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  1. My dd was an associate for two years and loved it.
  2. Kat09 Thank you to you and your daughter for sharing this intensely personal post. May it help those who need to know they are not alone x
  3. Thank you taxi4ballet. Plenty of time for coffee and cake, or even wine as its after 12! - I had forgotten about the id so I am pleased you mentioned it. ?
  4. Hi Can anyone tell me roughly how long this exam is? Just working out how much time we need to plan our travel arrangements. Thank you all.
  5. Just been catching up on this thread as we are going to the matinee in Bristol today. Looking forward to it. We have loved Bournes other works so let's see....
  6. Ja Sm

    A Little Brag!

    Huge congratulations. Such exciting news and so lovely to read about .
  7. We have always used a craft glue. I quite like the fact that it doesn't dry instantly, so you can slide the suede into position. We occasionally have to do a bit of resticking but generally it holds very well.
  8. Can definitely recommend the Easter course at Central. Dd has done two and has loved them. The days are full and varied and on the last morning parents can come and watch the ballet class. If I remember correctly, last years included ballet, pointe for the girls, contemporary, jazz, character, Dalcroze and Pilates. The atmosphere is very welcoming and dd felt she learned loads.
  9. A really invaluable site. All your hard work, moderators, is certainly appreciated. Thank you also to all the members who contribute, offer support and advice, share their experiences, post humorous anecdotes or write fascinating reviews....our lives are full of fascinating and kind people.
  10. What moving stories! I think we can certainly feel proud of our courageous and resilient young people and all tough decisions they need to make at such young ages. I certainly echo sentiments already expressed- dance gives them so much, whatever they choose to do in the future. I have loved seeing my dd and all her talented friends in their showcases. They have all given us a great deal of pleasure- thank you to all you young dancers out there!
  11. My daughter has one that folds up like an ironing board. Also very useful and robust.Not sure how to do a link but I think there might be some on eBay. Had ours ages.
  12. Well we went the the matinee at Bristol on Saturday and were completely blown away. There was so much that we loved (lifetime ballet watcher Mum, dd and myself) that I hardly know where to start. Dd and I were moved to tears at several points and we both gave little gasps at particular wow moments. Madison Keesler danced Giselle, Altor Arrieta was Albrecht, Ken Saruhashi asHilarion and Isabelle Brouwers was Myrtha- all completely worthy of mention. Madison's sensitivity and emotion were beautiful and Isabelle stunningly strong and powerful. I could go on and on. Loved the tension between the male rivals, beautifully danced. My mum was particularly struck by the corps and felt hat she had rarely seen such a strong performance, so in time, so strong and talented. I liked the set and lighting and the score, with the fleeting sounds of the traditional music. I also particularly loved the use of both silence and stillness in the performance, which I felt created both moments of beauty as well as tension. How much more I could write! In summary, thank you ENB for giving the three of us so much pleasure and so much to think about. We even dreamt Giselle last night!
  13. Ja Sm

    Foam rollers

    Right so I've ordered one from eBay and will let you know her verdict!
  14. Ja Sm

    Foam rollers

    Wow what quick responses! Thank you ballet co gang.
  15. Ja Sm

    Foam rollers

    There seem to be lots of these on the market. Can anyone advise on a tried and tested style for a 15/16 year old dd and where to buy? Thank you.
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