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  1. Thank you Snape, hope we have that big smile when the news arrives :-)
  2. Still waiting for the Manchester audition results, they said Friday but nothing came either e-mail or letter.
  3. Can anyone tell me how long the waiting time is, from audition to receiving the yes/no letters for Elmhurst Associates.
  4. The wait is over but sad to say it was a no for my granddaughter. She is back from holiday tomorrow, I am very disappointed but will not let it show just encourage her to try next year.I know her teacher will be sad as she had the highest marks in her ballet exam. Congratulations to all the yes's.
  5. I am a very proud Nana on mail duty whilst the family are on holiday as I said this is the first time dgd has auditioned (Manchester) Good Luck! to all who are patiently waiting, no pressure on our little one we will be proud of her whatever the news.
  6. It's our first time, seems ages since the audition!!
  7. Hi, are there any Junior Associate results out yet!
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