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  1. Well I imagine he would have room to store it.. could ride in the corridors maybe? 😆
  2. I only really know about the girls house, they are generally 2 to a room for younger years, my DD thinks boys can have a room on their own if they want as less of them. There is a boys house & a girls, all have private bathrooms, access to kitchen and common room etc. Able to decorate with as much from home as they like, our has led lights and pictures all over the walls. Able to make it as homely as you want. Weekend food is brought in & the new school menu is really varied with themed nights at weekend eg. French etc. Boys seam very happy with it.
  3. This was certainly something that we worried about when setting out on the Vocational school route. DD would follow all the girls at these “top” associates classes, having never been accepted herself. Constantly comparing herself to them & all their glory. She was not as flexible, had never done any competitions, didn’t even own a fancy tutu. But we knew she had talent, alongside a low self esteem from judging herself against others constantly. She did a couple of associates and as many lessons as we could but living in a rural area that was hard, so we struggled and managed 2 private less
  4. It is possible this is not to do with keeping silent about if you have MDS or not at a future date, but something else entirely.. last year there was no problem about sharing, I can only presume that complaints have been made to the school this year, possibly unsuccessful applicants asking why they did not get when someone that danced with their child did and they are as good as each other... not saying that happened but I could see that as a reason to ask people not to talk about it at the moment. In my view the school is very open and funding has never been a taboo subject between pupils.
  5. My DD is in yr7 so this has been our first experience of boarding. She is an a room for 2, all have private bathrooms, access to a communal kitchen, common room etc. She absolutely loves it, they are encouraged to make their rooms a home from home and can basically bring anything they need. They are even allowed to change curtains etc. She has walls covered in pictures, LED strip lights even has a fridge, beanbags, plants.. it really is just like she would have at home. Boarding staff seem lovely & approachable. One thing that is so good is the houses distance from town. Pre COVID regs the
  6. Don’t give up hope, offers get turned down and they offer to the waiting list. Last year they had a higher than normal amount of awards to offer, Think there are normally 7 or 8. May be a bit of a wait as it sounds like some of the other schools are not going to get offers out quite so quickly.
  7. They are a really lovely group.. they were so exited for today.. they did not have the chance of the MDS audition last year, places were offered based on the first audition they did. (obviously they had no idea at the time this would be the case) best wishes to your DD xx
  8. Fingers crossed for you all.. just been chatting to my DD who is in yr 7 and she said she heard there were some really lovely dancers today... the school really is everything you think it is, and more. Good luck xx
  9. re COVID test, I would get one just to be safe, (you can get them easily from centres a lover) they are being really thorough with pupils so would not think they will let anyone audition without. You done want to get stuck at the last minute, or worse if they are testing before audition, get there and test positive..
  10. I would think with pupils starting to go back Sunday and all the logistics of testing etc they are probably run of their feet. Obviously all admin is currently being done from home, school will be back in next week so you may get more answers then. good luck to all waiting, it really is a wonderful place.
  11. I am sure I saw somewhere it was 7, but I could be wrong, it is in one of these threads though.
  12. My DS is at an independent non dance school and gets nothing like the support from the Hammond. Having lockdown school gives you an opportunity to really see what the school is like. I have been so impressed, they care about well-being along side academics and dance, keeping it all going so well.
  13. Sadly we did not get that this year, but did catch the show last Feb and I was blown away.. I could not believe the standard... it truly is the most wonderful school in every way.
  14. Her timetable at the moment consist of about 4 hours each day of dance, and then the normal academics alongside. Academic classes are small, with only 21 (I think) in her year, so not split yet. Dance is by ability and not all 21 dance as some are drama students, I think about 15 yr7s dance. They have no PE & have subjects like healthy dancer where they learn about nutrition etc. She does board, which she totally loves, the boarding house is walking distance from Chester town center, they are allowed into town at weekends to shop (in small groups) So basically on a school day they get on t
  15. My DD is yr 7 at The Hammond and I could not praise this place enough, the balance between academics and dance I feel is just right (she would however dance all day) the school is warm and nurturing, but from what I have seen so far they also push the dancers a lot, there are assessments and personal targets. Ballet classes are split by ability not yr group (I do not know if this is standard) and although the main dance focus is ballet, they do learn other genres of dance & personally I feel, particularly in this climate it will pay to be a versatile performer, at the end of the day we wan
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