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  1. Thank you, she’s in idta grade 3 at the moment, full of determination and nothing phases her so not sure if to go for it or not x
  2. Fabulous news for you! My DD (applying for year 7) worried that she might be asked to do stuff in the audition she doesn’t know, she’s still undecided if to apply or not, what sort of format is the audition, is it anything like the young dancers? thanks xx
  3. Thank you, her dance teacher advised she has progressed a lot since last May, standing out from her peers
  4. Can I ask what was included in the audition, my DD (auditions for a year 7 place) and her ballet teacher are interested. What sort of percentages get through to finals and then get offered. DD got a no for young dancers last year so don’t even know if it’s worth even attempting. Thanks in advance
  5. We always do say go in with the attitude that your going to smash it but have lots of fun and soak up the experience, I always say it’s a not yet, rather than no, and you’re time will come when it’s right xx
  6. I know teachers make a big difference, her private lesson is being taught by someone else than her usual dance teacher. That’s why ideally we wanted to get into an associate class but easier said than done.
  7. Ha ha, the dance school my dd goes to are busy preparing for a show! No rest til March!!!
  8. She is fond of it, they are busy preparing for a show, she enjoys all the dances, there will come a time when we have to cut back and focus on the strengths x
  9. Not exactly local, about an hour away. We are close to Nottingham and Leicester. She dances at a smallish village school, she also does contemporary, Irish, Tap, theatre, musical theatre but ballet is her absolute love
  10. Hello, my DD is 10, yr 6 at school and like many of the children here loves ballet with all her heart. She got a no this year from Elmhurst, royal ballet and Kings international, just auditioned for the nutcracker with BRB and a no for that today, she’s currently grade 3 idta, practices in just about all her spare time, has extra private lessons. She is petite, great flexibility, her teacher think she has great potential. I see every rejection chipping away at her self confidence and there is only so much money, I can’t afford summer schools. I want to tell her there is plenty of time and wish I could something to help.
  11. A no for my DD, y 6 at Birmingham not told her yet as ironically got the email just before I took her to dance, so proud of her for having the guts to go for it. Well done to the yes’s and so sorry for the not now’s. DD got a no from Elmhurst too, double whammy rejection. 😢😢 not looking forward to telling her 😢😢
  12. I spoke to her ballet teacher and she said certainly nothing wrong with her body shape or type, she has hyper mobile elbows, affectionately known as weird elbows as she can bend them the wrong way. We will wait the results and go from there.
  13. Thank you, once we get the ja results I will chat to her teacher x
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