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  1. Thank you so much for your replies, she had a good lesson today, cane out with some of her usual buzz. I’ve told her lots of people feel the same. Xx
  2. My DD (10)has been in tears last tonight, she’s scared she doesn’t feel the buzz she used to with ballet. Just before lockdown she was in her dance schools big show, she performed her heart out and was on a real high. The day after the dance school closed due to government advice so there was no after show congratulations at the dance school etc. The teacher did this on line but not quite the same. She has been doing class zoom lessons with the dance school and She starts her first associates class with Graham Fletcher Ballet Associates on zoom. Not ideal being her first lesson. I’m trying to keep her motivated but I’m not a dancer so I have no idea what she’s feeling. Anybody else’s DD or DS having the same feelings? Thank you xx
  3. Thanks, it’s a uniform so better get what’s required
  4. Hi, I wondered if anyone has a wear moi ballerine/nicea skirted leotard in Pacific blue age 10-12. thank you
  5. Hi, just wondered if anyone has attended the Tring one day intensives for junior classical ballet? Are they beneficial, what should we expect ? My daughter is 10, going up to idta grade 4 soon. thanks X
  6. A no for my DD year 7, good luck to everyone, signing off for now x
  7. I presume so as they said they audition them both together
  8. It’s year 7 & 8 together, I questioned this with the registrar
  9. Thank you, she’s in idta grade 3 at the moment, full of determination and nothing phases her so not sure if to go for it or not x
  10. Fabulous news for you! My DD (applying for year 7) worried that she might be asked to do stuff in the audition she doesn’t know, she’s still undecided if to apply or not, what sort of format is the audition, is it anything like the young dancers? thanks xx
  11. Thank you, her dance teacher advised she has progressed a lot since last May, standing out from her peers
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