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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all I just thought that I would start a thread to find out if anyone/anyone's children were going to be in EYB Cinderella in Hollywood in Darlington (or another location?). If so this might be a useful place to 'meet', share info etc. Also, if anyone has done this ballet, I would love to hear more about it. I have a junior girl... I hope there are others out there too...
  2. Anyone any recent experience of this please? Have read previous posts but they're dated Thanks
  3. Hi all Does anyone have any advice on split sole satin ballet shoes for a very skinny footed child. They’re for EYB and so need to be satin. She’s only a 13.5/1 in ballet shoes. Bloch (who supply her Elmhurst satin but full soles) don’t appear to start until a size 2. We’ve tried the So Danca ones but they seem quite stiff and wide. Help please!! 🩰 Thank you so much 😊
  4. I was having a look at the EYB auditions page and saw they’ve got audition dates for Bromley and Southend: http://www.englishyouthballet.co.uk/auditions1.html Nothing near enough for us yet, but they are for performances in April, May and August, so I assume they’re still nailing down the dates / venues for June and July.
  5. What are the roles available in auroras wedding and ballet Etudes? My daughters 9.
  6. Does anyone know what the parts are for juniors and seniors in swan Lake ? i have several pupils at casting day today . I’d like to be able to tell them a bit about their parts ! Presume seniors are swans ! Thank you
  7. Hi all - I'm seeking an English Youth Ballet T-shirt(s) in a size small if anyone has one/any they are looking to sell? Black or Blue preferably, but would accept Pink. Their stock seems to be low and it was mentioned that it would be a few weeks off before they have any more in, and my dancer would like one desperately! Thank you! x
  8. So new EYB dates are out I'm so happy that one of them is near enough to me that I can audition! P.S. Does anybody know what the auditions (particularly the senior auditions) entail? I know it is just a class, but 1h 45 mins is quite a long class. I can imagine it would be very busy! P.P.S Out of interest, who does the part of Clara go to in the Nutcracker? http://www.englishyouthballet.co.uk/auditions1.html RICKMANSWORTH Audition date: Tuesday 14th November 2017 Audition Venue: Watersmeet Ballet: Coppelia Performance dates: Friday 2nd &a
  9. Hi My dd was due to attend Buxton audition this week. Unfortunately this now clashes with something unavoidable and so cant attend. I emailed to inform them and Miss Lewis has just replied saying I can send in a DVD for assessment! Anyone else done this before? Any recommendations on what to send? DD could send her ballet solo from festivals which obviously shows her ability to perform or do I send polished grade 5 exercises??
  10. Hello all, Gathering together all the previous EYB threads it occurred to me that we often get asked the same sorts of questions about EYB, so I thought I would post links all together in one thread. If you have questions about English Youth Ballet, please browse through the linked threads first, as there is a strong chance your question may already have been answered there. If it hasn't - ask away! :-) Kind regards, Spanner Previous EYB threads: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/3898-english-youth-ballet/ http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic
  11. Hi, could anyone tell me any info on the English youth Ballet and what happens at the audition such as do they ask you to leave during the audition etc. Many thanks!????
  12. English Youth Ballet is holding an audition for male and female dancers (aged 8 – 18) from 4.30pm on Tuesday 18th November at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. We are looking for a total of 100 young dancers from around the area to perform corps de ballet and soloist roles in our acclaimed production of Swan Lake that will be presented at the Waterside Theatre from 24 – 25th April 2015. Dancers of all experience levels are welcome to attend and we are especially keen to recruit some male dancers for the roles in the ballet. Auditions on Tuesday 18th November on stage at the Aylesbury Water
  13. English Youth Ballet is looking for a total of 100 young dancers to perform corps de ballet and soloist roles in our acclaimed production of Coppélia that will be presented at The Hawth Theatre from 24 - 25th October 2014. Please find an audition registration pack if you are interested in the audition. Auditions on Tuesday 24th June in the Studio at The Hawth Theatre, Hawth Ave, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6YZ. 4.30pm - audition for younger dancers (aged 8 ­ 11). 6.45pm - audition for older dancers (aged 12 ­ 18). Each audition is a 1.5hrs ballet class on the stage and is an experienc
  14. Just wondering if anyone else is going to see 'Copellia' in Stockport this evening performed by the English Yoith Ballet? My dd is performing and I'm really looking forward to seeing it!
  15. I want to audition for the English youth ballet in June. Of course, I haven't auditioned yet so I don't know if I will get in but if I did, I have the problem of the fact that I will be away for 3 of the 5 day rehearsals in August. Would that be allowed? Also, I was wondering for the 'casting and press photo' day, how do they pick the parts? Is it dependent on the audition or do they do another type of audition? Any help would be appreciated
  16. Does anyone have expereince of EYB productions? My dd wants to audition but I have heard mixed reports about it. Some say it's a great experience and others say that everyone gets in and the weak ones get put at the back! Any feedback of experiences or views would be welcome, thank you.
  17. Hi, I have searched the EYB thread but cannot find exactly the info I am looking for! Could any one give me an idea of the rehearsal schedule for Woking? Dd did Aylesbury 2 years ago but it was in the summer so it did not involve any weekends or time off school. The Woking performance is in mid November. Would the 10 days of rehearsals require any time off school? Would it be every Saturday and Sunday ? Dd starts secondary in September and we do not know how supportive a new school will be regarding authorised abscences? Thanks for your help.
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