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  1. For the DC’s Central School of Ballet and Performing Arts is ISTD Charlotte is qualified and very experienced and really knows her ballet The Guildhall is RAD and also been in place for many many years although I haven't any recent experience at the school Good luck a very fine city indeed
  2. Not sure how old your daughter is but have you researched Dance School of Scotland for full time education and training now
  3. Oh Princess Great minds (or United mothers) think alike !
  4. Sim 14,190 Sim Posted August 9, 2016 To all forum members: In accordance with our legal obligations, threads and posts relating to the School of Ballet Theatre UK are hidden and, for the time being, any new postings relating to that school will be locked or hidden. We will advise members as and when this situation changes. In the meantime, please do not post anything relating to this school. Thank you. Simonetta Dixon
  5. I really think it depends on your childs physical ability as to whether they can make it as a ballet dancer. If they have the correct facility then you decide what training suits your child’s mental welfare. (And your purse) It’s a very personal decision but in our experience because anorexia and eating disorders have had such a huge impact on my DD age group and her ballet teachers ( qualified and unqualified ) for us as a family I found after school ballet in a village hall with a fabulous teacher was best. Then at 14 years old once she was a bit more confident about her own journey she did her academic exams in a vocational environment so less travelling, food scheduled routine etc. Our Upper school choice was based on a teacher I’m afraid the concerns don’t stop once they are in work.
  6. By 16 years old, UK vocational dancers other than WL may have vocational advanced exams under their belt in one or two styles and are skilled in adapting style and language for choreographers and teachers Maybe if you research the teachers although they might not be qualified ballet teachers, they may have a Russian background/training and meet your brief just an idea
  7. might be best to find a RAD dancer who has entered Genee in the past few years to work with if their ballet companies season hasn’t started back.
  8. Sarahw the landlords in local area where students organise renting rooms or houses together are not vetted by KS Dance.
  9. Meadowblythe are you able to guide me as to which vocational ballet schools give ‘excellent support’ to their final year students for classical ballet please.
  10. The boys and men at KS are performing in April at the Brindly might be worth taking him to one of the performances so he can see that there’s a community of male dancers on his doorstep
  11. London Junior Senior Ballet use to receive a written report each term from class teacher and a overall note from the head , they prepare and are assessed once a year by an independent guest and as they get older have a sit down discussion about their future with the Graduate class teacher. Classes were on body ability not age. But it may have changed now
  12. Dancer 123 if she got finals then I believe if you find a great nurturing teacher who will train technique whilst getting to know your child and maybe audition for performance opportunities like London Children’s Ballet I think your daughter will fly x
  13. I was always told a male child will always be taller than the biological mother yet to meet the exception
  14. Might have changed but it use to be meet and greet, hand child over and make a note of their number. The children do a warm up - jumps, points etc in a side room with a teacher then go through to the audition room for an audition where a smiley panel will be watching them. Then the numbers of the children staying are called out to waiting parents, the other children are then free to leave and join you and they come out smiling a couple of minutes later. The parents of the children still in the warm up room are then given a time to collect and the results are emailed out after that in one go. Then a second audition is held but all the children present are part of the company this time they are being selected for particular roles. The atmosphere is great and all children are congratulated for attending and made to feel special.
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