part of the country are you in? 


Theres a college Cheshire way that has a great programme of workshops etc 

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We are in North Wales and prepared to travel for the right opportunities. (There’s not much here!) DS did audition for Hammond associates but didn’t get in. We’ve looked at the CAT in Manchester but just can’t commit to two days due to work commitments.

DS did a few boys days this year but think he’d like it to be a bit more regularly.

Thank you for all these ideas tho, I’ll keep thinking! 👍👍👍

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Graham Fletcher in Leicester is excellent particularly for boys- he has a mixed group

and also additional male only classes. He auditions in September and groups them more by ability although he roughly applies an age to each group. 

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You’re right there’s nothing in north Wales other than your regular classes! We had to travel to Manchester every week when dd got into JA’s! 3 hour drive round trip! But well worth it!! 


Cant you up his classes with his regular teacher or may be do private lessons with her and then just do loads of summer schools, courses etc. That’s what we’ve done over the years! 

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We did what Dancing Unicorn has done this last year, we increased my son's regular dance classes. He also joined the Intermediate class, he is G4 RAD, which he loved. He is enjoying being challenged. 

Does English Youth Ballet audition and put on a ballet where you are or near to you? They were the catalyst to my son auditioning for RBS JA's for the first time this year, and stepping up his classes.

Performing with a professional ballet company on stage in his local theatre lit a fire in him that is burning very brightly still.  

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Just an idea as I don’t know what the journey would be like but you could ring KS Dance in Warrington and see if there is a boys programme running, their Strength and Conditioning coach works on site and coaches boys see 

Science in dance on Facebook and 

theballetstrengthpro on instagram 

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