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  1. If she enjoys Movement to music in both ballet and modern she will become a confident more versatile dancer and performer.
  2. Just a thought it’s also worth researching, whichever school you attend, do they proactively try and get you work. After that first year of company applications is over, the kudos of which school you attended diminishes No one puts the name of their school on their CV after a time, they put the ballet mistress or ballet masters name that they feel trained them, choreographers they have worked for details and productions they have danced in.
  3. One of those rare exceptions trained at LJSB until yr7, then all through WL, then all through Upper school, without injury, who did not get company.
  4. This is a good time to research the schools policies on injuries, Students being allowed to access medical facilities and support given to student when injured. You may be surprised at what you hear, if you ask the current students about their experiences. Hopefully most schools are reviewing their policies in light of recent events, I’d be honest with the school.
  5. Congratulations how exciting. I don’t know how many children in a class this coming year, children are placed in classes according to their focus and bodies development. So don’t worry if she spends two years in one class. Your child is very lucky to be part of something so very special. Hard work in comparison to other programmes but she will have fun and make lifelong friends.
  6. Might be worth ringing RAD and ISTD and finding out which qualified teaches for vocational exams are in North Norfolk, I know Charlotte has retired from Central in Norwich but it is still open with new owners, Guildhall is still going and the teachers qualifications are on line. RAD HQ is the best place to check out teachers.
  7. ONCNP thank you i didnt know how to post the results Shocking 900 ballet trained dancers surveyed i believe , absolutely shocking
  8. When researching Upper schools as Anna C says if there are Terms and Conditions read them carefully. If instead they have a Contract I strongly suggest you send it to your family solicitors and contact the local Education Authority to ensure that the studios are a safe environment where they follow Health and Safety, UK Government Safeguarding policies and promote the welfare of ALL children and are not just a private company with beautiful studios and expensive private accommodation your child must stay in. Feel free to PM me with any further questions.
  9. Chris Hobson is on iTunes
  10. I didn’t know Central had changed their ‘A‘ level and Degree programme With so many doing both successfully I thought it would continue.
  11. Emma Northmore thank you, thank you. I hope your wise words are read by many.
  12. Not sure if it’s an area you are looking at but I heard two LJSB ballet mistresses teaching classes on two very separate occasions remind their classes that the bodies were developing and hormones played a part in their ability to stretch / be flexible. So what was natural one day might not feel so easy a year later but it would come back so keep at it. They would be the 10 - 14 ages not sure if there is science behind that I just remember it.
  13. Kate very interested to read your post I hope your research goes well. It would be great if it became the norm for leotards to be made to meet the needs of the wearer
  14. It may have changed but year groups are arranged as to how your child's body is developing, as they all have facility but develop at different stages, they often spend two years In one group but it depends on their development as to which group that might be. The important thing is that they have been accepted, they are in safe and very experienced hands, they will progress at speed and a great foundation is laid physically and most importantly mentally for their future chosen career whatever direction they might chose.
  15. I would help her to research the teachers, ask students already there lots of questions, watch their performances on line if you can and ask for timetables so you can compare how many actual hours you are in studio for each subject and with whom.
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