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"Associate" schemes (audition entry ballet classes)


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Following on from some other threads, I thought it would be useful to have information on associate classes posted in one place. It makes it much easier for people visiting the site to find useful information.


I haven't got time to find all the details, but that's what you're all here for!


Some "ground rules":


- No comments here about how good or not you think the classes are - individual threads with discussions can be used for that - this thread is for factual info only


- Audition entry classes only please


- Weekly/fortnightly/monthly classes, not one-offs or holiday classes


- Please give the name of the school, what the programme is commonly known as, days/times/costs if known, when auditions are etc - basically any useful facts!


Think that'll do, unless you can think of anything else.


Over to you.....

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I'll start then, Julie!


I run Midlands Independent Dance Associate Scheme (MIDAS) which is monthly, in Birmingham, and is an audition-only scheme, and the idea behind it is to offer dance training based on up-to-date research (both physical and psychological) that indicates that traditional dance training is not preparing dancers as well as it could.


The idea was to be completely independent from any one school, organisation or method - so while it is an 'associate' scheme as in, a scheme offering supplementary training, it is not 'associated' to any existing institution. However all staff are very highly trained and qualified with respected organisations. MIDAS aims to fill a gap by offering something for those talented and passionate young dancers who perhaps don't have the physique for the major ballet schools or want to focus solely on ballet, but who are looking for extra training that their teacher perhaps can't afford to offer. In that way it is hoped that MIDAS works WITH teachers (how many teachers have one or two brilliant students who they wish they could give more training eg limbering, conditioning, extra ballet etc but can't afford to run a class for 2?)


Classes are 2 and a half hours long usually on the first Sunday of the month, at Midlands Arts Centre, in Cannon Hill Park. Time is divided between ballet technique, artistry (including musicality, performance and virtuosity), and fitness (strength, power, flexibility, endurance). There is also usually some time spent on jazz/contemporary dance skills such as turns and leaps.


Fees are roughly £16/17 per class (currently billed termly). Next auditions will be in June (we're waiting until all the other schools have sorted themselves out!). We tend to operate mostly on email so there's no need to be any earlier!


If anyone wants more information please feel free to PM me or visit the website www.midas-dance.org.uk or our more informal facebook site Facebook.com/midasdance.

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Central School of Ballet Pre-Seniors, held weekly on Saturdays at:


Central School of Ballet

10 Herbal Hill

Clerkenwell Road




Audition-only scheme for children aged 11+ in Year 7 and above. Auditions are usually around May.


Classes include Non-Syllabus Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary (Creative in Prep 1) and Pilates in Pre-Senior (15-16). Fees from £210-£230 per term depending on which class you are in.


Preps 1,2 and 3 are subject to a yearly appraisal carried out by Senior School staff in conjunction with the Prep teacher. Students may be offered another year, asked to repeat a year, or assessed out.


More info: http://www.csbassociateschool.co.uk/pscourseoutline.php

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Information for London Junior and Senior Ballet


Audition entry is from 8 to 18 (or 17?) Auditions take place in June and September. (There's also a scholarship audition in September) Successful candidates are placed in one of the levels but are sometimes moved in first couple of weeks.


The Junior levels (Entry level; Junior Foundation; Junior Level) have ballet and 1 hr repertoire, Junior level can take pointe but need permission from their regular ballet teachers. Entry level take ballet revision.


Senior levels (Senior Foundation; Senior level; Graduate Level) have 1 hr pilates; ballet (time varies between 1 1/2 -2 hrs according to level) and 1 hr pointe with alternate weeks of Contemporary (I think 50 mins)


I would have copied link to save all the above but wasn't sure! Wait... here's an attempt but doubt it will work! (Sorry!)...




Termly report plus one full assessment with outside 'judicator' plus Principal. Students can move up or repeat year... not sure about assessing out. (I don't think so)


Classes held on Saturdays but next term are on Sundays (in between moving premises) but next term back to Saturdays, I think!

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Midland theatre ballet is a fantastic alternative to associate classes and operates every Sunday during term time leading upto a performance.

For any dancers between 8 and 18, have a look on the website for all information. www.midlandtheatreballet.co.uk.

Also the facebook page facebook.com/mtbpassionfordance . Fantastic teaching in professional studios.

The next production is Beauty & the Beast at The Crescent Theatre in May.

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Just thought I would mention that YDA have an associate programme, which is great and taught by Anna du Boisson.


It is on a Saturday afternoon at the new studio in Shepherd's Bush and the groups are the equivalent ages of JAs and MAs.


They are auditioning in June and a lot of the YDA associates have gone on to the Royal associate programme.


Well worth considering and brilliant to get a class with Anna.

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Hi, We have just received an offer from YDA for their Saturday associates course. My dd is age 8. Does anyone have any experience of this course?  we are set to audition for LJB on 8th September and will also need to give notice on our current grade 3 RAD saturday class as can't do it all!  anyone experienced both LJB and YDA (WLSD) with Anna?  I have no experience of either!

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Bristol Russian Ballet School has an Associate scheme called Bristol Russian Youth Ballet Company.

Their website states:

The aim of the Company is to offer talented dancers between the ages of 14-19 the unique opportunity to work with professional world class dancers and Artistic Directors. Subjects taught will be classical ballet, pointe work, repertoire, pas de deux and character dance. Entry into the Company is by invitation or audition by photograph and CV. We absolutely recommend that Company members continue their usual classes with their particular ballet school if applicable. For further information please contact Chika and Yury at info@bristolrussianballetschool.com

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