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  1. Hello Bookish and welcome to the Forum!
  2. Links - Thursday 27 August, 2020 Gallery - Edward Watson, Royal Ballet: Tristram Kenton, Guardian News - Sadler's Wells extends job cuts to 222 casual staff: Georgia Snow, Stage Film Preview - Jonzi D, Our Bodies Back: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian News - Rosie Kay returns to Birmingham stage with world premiere: Staff, I am Birmingham Streaming Review - David Mead, Seeing Dance Lenka Vagnerová & Company, Amazones VerTeDance, Correction Matsena Performance Theatre, Are you numb yet? Streaming Revi
  3. Links - Wednesday 26 August, 2020 Obituary - Istvan Rabovsky, dancer: Anna Kisselgoff, NY Times Interview - Choreographers Daniel de Andrade (NB), Gary Clarke & Jordan James Bridge (Studio Wayne McGregor): Catherine Sedgwick, The Upcoming News - Royal Opera House to stream fundraiser live from Covent Garden: Simon Smith, Rhinegold Streaming Feature - Australian Ballet’s Benedicte Benet, Capriccio: Jill Sykes, The Age Interview - Rulan Tangen, AD Dancing Earth: Tovah Strong, High Country News Preview
  4. Thanks for reminding me Janite - I'd completely forgotten all about it!
  5. So far as I can see one performance has been announced for opera and one for ballet. If, as people have implied, there may be crowd control (in the nicest possible sense) and other issues with opening the ROH up to audiences at the moment perhaps they could consider an alternative theatre for future broadcasts. Andrew Lloyd Webber used his Palladium Theatre for a live performance trial so maybe that would be feasible... (BRB also have a home theatre in their home town.)
  6. Silly question but would the performance have to take place at the Royal Opera House? After all Birmingham Royal Ballet are performing at an alternative theatre in Birmingham.
  7. Hello Drballet, By ROI do you mean Republic of Ireland? (We use so many TLAs in Doing Dance that I get confused!)? If so, I don't know if this thread will be any help? Where on the mainland could you reasonably travel to? This may assist responders to your query.
  8. If you are looking for a school in Scotland there is also the Royal Conservatoire, based in Glasgow: https://www.rcs.ac.uk/courses/ba-modern-ballet/
  9. Links - Tuesday 25 August, 2020 Live Review - The Grange Festival, Precipice, Hampshire: Tim Ashley, Guardian Film Review - Jonzi D, Our Bodies Back: Helen Barrett, FT Streaming Reviews - Jacob’s Pillow Virtual Festival 2020: Tero Saarinen Company, Borrowed Light: Jessica Lockhart, Arts Fuse Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Streaming Review - Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, SJD Shorts - Contagion: Marianka Swain, The i Covid-19 Cancellation News - San Francisco Ballet cancels Nutcracker: Staff, CBSN SF
  10. SADLER’S WELLS HOSTS UNIQUE RESIDENCY AND PRESENTS PRIVATE SHARING OF WORK FROM NATIONAL YOUTH DANCE COMPANY Sadler’s Wells is delighted to welcome dancers back to its building for the first time since lockdown, with a special residency and sharing of work from National Youth Dance Company (NYDC) and Guest Artistic Director Russell Maliphant. The 2019/20 cohort will reunite at the company’s home at Sadler’s Wells to complete their year, culminating in a set of private COVID-secure sharings for friends and family. NYDC were half way through their creative process with Russell Maliphant wh
  11. The Royal Opera: Live in Concert, will be broadcast live on Friday 4 September 7:30 BST. Curated by the Royal Opera House’s Director of Music, Antonio Pappano, the concert will feature much-loved classics by Bellini, Bizet, Donizetti, Dvořák, Massenet, Mozart, Puccini, Rossini and Verdi. Buy tickets now Join us on 4 September for a night of live opera from our stage in Covent Garden! The Royal Opera: Live in Concert is proudly supported by The Royal Opera: Live in Concert will see Aigul
  12. But we don't know how many people have been tested for C-19 so we don't know how many asymptomatic or feeling better but still infectious people there are out there. It should not be forgotten that the masks are to help save others from you not you from them. When I had a recent outpatient appointment I asked the staff who were wearing non-medical grade masks how long they should be worn for. They told me that they wore them for about 4 hours but less if they became damp.
  13. Actually, in countries where mask wearing is also commonplace I believe a lot of mask wearing (pre-Covid) is to do with air quality (or lack thereof). There was a ludicrous meme on FB a couple of weeks ago saying that mask wearing has been mandatory in China since 1984, implying that it gave more control for the government over people's lives) and that was just plain nonsense because went I went to China on holiday in 1991 no-one was wearing masks (but there was still lots of bikes and less traffic). Even before the pandemic emergency I had seen people wearing masks on the streets of London
  14. Michelle has been testing different masks. If you look back up a couple of pages you may find more detail.
  15. You make a very good point there DVDfan and we must all be mindful of people who genuinely cannot wear a mask. However, I was in a local supermarket on Thursday (not the one I usually go to) and was shocked at the number of people who must have medical reasons for not wearing a mask so there will be a degree of scepticism over non-mask-wearing. I don't know about anyone else but I am wearing reusable masks including some made by young ladies from BRB!! I see loads of "fashion" and "designer" brands are bringing out their own versions ... perhaps that will encourage mor
  16. Tiler Peck and Jennifer Garner dance a song from Grease: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/entertainment/2020/08/23/jennifer-garner-tiler-peck-grease-dance-ballet-eg-orig.cnn/video/playlists/atv-trending-videos/
  17. If you look at "The future starts here" banner photograph on BRB's website you'll see that the dancers are wearing masks... https://www.brb.org.uk
  18. Links - Monday 24 August, 2020 Live Review - The Grange Festival, Precipice, Hampshire: David Karlin, Bachtrack Streaming Preview - Akram Khan, Until the Lions: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Streaming Review - Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, SJD Shorts - Contagion: Charlotte Kasner, Seeing Dance Opinion - The new chairman of the Royal Opera House: Catherine Bennett, Observer
  19. I think it's also hard for people who are not used to living together 7/24! One of my chums put a status on FB a couple of months back that he was having the most dreadful day ... he and his wife had had a major row and his 3yo was having one of those days... Most of us have had a heck of a lot of adapting to do. And we're going to take a heck of a lot to adapt to more normal times hopefully in the not too far distant future.
  20. I thinks it's very hard for a lot of us. I live with my dog and he has been keeping me sane!! I wouldn't have had the same motivation to go out for allowed exercise for him when lockdown first started. In terms of shopping, I'd only been to my local Tescos till recently. I have to say it was very well organised and I felt fine going there. I felt guilty about going to Waitrose because it was a 7 mile drive away. I have started going back there recently. I felt guilty at Easter dropping Easter eggs off to my nieces - socially distanced and I had a solitary birthday.
  21. I suppose that depends on how "visible" he may be. I took the article as a "jobs and kudos for the boys" type dig at friends and donors getting prestigious positions. (Let's hear it for the British Museum!!)
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