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  1. Thriller is one that springs to mind because they can walk through audience, crawl around floor then join in for chorus on stage. My DC high school had over 100 join in quite a site
  2. May I suggest you telephone The Royal Academy of Dance and ask for a list of fully trained teachers I presume Imperial, Chechetti BBO head officers have the same lists. Some teachers wont do festivals. You know your child, some schools concentrate more on syllabus and on exams, some are more business like and like competitions to advertise their school.
  3. Depending on your circumstances maybe ask yourself is my child a boarding school child at 11? Mine wasn’t, but by 14 she was ready and off she went.
  4. Have the schools all been proactive ensuring their graduates show reels are ready to go before they left the studios?
  5. Oh bless her, receiving a correction should be a positive thing so she can work on that area. A good teacher will explain spotting, pulling up and so much more and she will still be working on this for years to come. You know your child, if festivals put her in a pickle then leave them for now. A good summer school in the next couple of years will probably have her turning with more confidence.
  6. Every grade is in preparation, do you mean they are on pointe during exam?
  7. Wow some seriously experienced and qualified teachers. I wish them every success.
  8. Lusodancer don’t worry about age they defer starting contract until the dancer is 18.
  9. How exciting and quite rare, my DD was very very lucky to receive her initial training from a RAD teacher / examiner who had from a young age wanted to teach and is passionate about teaching. She chose early on in her career to teach all abilities, which she still loves doing, although she occasionally takes classes at a vocational school where children tend to have more natural facility and musicality she prefers the challenge of children ‘ improving ‘ and dancing just for the love of it. She is such a role model to so many. I really hope your daughter keeps this passion and goes on to change the lives of many.
  10. If the matter is sub judice please be aware the public entries on this forum may be subject to disclosure. my deepest sympathies to the family
  11. If you can afford to pay for vocational boarding school then auditioning would not be pointless.
  12. Dancer13 are you able to share age and what your DC is looking to get out of the summer course / camp.
  13. My DD was trained at LJB a few years back so everything may have changed but from memory Being accepted at 7 is exceptional and her repertoire classes will not be overwhelming as she will be given a role in line with her ability. Some children only do repertoire when older in order to perform the more demanding roles. Don’t purchase uniform until after your first week as your child may be moved based on body development. They will spend a couple of years in one level maybe two but each child is different. The LJSB programme is intense, challenging and demanding some dancers go straight to upper school from this programme and after school ballet classes at 16 and 18. Depending on your child, LJSB suited my DD because she wanted the challenge, the hours in the studio and the LJSB teachers experience and connections. Congratulations everyone and enjoy.
  14. Love it, lucky lady, you have listed everything we held dear during the training years
  15. Congratulations on gaining entry to LSC and KS both heads of ballet are exceptional teachers and incredibly experienced teachers.
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