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  1. My dd is in a school with around 100 students. Grade 5 tap does 1:1 as no one else her level Grade 5 modern 10 in class and g5 ballet 8 in class however around half wont take the exams by choice.
  2. Thanks everyone - now to juggle and make sure we can do all rehearsals...
  3. How Bizarre! Letter offering dd a place just popped into my inbox 📩
  4. I have emailed the info@ and cc misslewis@ this morning. Oh how I love this world of Dance!
  5. I may email tomorrow morning - it may prompt a response of some description though I m sure if it was a yes we d have heard. In my education world the expectation of responding by our own stated deadline is faily indicative of reliability /service. So I m not impressed really. Hey ho... We shall endeavor to attend an audition at some point in the coming years. Good luck to all those in the new production next week x
  6. Yes I ve double checked email inbox and spam..I only use a particular email address for dance only stuff so things are easy to find. More annoyed with lack of reply than getting a no.
  7. We have both given up dd said this evening she gathers it's a no as they didnt email when they said they would. If I get the courtesy of an email that would be good but as cinderella starts next week I m guessing this Fri/sat/sun will be show prep stuff.
  8. Still nothing. Really irritating when people dont keep to their own deadlines. Not a problem waiting a week but they shouldnt say day after! We have assumed its a no. But looking forward to watching hopefully
  9. We didnt expect to be able to audition at all so the dvd option was a bonus.
  10. Thanks hoglett. I m not hopeful now as she said today and I havent heard. Its fine dd prob has too much on anyway so would be a juggle. Next time will be a definite try and attend the audition as thats what dd likes.
  11. Eeekkk.... Miss Lewis said I should hear today but it's getting late though
  12. Sorry Tatasmum we didnt attend and waiting to hear result. Hopefully Bluebird might know
  13. Hi. My dd was istd and they did a grade in each subject each year - getting distinctions in exams so dd must have been fully prepared. We have moved to an idta school and dd now grade 5 for all So this will be taken after 12-18 month. ( Inc time to go over difference in syllabus/steps for below grades for free work part of exam) I think generally as the grades get higher they take slightly longer but at grade 3/4 I d have said a year. If you wanted to move you could ask the new dance school to assess her to put her in an appropriate class - its ok to miss a grade if they say so. I m not sure about doing exam on own steam sorry. It does sound odd mixing with grade below
  14. Northern school of contemporary dance Leeds used to do boy only session. Elmhurst mids only in Birmingham I believe York Scholars? Hammond associate? CAT at Lowry? Or Leeds? DD loved Chantry Midas Associates What part of the country are you in? Theres a college Cheshire way that has a great programme of workshops etc
  15. I wont tell you how many times I had to re-word my post - theres so much more I could have written but I too would have got a ban. I m so sorry my dd went through this - wish we d jumped ship much sooner - but it has made her more assertive and has made her highly aware this practice is not what she wants or needs from the dance world. I m sooo grateful for her new teacher - seems to completely understand my dd and her drive. Also amazing to listen with door open for 1:1 sessions ( due to heat) to them both giggling, bouncing ideas off each other and it being an open platform where dd is confident and feels at ease to say if she doesnt like a step or struggles with it - or even just laugh it off if shes having a wobbly day. I hope every dc that experiences inappropriate practice finds their love of dance re ignited by someone who truly has their best interest at heart
  16. Oh dear - a fantastic achievement to get through to scholarship again though. Congratulations 🎊
  17. Thats fantastic congrats to your Junior bluebird. Awww my dd will be gutted she loves ports de Bras and pirouettes. Hopefully we ll get some good news soon. Thankyou bluebird
  18. I know even age 8-9 my dd knew her teacher was being emotionally abusive but at the time she says she was the only teacher that could give her festival dances and help her to improve her x style of Dance ( dont want to say too much!) When I started to address issues ( my 8 yr old dd being in floods of tears from being repeatedly shouted at then ignored for 3 hours the day before a national final ) the teacher started being off with me and gradually made things very difficult with others too. Lots of other parents felt the same but none would speak up or get their child out of there. When I spoke with the principal, who was of course a close friend of the teacher I was met with ' I m sure x was trying to motivate or dd must have mis understood' Its hard to hear some things my dd recalls now we have a fab teacher. For a 10 yr old to say its really nice in 1:1 not having to worry about what to say or how to give own opinion as now doesnt have to fear the teacher taking it the wrong way and being mean as a punishment. I hate this world sometimes!
  19. Good luck to them both. My dd was really hoping to participate in the class - do you have any juniors attending? If so, could you share a few of the things they Do?
  20. Anyone doing the Buxton audition this evening? We had to submit ours via dvd as not available but just wanted to say good 🍀 luck
  21. Anyone under 18 seeking counselling from a regulated person will fall under this as they will have a duty of care to protect vulnerable people...
  22. I wonder bluebird if the guest teacher doesnt have membership for offering exams whether they will have any requirement to fulfill cpd hours ? There was a post recently on Facebook about studios falling for people with high profiles on social media to guest teach when actually they are performers and dont have the skills to effectively teach anyone. We ve been invited to a few where teenagers are teaching or judging at festivals yet have no formal teaching experience and rarely have advanced grades themselves. Scary world.
  23. An old teacher of dd did degree in dance but had to do pgce and held no other teaching qualifications - ie linked to an exam board. A pgce teaches you the generics of how to teach rather than subject specific content - there is an element of conceived knowledge from degree. I dont know the ins and outs of the dance teaching world I m afraid. I guess regardless of qualifications it comes down to quality of practice which is even more variable in relation to accessing cpd. I would be raising a concern via the principal in a - hi can I just check - do they now do x like this and should dd be doing her own cool down now...hint hint
  24. Eeeekkkkkk alarm bells!!! I would be asking if stand in teacher is qualified to teach - actual teaching quals not a degree in dance. Conditioning really needs someone who knows what they re doing any why rather than "my teacher told me this way".
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