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  1. Agh! More waiting! Anyone had their videos from London group 1 watched again?
  2. Can you send me photos of the Degas and the mirella blue with matching shorts? I definitely want to buy the Degas but need to see the mirella photo please. Thanks!
  3. My dd did it two years running and absolutely loved it! First when she was 8 and then again at 9. We live locally so she wasn’t residential but she really wanted to be! If it’s the same format, they take them to a west end show one night and have a disco at Roehampton university on another night and you can attend these even if you aren’t residential. I took my dd and they all did seem closely chaperoned. She loved all the different styles of dance they do each day and the teachers. It’s very well- organised.
  4. Anyone know anything about a courtier role too?
  5. Thank you for the recommendations! Heard great things about Masters and WLSD but they are are too difficult for us to get to midweek. Is Natalia Kremen Vaganova too? Do you think is difficult to transition from RAD and ISTD to Vaganova? Sorry but I’m clueless on these things. DD has been doing RAD and ISTD midweek with Associates on the weekend. RAD HQ and BBO are both near us so I’ll look into them too thanks!! Has anyone taken classes at RAD?
  6. Highly recommend Emma Northmore’s Ballet Boost at Rambert in St Margaret’s and think Ceccetti Associates have a programme there too once a month. Also have heard good things about YDA Associates in Shepherds Bush.
  7. Due to a number of scheduling factors for the autumn term my DD wont be able to get to classes in the week at her current school. Can anyone recommend a good school in central or South London with classes Grade 5 and above? I have a little one too so difficult to travel too far in the week. RAD, ISTD or free syllabus is fine. Just somewhere with good teachers and an opportunity to progress to higher classes. Thanks in advance!
  8. Excellent post! Thank you for the encouragement and I have heard of many other “success stories” after never being a JA. It’s definately not the be All and end All and there are many other routes and good Associates programmes out there! When I told my daughter about the “no” (or better “not yet”) she was absolutely fine with it. I think a lot of times it’s harder on the parents as we want to protect them and give them every opportunity, and the long wait makes it worse as we start analysing it all (at least for me). But at the end of the day in the ballet/dance/performing world there will be lots of “no’s” and it does make them more resilient. I’m amazed at how my daughter still wants to try again next year for Mids!
  9. As expected it’s a no for my DD (y6) but good luck for all those still waiting.
  10. Congratulations @Bbc14t! 🤗 Have they sent any no replies out or just the yeses?
  11. Thanks @MyBalletboy and @Balletmum55 😁
  12. Thank you @pinkbex81 @PetitJeté and @Flora11 It’s very helpful. Sounds like they don’t take many new Year 6s and the existing Year 5s will be moving up.
  13. Does anyone know how many children are in each London class? I believe there is a mixed year 4/5 and a separate year 6, right?
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