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  1. If you could get to Birmingham look at Nicholsonschoolofdance , excellent teacher ex BRB , would give you honest opinion, and comes very highly recommended , well worth thinking about . Hope your daughter finds her way and follows her passion . She helped my daughter and we still have private’s when she’s home .
  2. Hi , were are you based ?? which area if you don’t mind me asking ??
  3. Hi this is a long shot , but my friends daughter has a ballet recommendation for Sat 16th feb in Manchester , her teacher has not booked any tickets and they are now sold out , she’s so upset that she can’t watch , has anyone got or knows of anyone who has spare tickets ?? Thanks for reading .
  4. Hi , i would agree with everyone who is saying to try it out , if you don’t try you won’t know , and auditions are a great way to gain experience if she is thinking of progressing and auditioning for vocational schools. Its a tough one because you want to protect them , but also support their dream . I’m sure her ballet teacher could discuss it further with you both and take it from there , they make lots of friends throughout their journey and I’m sure they enjoy it too, even if us parents are left stressed 😩. I wish you both good luck and welcome to the rollercoaster world of dance. Enjoy .
  5. My thoughts go out to his lovely wife , daughter and family . You will be missed by so many , but remembered by many many more . RIP .
  6. Elmhurst have an associate program .
  7. Hi sorry ticket sold now, apologises for delay responding never saw message .
  8. Hi I would recommend dance clinic at Nicholson school of dance in Birmingham , if you look on website it gives full details , hope you find wat your looking for and good luck to your DD with her future auditions .
  9. Hi , thanks I may call and ask if they do refunds ?? You can only ask . Thank you
  10. Hi, i have 1 ticket for Sat 14.07.18 show at The Hammond unfortunately someone can’t come due to exam commitments . It is a full price ticket . Many thanks
  11. Hi All, Congratulations to everyone on all their amazing results, but don’t give up too soon . My DD got accepted for Hammond last year and we got funding 3 weeks before the term started , so hang in there dreams really do come true. We were on holiday when we got the call and they had to tell my DD as she wouldn’t believe me , and she said until she saw the letter of an offer then she wouldn’t believe it. She had a few strange looks in the shop we was in as she burst out crying 😢. Good luck to everyone and if I won the lottery I’d pay for everyone . X x
  12. Hi, i would highly recommend Annette Nicholson, she has beautiful studios, and is a very talented lady . She was a principal dancer with BRB and is very professional teacher.
  13. I just wanted to share our fantastic news , we got a call Friday afternoon from The Hammond to offer my DD an MDS for sept . She is goin into year 9 , to say she was excited is an understatement she cried her eyes out in shop on holiday!! Very excited DD now.
  14. As long as she enjoys her dance that's all that matters .
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