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  1. Sadly it does I know of one teacher at a vocational school who regularly points out about pupils who are larger 😢. Luckily the young people didn’t stand for it and told the teacher!!
  2. Less than a hand full got fee remission (which is less than last years fee remission) and only 12 MDs all to year 7 😢. Hard times
  3. It was one of my daughters teachers sorry so I probably shouldn’t say as that’s how I’ve got the teachers email
  4. Evening I’m not sure if I can post this but I am personalising refillable hand sanitiser bottles if any body is interested xx
  5. We never got one but I did speak to one of the senior staff and said we probably need to put the idea of the Hammond to bed with no funding so they have probably taken that as a no!!
  6. I know of a year 8 who has been given a remission and year 7 and like Ponklemum said less than any hand full given out This year out of 50+ places offered. Have you had a reply yet @Miss Tutu and has anyone managed to get any feed back? Or any other good news xx
  7. Lol just laughing at the lots of roads lees to Rome! We were supposed to be going to the DWC in 3 weeks in Rome and that got cancelled, we unfortunately got a no as well but we are still part of the associates so all isn’t lost
  8. I don’t envy you being pulled from corner to corner and trying to take the lead from so many different people.........but my dd is at the hammond and all lessons are live And apparently recorded for that ‘safeguarding’ issue, I am a scout leader and also run zoom events and we make sure that there is 2 adults always in the group and at least 4 Participates signed in !! I am amazed that you are aloud to email a student without CC a parent or another teacher into the email? Again as a mother of a Grate Britain athlete no coach is allowed to send a minor an email with out a parent being CC in and it’s the same in scouts!!!! ........ no reflection on yourself as I know it’s not your fault and most teachers are wanting to get back to what you all do the best xxxx
  9. That has all ready been suggested as an idea to the BA’s at the Hammond so I would of thought that’s been also a thought for the whole school
  10. The hammond released The BA’s then the PS and then the lower School as it was due to the control level as all BA’s dive in halls or flats, my poor daughter has still got notes in her locker!! 🤣
  11. As I see it boarders are easier to accommodate if they are told that they can’t go home! And all ‘contact staff’ stay on site too and they don’t go out in the evenings!! They are more in a bubble than any state school and more controls can be implemented, the problem is with schools who except day pupils and 16+ vocational students who live with host families and mixed halls of residence ........ the Hammond being one
  12. I’m hooding elite athletes will be given a green light sooner than later as football players can train!! Twins and golf players can now go and play!!, my Dd is a full time BA MT Student but also a GB Junior athlete, British Ladies junior champ 2020 and all her over seas comps have been cancelled as well as U.K. ones she’s only done two lots of training since the start though she’s been able to keep up her fitness through her dance. Her training is normally two weekends a month away from home with coaches and about 20 other junior athletes which involves travel and non social distancing, shared transport etc etc etc as well as a daily training regime! Now all of this is gone for her atm, It be interesting to see the future and how it all pans out
  13. It’s very easy to put together and you can turn the bottom supports so it can go flat against a wall it is sturdy but bulky so the ironing board might be better for you I also went for the cannons because of the two height bars for my two as the bars are then set for them and they can both do the classes
  14. My two love it 19 n 11 as it’s got two bars so my 11 year old has one bar slightly lower and my oldest dosnt have it at full height ether, biggest bonus is it’s light enough to be chucked outside in the garden when it’s nice so I don’t get the bickering of siblings trying to do the same class 😂😂 very pleased with it
  15. There is probably a lot going on behind the scenes as someone mentioned the other day about boarding etc, The Hammond is slightly different as 11-16 stay in boarding house 16-18 stay with hosts and +18 stay independently imagine sorting that out for social distancing though the BA are distant in their own little BA Block they share the teachers etc all of this will have to be sorted in line with the Government guidelines if and when they are released They teased a statement beginning of April for residential regarding children and by the look of it nothing since, the Hammond will be waiting like the rest of us on how to go forward in these strange times ... we too are sadly waiting, waiting and waiting but when We think about what the implications are and what they may not / be able to do they may not be able to take in fully to Christmas.......... , who knows what will happen tomorrow 😢. We will just keep plodding and keep our fingers crossed
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