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  1. Yes I have spoke to the supplier already, so I know which brand they are, I work in a dance school selling uniform so I’m wanting to get a sample to check the sizing first before I buy from the main supplier, I know it’s the maroon one for ballet and the capped sleeve aqua one for all other dance then the black one exams
  2. Can anyone advise me, are the aqua leotards a shiny material? I don’t suppose anyone could send me a pic of them please?
  3. Yes they said they would be sending out before the end of summer term but I like to get started early as we aren’t getting any funding so need to buy little bits each week, have already sent the acceptance paperwork and registration forms and deposit back but heard nothing since, I understand the current situation is making this harder and taking longer so I’m not going to chase, just thought someone might point me in the right direction asides from what I can get from the dancers room website.
  4. Just wondered if anyone could tell me or send me a list of what items my dd will need for dance at the Hammond for year 7, and if anyone has any inform available pls? We have already bought the uniform skirt, and the tracksuit, but which leotards, shoes etc. will she need? She only has ballet and pointe shoes. Tia
  5. Did you find out about this? We got told by the Hammond that for the year 7 intake this year there was only 12 MDS places but since, been advised after getting a place, that there are no longer any bursaries it’s now full price unless you get an MDS
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