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  1. Morning, thought I would give you all an update. We took our daughter up to to Danceworks in London a few weekends back and I got to watch her dance from the reception area. She was super nervous and nearly didn’t go in but the reception staff were really encouraging and calmed her fears. I could tell the lesson was making her work and the teacher only had to correct her once on twice while doing barre work. She then went and did an hour of pointe work which she loved. We asked her if she found a difference to where she currently dances and she said yes it was more structured and focused. She even pointed out the use on her pointe shoes that would never of happened where she is now. So we came away feeling more positive and focused. She actually got offered a place there and the feedback from the teacher was lovely and positive. We now have to think about logistics and cost going forward. It certainly gave us food for thought.
  2. We are going to sit down later and go through our options. It is without a doubt she won’t be staying there. Both my husband and I are in agreement this is a must. I have real mixed emotions about it all at the moment but I know it’s no longer the right school for her. 😔 it does not help that I am such a novice when it come to the dance world!! Thank you everyone though for listening/reading and giving honest helpful views x
  3. I also have to apologise for my spelling and grammar. I have a busy home and try to type quickly without being interrupted by twin boys 😊
  4. I have to be a bit defensive but only of the cecchetti teacher. They are separate and do not deal with pointe work or other areas of the school teachings. I’m confident in their ability because of their credentials. 😊 I have asked my daughter that she is sure the newer girls doing pointe have not done ballet before and she said yes and she can tell because of their techniques. If this is the case I think I have an understanding as to why but that’s not for here! Though it’s another negative for me. I just feel so frustrated with it all and really wish I had the balls to bring it up with them. I have been in touch with Danceworks and a Vaganova teacher who have both offered either a trial or an assessment. Does anyone know how Danceworks works- I requested a trial and they have replied and said they will let us know at the end if she is accepted?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Whats so conflicting for me is the length of time my daughter has danced there and they have been quite good up until I started to take a step back and delve deeper. I can hear the principles voice in my head slating me and my daughter to other parents with what ever we decide to do. And she will probably be little my daughter about her past faults and injuries. The reason I say this is because she said some things to me about another child who dances there and wasn’t particularly polite!!
  5. This is what I thought. This raises alarm bells for me even more. My daughter had to wait to go on pointe. But some new girls have started and been put on pointe and her understanding is that they have never done ballet before. I know this does not affect my daughter but it’s frustrating and keeps raising red flags about the school overall 😔
  6. Sorry. I have been vague as I did not know if her principle is on here. She does modern, acro, pointe and cecchetti. I know she needs to more if she wants to progress. She is disheartened as she feels the younger peers in her group are getting more attention as they have only just started! It does sound poor the more I start to delve in to it. Also with regards to going on pointe, can girls who have not been doing any form of ballet be put straight in to a pointe clas??
  7. Thank you. Danceworks looks perfect. Do you need to be a memeber to turn up to the lesson?
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice. She does do other types of dance but her love of ballet is stronger. She probably dances for about 12 hours a week. So I know she would need to do more if she wanted to take it further. I will keep looking for other schools that cater for her needs 😊
  9. I have spoken to her and asked her what her aim is as she is very academic also. I think her studies will always come first but also suspect that if she was given the opportunity she would like to progress her dancing skills further. She just needs to guided correctly. I’m just her mum who wants her to be happy and succeed in all she does. I think I’ll definitely find a way to get her assessed and then weigh the options up with her.
  10. She has done exams and been always graded a distinction. She also does cecchetti. She isn’t at the grade she should be as I have found out today through PM’s which is annoying. But this is the same for another girl her age who has been then longer. I just want to know if she has potential to take it further if she wanted to. I guess I’m just not happy that I’m paying for her to be going over the same syllabus every time someone new starts in their class. And the fact girls on lower grades are in her class. You have to forgive me as I am not up to speed with all the terms used and types of ballet schools etc.
  11. Hi, I am new to this so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. My daughter has been dancing since was 3. She is now 15. She loves ballet and does at least 4 lessons a week of it including pointe and different types of ballet. I feel we can not approach her dance teachers to ask them what they think of her as a ballet dancer.(I’m actually struggling to word this just in case they are on here and will twig who I am) I have seen her dance numerous times in shows and competitions and always feel she stands out. Of course I am biased. I have even taken a friend who has no connection to dance to see her and he commented that she shone and stood out. I am completely open to critical judgement off her as I do think that is healthy for development. Is there any where I can take her to get an honest opinion of her dance technique?? She told me yesterday that her classmates say she is showing off because she can do certain positions well and high. She is often used as an Example in lessons. What does not help is she is in a mixed ability class. Basically any new ones that start are put in their lessons and they then have to go over everything again. Being 15 she still has a love for ballet and wants to continue which we are happy for her to do but want her to achieve everything to her potential. (If that makes sense?) I guess we are just after advise and views Sorry if it sounds rambled
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