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  1. Don’t worry about festivals or comps or associates my lad hasn’t done comps in 3 years now and nothing like some studios and he never did a ballet he got offered a place at the Hammond for year 8 whilst a lad who we know had spent a few years as a royal JA and didn’t even make the recalls for year 7 last year my lad has never done royal JA’s etc and only got in at the Hammond associates last year after trying the two previous years with a no and then he got offered a full time place, which we still had to turn down due to funding. it’s all about strength a lot of the time I hop
  2. They may be off this week as a lot have half term
  3. I think it’s a fine balance tbh my Dd is doing a BA at the Hammond and all PS and BA face to face have been suspended due to cases in the over 16. Apparently the uni which the Hammond is under told them they couldn’t teach the BA F2F and they stud up for the students and have now gone straight to a full as can be on zoom with a review after half term, yes the Hammond has its fault but they have been excellent since March and they are taking the students learning and welfare into account over money!! It is annoying though that the associates have been completely suspended along with all produ
  4. Can anyone help please with some technology troubles lol ive downloaded the rad syllabus app and purchased inter F for my son on IPhone is there any way of putting it onto a bigger screen? Our tv is 10 years old so not a smart tv either and I’ve got a Hp laptop so a bit confused if we can get it on a larger screen thank you
  5. I don’t know your finance situation but two years ago this week my daughter was left wondering what todo as didn’t get her chosen PA Collages as we went for the diploma as didn’t want to get tied up with student finances and her fall back was to go and do phycology as a BA bit her Alevels were one grade off her chosen uni so it was a bad time as all decent uni places for MT’s had gone until we spoke to a friend who was at the hammond and she told us to phone them so we did and my daughter is now going into her 3rd year but on clearing Chester uni said it was full!!! Damn nightmare of a few we
  6. My daughter is the same competes for GB and is part of there talent pathway supposed to train 10 hours a week and in the whole of lockdown she has picked up her rifle twice and has 3 international comps postponed to next year and the English and welsh championships postponed which are both selection comps she was even able to of been selected for the junior World Cup 😢😢 what is even sadder is the fact that this was her last year as a junior and next year will be competing up against Olympic people and we will probably lose what funding we get through her Uni due to cuts as well 😢😢😢 sad times
  7. Sadly it does I know of one teacher at a vocational school who regularly points out about pupils who are larger 😢. Luckily the young people didn’t stand for it and told the teacher!!
  8. Less than a hand full got fee remission (which is less than last years fee remission) and only 12 MDs all to year 7 😢. Hard times
  9. It was one of my daughters teachers sorry so I probably shouldn’t say as that’s how I’ve got the teachers email
  10. Evening I’m not sure if I can post this but I am personalising refillable hand sanitiser bottles if any body is interested xx
  11. We never got one but I did speak to one of the senior staff and said we probably need to put the idea of the Hammond to bed with no funding so they have probably taken that as a no!!
  12. I know of a year 8 who has been given a remission and year 7 and like Ponklemum said less than any hand full given out This year out of 50+ places offered. Have you had a reply yet @Miss Tutu and has anyone managed to get any feed back? Or any other good news xx
  13. Lol just laughing at the lots of roads lees to Rome! We were supposed to be going to the DWC in 3 weeks in Rome and that got cancelled, we unfortunately got a no as well but we are still part of the associates so all isn’t lost
  14. I don’t envy you being pulled from corner to corner and trying to take the lead from so many different people.........but my dd is at the hammond and all lessons are live And apparently recorded for that ‘safeguarding’ issue, I am a scout leader and also run zoom events and we make sure that there is 2 adults always in the group and at least 4 Participates signed in !! I am amazed that you are aloud to email a student without CC a parent or another teacher into the email? Again as a mother of a Grate Britain athlete no coach is allowed to send a minor an email with out a parent being CC i
  15. That has all ready been suggested as an idea to the BA’s at the Hammond so I would of thought that’s been also a thought for the whole school
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