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  1. Canary

    Home studio

    You can buy a small size harlequin floor on line, if you need to put it on carpet there’s a wooden portable floor to go underneath and for tap. Both roll up. Sturdy chair for barre portable mirror they can move around
  2. Just checked and yes KS faculty members organise and run Northern Associates from their building. Lots of experience there.
  3. Warrington suggests KS Dance in which case your daughter would be assessed by one of the countries best and most experienced teachers, Kate Simmons and that way you will be given realistic advice. At this age I’m afraid its all about bodies and ability and laying a solid foundation emotionally as well as physically.
  4. Just an idea but I would chat with her teacher again as to why she suggested Elmhurst and is there a particular teacher she hopes will teach your child etc, each associate schemes run different programmes so her teacher may have suggested Elmhurst for a particular reason
  5. You must be very proud of your DD getting a contract and working abroad and earning her own money and doing what she trained hard to do. Congratulations mum you did it x
  6. May I suggest if she is going to be in Birmingham, she can have both. Going to dance classes with great teachers is doable, whilst she studies If her ability is there, she will be able to decide whether to go to auditions for paid dance work once she has a degree under her belt theres plenty of dancers out there working full time jobs and keeping up with their dance classes in the hope of getting paid work as a dancer and those with work have months inbetween contracts, they have to attend classes so they are available normally more in the big cities she could probably get an audition for an animation team this summer if she hurrys maybe if she contacts a few 21 / 22 year old dancers doing the circuit again this year and asks them, I think they would say do the academic degree, go to dance classes as much as you can afford and decide later if Birmingham doesn’t already have an established dance team she could start one. If she Google’s Cambridge Dance Team and has a look it may help her realise that very talented dancers go to University best of luck, it’s so hard when all you want is for them to be happy x if you do decide to look at upper schools in this country ask people to pm you their experiences
  7. I suggest you complete a Company House Check on the four businesses run by the same man who runs this competition. Im guessing this competition will go ahead to finance his other four businesses. I hope It all gets sorted out for you
  8. Dreamchaser, as the Ballet Grand Prix is a promotion for BTUK please note Sim 16,817 Posted August 9, 2016 To all forum members: In accordance with our legal obligations, threads and posts relating to the School of Ballet Theatre UK and Ballet West are hidden and, for the time being, any new postings relating to these schools will be locked or hidden. We will advise members if and when this situation changes. In the meantime, please do not post anything relating to these schools. Thank you. Simonetta Dixon
  9. Only you know your daughter, so my first question I’d ask myself is whether or not my daughter was a child that would thrive in boarding school. There is a lot of research available about the impact of boarding school on the childs life and the family so maybe have a read. If she is, then contact the schools of your choice if you have the finances in place they will audition her If you don’t have the finances then you are on a different journey If it’s ballet she desires then I suggest a private Lesson with a teacher who is very experienced and will give you an honest opinion The forum is a great place to find such a ballet expert, once they tell you your child has all the physical attributes and facility for ballet, again you are on a different journey to some. sorry didn’t mean to go on but there are so many factors that will influence your decision your location and financial situation I’m afraid play quite a big part
  10. ‘The welfare of the child remains of paramount importance’ and Every Child Matters, my thoughts are with the victims and their families at this very difficult time
  11. Dancing Kitty maybe ask your daughter to ask their favourite teacher or choreographer they have had in the past where they are teaching this summer. My DD jumped at the chance of being trained by certain people. We followed one teacher from RAD to ENB summer school. Just an idea
  12. My mistake I thought moderators in the academic world saw samples of students work as opposed to RAD moderator changing the exam result without seeing the school or students work.
  13. It’s a shame if RAD are still moderating exam results, I’m not sure moderators should be impacting on UCAS points and I also feel they are demonstrating that they are not trusting the examiner to do their job, an examiner who they may have trained . I’m guessing that whilst UK Vocational schools still have unqualified teachers teaching I can understand RAD trained students returning to their old schools to take Advanced 2 should they wish to enter the International Genee or attend say KS Dance to take Chechetti Intermediate so they can enter the Barbara Geoghan. I’m relieved she is 16 I was quite worried about a mum being this anxious over 6 year old exam results !
  14. Just an idea you could purchase London Children’s Ballet DVDs, a couple of their ballets are free on youtube. I’m not sure if the movements demonstrated prior to the performance by company members are on the DVD, but your child will be able to see the way the company tell the story how they have specific movements. You could contact LCB and see if they are thinking of doing any more workshops, most are completed in primary schools in inner London I think but worth asking and the ladies in the office are lovely. Jane Eyre is particularly good in my opinion.
  15. If you contact RAD HQ at Battersea they will give you a list of RAD teachers by postcode or at least they use to And explain the meaning of the letters after teachers names That should help with your research Good luck
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