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  1. Sorry.. harassed day, my DD is in yr7, not DS...
  2. Hi @Coconut Popcorn The associates generally happens on a Sunday & Hammond pupils do not take part (well unless something has changed this year) My DS was an associate & is now in yr7 boarding, she had to stop associates. They would not have anyone to accompany them to school for it & have a very different Sunday routine.
  3. Current yr7 are 21 with 13 dancers, 10 boarding xx
  4. My DD did it and thought it was the best associates she had done, full day, good variety of lessons and teachers. She loved it so much she is now at the school.. x
  5. We can start to put one together for you all over the weekend, it is Exeat so kids all home and easier to do then xx
  6. Last year the most helpful thing for our new starters was to have group chat with the current yr7,s they were able to tell them everything they needed & make them feel part of the family at the same time. I am sure we could arrange something like this for this year, my DD is current yr7 as is @Calea’s so if you wanted to Do this we could arrange xx
  7. It is lovely to see familiar names here again.. congratulations 🥳 and welcome to the Hammond family xxx
  8. Sorry meant to say she is in yr7, going into yr8..
  9. Congratulations both, my daughter is currently in yr7 and just loves it. She will have the most wonderful time, if you need to know anything then just ask.
  10. Well I imagine he would have room to store it.. could ride in the corridors maybe? 😆
  11. I only really know about the girls house, they are generally 2 to a room for younger years, my DD thinks boys can have a room on their own if they want as less of them. There is a boys house & a girls, all have private bathrooms, access to kitchen and common room etc. Able to decorate with as much from home as they like, our has led lights and pictures all over the walls. Able to make it as homely as you want. Weekend food is brought in & the new school menu is really varied with themed nights at weekend eg. French etc. Boys seam very happy with it.
  12. This was certainly something that we worried about when setting out on the Vocational school route. DD would follow all the girls at these “top” associates classes, having never been accepted herself. Constantly comparing herself to them & all their glory. She was not as flexible, had never done any competitions, didn’t even own a fancy tutu. But we knew she had talent, alongside a low self esteem from judging herself against others constantly. She did a couple of associates and as many lessons as we could but living in a rural area that was hard, so we struggled and managed 2 private lessons each week with a local but amazing teacher. We set about the process of auditions last year and to our absolute joy she was awarded an MDS, she was thrilled but looking at the social media profiles of her then to be class mates she was still convinced she would be the weakest, but she was not by far & she is doing fantastically and her confidence is soaring. So I would say potential is still seen, just go for it...
  13. It is possible this is not to do with keeping silent about if you have MDS or not at a future date, but something else entirely.. last year there was no problem about sharing, I can only presume that complaints have been made to the school this year, possibly unsuccessful applicants asking why they did not get when someone that danced with their child did and they are as good as each other... not saying that happened but I could see that as a reason to ask people not to talk about it at the moment. In my view the school is very open and funding has never been a taboo subject between pupils.
  14. My DD is in yr7 so this has been our first experience of boarding. She is an a room for 2, all have private bathrooms, access to a communal kitchen, common room etc. She absolutely loves it, they are encouraged to make their rooms a home from home and can basically bring anything they need. They are even allowed to change curtains etc. She has walls covered in pictures, LED strip lights even has a fridge, beanbags, plants.. it really is just like she would have at home. Boarding staff seem lovely & approachable. One thing that is so good is the houses distance from town. Pre COVID regs the girls & boys met up in Chester each Saturday after dance and are able to go off in small groups together. They grow up quickly, but in a secure environment. Any specific questions feel free to message me. I would say i can not honestly imagine anyone regretting choosing this school, I pinch myself every day when I think how lucky we are. Xx
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