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  1. I can’t understand why they closed the whole school another school / collage had 24 cases the other week and 3 were in one year of BA’s. It’s been heart breaking , my DD flat Got it last September and she had to isolate for a whole month as the periods reset itself each time someone tested positive, she chose dance for assessments which were assessed dancing in her flat kitchen and has come out with lower grade than her friends who chose drama vocal and singing, she’s never done a live performance in 3 years, they have one evening next week for agents and parents to watch! Theve been given just a week to learn it all. I could cry for all these students. So many of my dd friends have decided to take time out or even leave the industry already
  2. Is there anyone’s child been excepted on the Hammonds TA associates program (NOT DANCE) please and what day is it on please Saturday or Sunday any information be most grateful
  3. Just being nosey sorry has the Hammond given any dates for next year also have they clarified what day the theatre arts is going to be please
  4. My DD just been offered this live in and with a £16.000 wage so she’s jumped at the chance, hopefully it will all pan out as she will be fed with a bed with a wage and still able to be signed with an agent whilst still having access to classes and the studios ..
  5. Afternoon is there any current Hammond associates here please as we paid for the last 4 and we believe the 3 is tomorrow but we’ve received no zoom code at all I’ve emailed several emails and messaged via insta and still no reply!! can anybody shed any light please
  6. My daughter in in her 3rd year at tramways, the staff have been brilliant over the last year or so through Covid, always putting activities on, checking up if every one is ok, when my DD was in isolation they offered todo emergency shops for them. Since September my DD has been in a complete flat of 6 hammond students 2 3rd years and 4 2nd years as they have tried to restrict bubbles etc..........I can honestly say my DD will be sad to leave her flat lol oh a good thing is it’s directly next to the train station, nearest to the Hammond oh and town centre
  7. Yes tesco in walking distance, B&M small Sainsbury’s in town along with all major shops, Aldi and home and bargins a bit out but walking distance oh and I think there is a Waitrose just round the corner from my DD flat though she dosnt use that. Plea that if nice pubs and eatery’s apparently, my Dd has had fab fun filming show reels etc around chester this last few weeks even in the amphitheater and gained an audience 🤣
  8. My DD has just been applying for commercials n Tv work as nothing up north as of yet
  9. I’ve always encouraged my two to do sport and music and drama and never asked them to sacrifice one thing for another, my youngest hasn’t gone vocational but they are now enjoying playing rugby, hockey, basket ball and there school is lucky to have its own pool so they do swimming most weeks, going into year 9 this year and he wants todo PE gcse and go and do it in dance and gymnastics, my oldest is now doing a BA in MT at a vocational school after doing her Alevels at 6form and dosn't regret it at all, she was never given the chance to try for vocation school but is now representing GB in rifle shooting and has been embraced by the collage in having time off for international comps etc, she has completed her gold dofe, and is about to become a DofE assessor and is also a scout and explorer leader in her spare time. I guess what I am trying to say is my two don’t regret going down the vocational route and life life to the full where as some of their friends went down the vocational route and gave up everything outside of dance, some didn’t last unfortunately and dropped dance now.
  10. Hammond in Chester is a monthly and is a day long or was on a Sunday, included MT, singing , contemp as well as ballet Midas is a very good one run by a lovely team @drdance and is based in birmingham near to elmhurst, it’s ballet based with conditioning and an extra lesson in MT or Jazz etc KS Dance in Warrington I think BBO or did do an associates in manchester Ballet Boost in Stoke, staffordshire youth ballet again in stoke plenty about
  11. Done for you and shared xx glad to be of help, hope you find the answers and please don’t give in you and your teachers are amazing.
  12. Yes your teaching is fantastic and my DS came away with so much if it wasn’t for it clashing with another associates we would still be with you now or if it had been left to me, Most associates don’t teach as in-depth as you do especially with PBT, I have never heard a bad word said against MIDAS and will always continue to recommend you to others. My DS also enjoyed his open zoom classes especially the ballet and the conditioning. xx.
  13. Hiya I think every studio is different, where my D’s is now they do PBT and Body Con 50/50 fitness and stretch but over lockdown we’ve found a a dance physio who has been fab looking at all the things which you have mentioned, we’ve also been doing low impact weights with the local gymnastics club which again I only know of one other dance school who includes weights in its training programme, the dance physio also includes low impact weights into some of his sessions.
  14. My DD did weekly classes never did associates and did normal A levels still danced normally till she went to a vocational school at 18 todo a BA in MT, she’s just about to graduate. She applied for about 5 at 18, 4 being a diploma and got nowhere but the BA she got excepted. Where my DS dances locally and is part of 3 1 ballet 3 mixed associates and he applied for full time for years 7,8,9 and though he’s made finals has never been lucky enough for a funded place. So associates isn’t the ‘be all’ I’ve questioned a few and talked about the money spent on these and if the money would be better of being spent on a good private lesson.
  15. This year has become very apparent I have several social media accounts and I only use them to promote my business but I do feel that this year the audition process has become a divide, My DC was given an hour in the studios to record the tapes and that was it where I’ve heard of Dc parents spending over £100 a week on privates, I couldn’t even afford that in a month! Well probably never atm. I approached one vocational teacher and they wanted £35 per hour and a lot of others are around £60, until zoom and lockdown this wouldn’t of been the case at all and the auditions would of been more on an equal footing. My DC Will leave it now and we will keep plodding and dancing and hopefully will apply again at 16 when all of this horrible time is long gone.
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