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  1. Has anyone got a child attending LRBS and if so how is it?
  2. My ds attended Rambert and enjoyed it. The conditioning was full on. He was put into group 2. Group 1 would not have been challenging enough for him. He said the teachers were excellent and he goes to a vocational school.
  3. She helps out with teaching and has been offered a job in Glasgow teaching. There are more exams to do but you need to pass Adv 2 with distinction first.
  4. My dd left a private school at 16 on the condition she went somewhere where she could do her A levels (Scotland HND) and BA Hons. She choose Ballet West as you also get 3 years stage full tour experience too. She has got her HND, ARAD and BA Hons this year. She is now doing another year just training with all academics finalised. If she doesnt get a job in the dance world at least she has her ARAD to teach and BA Hons to either carry on at Royal Academy of Dance to further her qualification on go into something new. Its a cruel world out there and not everyone makes it. Have a back up plan
  5. I have some Bloch boys tap shoes 7.5 american size. I think that is 4 uk? Worn for 2 terms only, needs 2 screws though and laces as my ds put elastic in them so he could slip them on and off quickly. I also have a pair of size 11/12 no size in them. They are virtually new. If your in London you can pop round and try them before buying new ones or drop of at Elmhurst when I drop son off. I live in between St Pauls (2 stops from Holborn) and the Barbican 2 stops from Kings Cross.
  6. I live a 2 min walk from Farringdon. Its about a 15 minute walk up St Johns Road.
  7. I am excited now. Watching the matinee next Wednesday and Shadows of War the following Saturday!
  8. We live just around the corner from Italia Conti and the area is safe. My ds travelled the underground from Barbican to Shepherds Bush for a year and he was 11. Loads of children get off at the Barbican for school.
  9. Isaac who is a student at Ballet West is performing in Matthews Bourne's Lord of the Flies in Glasgow. He is desperately looking to stay somewhere for a couple of nights while in rehearsals. Can anyone help please. He is a lovely lad. Between 31st May to 15th June
  10. I really enjoyed watching Ballet Central at the Linbury Studio Theatre . My favourite pieces were 'Toots Goes To Charleston' which was fun. 'Carousel Dances' which was very clever and colourful. All in all a pleasant evenings entertainment!!!
  11. I have a headache! Ds will stay where he is
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