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  1. Canary

    John Mallinson

    Sending love to his family from ours RIP
  2. Congratulations Pups_mum you’ve done it, how exciting your daughter knows what she wants to do with all her skills. Wishing you both lots of happiness in the future. N
  3. Sorry I really don’t know anything about Manchester RAD exam facilities. Depends on your daughter but Im guessing she won’t mind as long as she knows what type of floor they are using in the exam studio. She will need photo ID aswell very strict on that or they use to be. Mine took it at lower school but I don’t know of any English Vocational lower schools that do Adv 1 and 2 . If you want me to ring round from UK then pm me Good luck
  4. In Manchester you have Centrepoint that have teachers that teach to this standard I know Elmhurst 6th form students that go back there to do their Adv 2 Just an idea maybe she could have privates on the weekend just to boost her confidence and run through the syllabus we have gone there in between contracts very high standard just don’t know if there’s public transport nearby
  5. Sorry I’m confused if they have a Key code changing every day then surely the key code is to get in to private dorm rooms. I don’t understand why they were needing a key code to get out of a bedroom ? And none of the group knew the new code. Sounds odd
  6. For the DC’s Central School of Ballet and Performing Arts is ISTD Charlotte is qualified and very experienced and really knows her ballet The Guildhall is RAD and also been in place for many many years although I haven't any recent experience at the school Good luck a very fine city indeed
  7. Not sure how old your daughter is but have you researched Dance School of Scotland for full time education and training now
  8. Oh Princess Great minds (or United mothers) think alike !
  9. Sim 14,190 Sim Posted August 9, 2016 To all forum members: In accordance with our legal obligations, threads and posts relating to the School of Ballet Theatre UK are hidden and, for the time being, any new postings relating to that school will be locked or hidden. We will advise members as and when this situation changes. In the meantime, please do not post anything relating to this school. Thank you. Simonetta Dixon
  10. I really think it depends on your childs physical ability as to whether they can make it as a ballet dancer. If they have the correct facility then you decide what training suits your child’s mental welfare. (And your purse) It’s a very personal decision but in our experience because anorexia and eating disorders have had such a huge impact on my DD age group and her ballet teachers ( qualified and unqualified ) for us as a family I found after school ballet in a village hall with a fabulous teacher was best. Then at 14 years old once she was a bit more confident about her own journey she did her academic exams in a vocational environment so less travelling, food scheduled routine etc. Our Upper school choice was based on a teacher I’m afraid the concerns don’t stop once they are in work.
  11. By 16 years old, UK vocational dancers other than WL may have vocational advanced exams under their belt in one or two styles and are skilled in adapting style and language for choreographers and teachers Maybe if you research the teachers although they might not be qualified ballet teachers, they may have a Russian background/training and meet your brief just an idea
  12. might be best to find a RAD dancer who has entered Genee in the past few years to work with if their ballet companies season hasn’t started back.
  13. Sarahw the landlords in local area where students organise renting rooms or houses together are not vetted by KS Dance.
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