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  1. I have the 256gb iPhone and managed to film a non stop day of exams 9am-8pm with no storage issues. The final 3 exams of the day were an hour, 75 minutes and 90 minutes. I did have to plug in to a charger and drink a ridiculous amount of coffee to keep going!
  2. I use an iphone 11 pro to record exams and it works fine.
  3. Not to RAD but I have filmed A LOT of exams this year - use a tripod, book longer than you think you will need in the studio, set clear boundaries for the dancer for where they will no longer be seen and try to avoid moving the camera about too much, make sure you can clearly see the dancers expression/face.
  4. I had a student accepted, not sure if they’ve had any details yet
  5. Congrats @BattementBatty, JEP seems to be running again!
  6. Yes theatre arts is also this weekend. Heard for theatre arts but not heard anything back from the dance focus!
  7. @Clementine is that for theatre arts?
  8. I know this may not be a popular response, but the past year has had some positive effects… zoom whether you love or hate it means you are no longer limited by your geographical location. If you can hire a space (school hall, church etc) or you have the space at home, you can book zoom sessions and access a much wider variety of teachers to supplement your training, you can look for a teacher you find inspiring. Think beyond studio training, supplementary training is just as important, conditioning, cardio etc. Usain Bolt doesn’t just practice running really fast to train, Adam Peaty doesn’t train solely in the pool and yet dancers just add more dance classes when they want to improve.
  9. One of my students was offered a place today at the Stoke centre.
  10. Has your daughter had a growth spurt recently? It may be that she just has slightly less control in her torso and multiple turns look a bit “twizzy”. Lockdown growth spurts have been really hard, in ordinary times you see a teacher multiple times a week who keeps making minor adjustments to how you are stood and positioned, this hasn’t really been possible lately so there are bigger adjustments to be made. Kids with hyperextension especially have really struggled to reposition themselves without someone guiding their placing. My students have spent 4 months on zoom holding retire, they need to get used to studio floor vs carpet/laminate/tiles at home. As daunting as it may seem, ask your teacher, this is an opportunity to learn!
  11. I have a former student in second year at KS Dance, as a teacher I have been particularly impressed by the pastoral care and the attention to detail from the fitness/physio coach. They appear to have a very holistic approach to training, with a real emphasis on fitness and strength. Another student successfully auditioned this year but declined her place as Kate told her she would be expected to study a variety of styles during her first year, which were way out of her comfort zone. Another former student went to LSC several years back and they found living in London really difficult, that is more of a personality thing rather than anything to do with the college itself. LSC graduates do have access to the bbodance teaching course, I assume there was some incentive offered as a lot of my year were LSC graduates, so opportunities like that may be worth looking into.
  12. I’m appalled and saddened. I have signed and shared. At a point in history when mental health is a top priority, surely there should be support for the arts given that they have a such a positive impact of mental health and wellbeing, for all ages.
  13. Not sure whether you are based in the UK, but having just been through a year of lockdowns and isolation a lot of my students have experienced huge changes to their bodies. For all my students, and in particular those that have gone through puberty earlier than we would normally expect, the emphasis has to be on how strong their bodies are becoming or have become. Some students have gained weight through lockdown but I have made a blanket rule that everyone has grown a lot and as much as I would like proper uniform I appreciate that it make take some time for people to get hold of new uniform, letting those who do feel uncomfortable settle back in first. Our goal this term is to work on stamina, strength and overall fitness. At no point should any teacher be suggesting that a child leaves a ballet programme because they’ve hit puberty, haven’t these kids had a tough enough year without making them feel guilty for things outside of their control that are completely natural??? Maybe a further conversation is required with the teacher to see what she can do to ensure your child can continue with the programme without feeling uncomfortable, perhaps she could look at the uniform a leotard with a lining for example or just offering positive encouragement that challenge how the child views their body “the strength in your thighs is really improving x y & z”. If the teacher really isn’t willing to budge I would be looking elsewhere
  14. Oh I hope not, I’m already fed up of waiting for JA news!
  15. Not ever been a ballerina or wanted to be... I have had the same band size since I was maybe 12, but for a random 2-3 year period I had a DD cup, by the time I turned 20 they had vanished and they still haven’t returned!
  16. Try contacting bbodance hq in Battersea Reach, inclusive practice is a big part of their teaching qualifications. They also run adult classes from hq
  17. I will have think of teachers I know in your area, pity you aren’t closer to the Midlands, I have a bit of experience with disabled dancers, including amputees. Dance is for everyone, it just requires some creativity and courage!
  18. @Raquelle bbo are offering monthly digital centres that any school can submit candidates in. That may help, as it may just be your daughter who is ready
  19. I may be mistaken but I’m sure there was no upper age limit on the BRB Swan Lake Dreams. I used to teach a lady who would frequently express frustration at the lack of opportunities available for the dancer who had never stopped but equally never danced professionally. The discovering rep from the RAD is a step in the right direction I suppose.
  20. They definitely give feedback to teachers. The feedback I received for one of my students just reiterated what I thought, there is very little in it by the time they get to finals. I think that’s why they don’t give feedback to parents.
  21. I haven’t had much experience with Hammond upper school, but for Hammond associates and every audition any of my students have done with any school/company etc they have been notified of the audition outcome whatever it is. Could you call them?
  22. @mjdb my student also had a deadline of the 5th Feb and they had their diploma offer and funding finals invite on the 24th Feb.
  23. Apologies @The red shoes I meant the boys who were asked to stay were only asked to demonstrate a few barre exercises before they were let go. The main audition earlier in the day was far more dance-y.
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