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  1. Here's a petition asking for a review of social distancing within theatres before November. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/549630
  2. Don't know about loos but the performance is only due to last an hour with no interval. I'm more worried about motorway pitstops!
  3. Don't know about Bath but at B'ham Rep in October it already states that we have to wear masks at all times in the theatre building.
  4. I'm sure I read somewhere that Tamara Rojo said it would take up to 12 weeks for the dancers to get fully fighting fit as, during lockdown/zoom classes they have only been able to do basic barre type work and not much in the way of leaping and turning as most of them have been working in their kitchens/lounges. I can't see the RB being much different from ENB.
  5. Hello Missdancemum and welcome to the Forum!
  6. Elmhurst has also been offering last minute places for anyone as some students cannot, for whatever reason, take up their places.
  7. Just a reminder that a few more tickets go on sale from 9am today. Extract from an email issued yesterday: "We are delighted with the response we have received to the additional performance of Lazuli Sky on 23 October that was added last week. This performance is now full but we are pleased to announce that The REP will be putting a limited number of additional seats on sale tomorrow morning for the other performances. Booking will be available online only from The REP's website from 9am on Wednesday 2 September for performances on 22, 23 and 24
  8. Viviana Durante becomes Artistic Director of English National Ballet School English National Ballet School is delighted to announce that Viviana Durante will become Artistic Director of the School for the 2020/2021 academic year, following her appointment as Director of Dance in August 2019. Since joining English National Ballet School Durante has reinvigorated the School’s teaching faculty and introduced guest teachers including Ivan Putrov, Amanda Maxwell and Mavin Khoo from Akram Khan Company to expose students to different dance styles and te
  9. Hello Louisa and welcome to the Forum!
  10. We started a valedictory thread for Jane when the news first crept out. This year has been so sad with a number of retirements where the dancers would have been much lauded on stage but we have to make do with official announcements and social media.
  11. Congratulations to all the promotees and best wishes to all the leavers. I do think the company may have done more of a valedictory statement for Jane Howarth after her long years of service. I will particularly miss James Forbat whose Albrecht in Liverpool I will never forget.
  12. English National Ballet Autumn 2020 Announcement English National Ballet to launch dedicated ENB at Home video-on-demand platform Emerging Dancer will be streamed live from ENB’s own production studio at London City Island A digital season of works for camera in development for Autumn 2020 Nine new commissions UK premieres of Tamara Rojo’s Raymonda and Creature by Akram Khan postponed Announcement of promotions within the Company and thanks given to those leaving Photo caption: The Emerging Danc
  13. I could see Mathias as Cyrano. It would not be unprecedented to see him in both roles (Iain Mackay danced both). I don't know about you TP but I would see Brandon as Christian and Tyrone in both roles. I could also see Lachlan and Max as Cyrano (with Max a possible Cyrano too). I couldn't choose my Roxannes with such a wealth of talent but probably Celine as my first choice.
  14. Hello Derin's Mom and welcome back! We've had a very recent thread that may be of use. Here's the Modibodi UK website: https://www.modibodi.co.uk/pages/period-underwear/ When I googled just a quick search also brought up equivalent sites for America and Australia so there may well be other.
  15. Absolutely Capybara! Me too! I think with Pennsylvania Ballet's streamings a couple of the productions must be owned by the company or Angel Corella and these still seem to be available to view if you have the password. The others were only available for the stated time. But even that is better than nothing. BRB have just released a clip of Carl Davies talking about his score for Cyrano with a couple of excerpts that look as though they may be from a performance filmed for archive. I know these films were not done for public consumption but if they are of a reasonab
  16. A friend who lost her holiday to Botswana (BA flight booked separately from Safari) booked her seats online separately from the flight booking and, although the flight was cancelled, BA have refused point blank to refund her seat booking fee because she did that herself rather than through the tour company who booked her flight! I think we have all had different experiences of customer service during lock down. And we are still in lockdown, albeit a lighter version of what was put in place in March.
  17. That's something I've always wondered too. Someone once said to me that it depends on how the contract for the commission is written (which would make sense) and the contract may include things like the expected number of performances the work is licensed for. Then there may be the complication of other companies wanting to take in the work ... would the "owning" company be responsible for mounting it or the choreographer. Then again, if the company owns the work would they be able to make changes to it? Would the choreographer want his name taken off it (as you sometimes see
  18. Links - Saturday 29 August, 2020 Obituary - Istvan Rabovsky, dancer: Telegraph Feature - For David Hallberg, a swan song in pictures: Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times Streaming Reviews - Birmingham Royal Ballet, Cinderella: John O’Dwyer, Seen and Heard International Robert Tanitch, British Theatre Guide Vikki Jane Vile, Broadway World Video Feature - Francisco Estevez, Colorado Ballet, overcomes cancer: News Desk, Broadway World Streaming Review - Jeremy McQueen/The Black Iris Project, The Storm: Sydney Clarke,
  19. SEPTEMBER 2020 LATE ADMISSIONS OPPORTUNITY AT ELMHURST BALLET SCHOOL Photo credit: Andy Ross Traditionally at the start of a new academic year, Elmhurst Ballet School welcomes the next cohort of students through its Birmingham doors. Many young dancers hail from across the UK and overseas and take up a coveted place in Elmhurst’s Lower or Upper School. This year as Covid-19 continues to create uncertainty across the world, a small number of students are sadly unable to commit to their course, especially international students whose country’s travel restrictions ha
  20. Oh dear, I just thought you'd been on the pop for the afternoon!! I'll mention to our Administrator that you still haven't got your button back.
  21. Hello Colman, has your edit button reappeared? A couple of people had the same issue and they seem to be OK now.
  22. Hello Lily and welcome out of the lurking shadows!
  23. Links - Friday 28 August, 2020 News Feature - ITV recap on their investigation into Ballet West Scotland: Peter Smith, ITV School Feature - David Hallberg on growing into the role of Albrecht: Marina Harss, Pointe Magazine Streaming Review - Birmingham Royal Ballet, Cinderella: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Streaming Preview - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, No Longer Silent: Dan Meyer, Playbill Video Feature - Inside Africa - Nairobi’s uplifting ballet school: CNN
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