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Found 18 results

  1. Lachlan Monaghan Backstage is a small exhibition of photographs of dancers of the BRB. You can view this at the RBSA Gallery until 21st March. I went this morning and I really liked the photos. I am sorely tempted to buy one (but I'm not going to say which). http://www.rbsa.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/lachlan-monaghan-backstage/
  2. I might be making a business (day)trip to Birmingham sometime from the 4th-6th June, and was wondering if there was anything on that I should try and see while I was there? It is - of course - too early for BRB
  3. I thought I'd start this thread, as there are several queries in here about places to continue reasonably advanced studies in ballet once people leave school/family home and go to university. I asked the question here after moving from a large city to a small city, and I'm sure others are in that position. So maybe we can pool experience & advice as a resource? If people don't want to give too many clues to specific studios, or give information on location which might compromise their anonymity, I hope we can respect that. I'm sure that the PM system can help there too! BIRMING
  4. I have 2 tickets to the Elmhurst Ballet Company show 'Origins' on Saturday 9 February 7pm at Elmhurst Ballet School in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Good seats, C8+9 selling for £25 for both (bought for £35). For more info see https://www.elmhurstdance.co.uk/Elmhurst-Ballet-Company.html
  5. Hi we have a RBS JA audition on Tuesday in Birmingham. Could anyone tell me where the best / nearest car park is please? Tia x
  6. I'm looking for a teacher who would provide private coaching as a complement to my dd's syllabus Grade 3/Standard 4 class. Her teacher is going away for the summer and is currently unable to provide private classes. We're in Milton Keynes, but could get to either London or Birmingham or anything along the train line between Euston and Birmingham. Oxford may also be a possibility. Also, I would like some advice on what to do when a beloved teacher suddenly seems to lose interest, despite the good results in exams and competitions. After a year of inspiring collaboration, she seems t
  7. Happy New Year to you all! The online application for MIDAS auditions for 2017 (September start) is now live again via www.midas-dance.org.uk. Students must be year 4 or above (going into year 5 in September). Pupils who are associates of the Royal Ballet School do not need to audition to join MIDAS, but due to a large demand for places all other prospective students must audition. Auditions will be held on a Sunday, towards the end of May/beginning of June. Audition dates will only be allocated after the closing date of April 30th. If you have any questions about the scheme that you
  8. Hi ive been lurking for a while but finally decided to post! Does anyone have any experience of the Cat scheme in birmingham.Dd is auditioning for it and i know that it is contempory with ballet too but wondered about the standard and quality of the teaching? Any help would be great thanks!
  9. Im wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of a quality ballet teacher or ballet classes in Shrewsbury/Birmingham for a Sunday or possibly Saturday late afternoon? thank you in advance
  10. Have just seen this - https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1463264903719717&substory_index=0&id=767113100001571
  11. Liv56


    Hello everyone Is there any good ballet auditions to audition for , or any associates course (things like that) Thank you !
  12. I'm taking my dd for her first point shoes on Sunday and will be going to Dancique in Birmingham. Where would be the best place for me to park? (I have a 9 seater car so cannot do small spaces).
  13. Hello everyone Does anyone know any good standard dance or ballet school ( I don't mean full time ) near Birmingham or round about Sutton Coldfield. Thank you
  14. Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone on this forum! It is fascinating to hear everyones different stories and journeys... I wonder if any of you have any tips- my dd is just 8 and joined RAD Associates recently, which she loves. She is interested in doing the Associates Summer School at Elmhurst in July. The problem is distance...we are 20 mins south of Gloucester, so driving up and back every day might be too much for her as well as the actual classes. Then there is my 5 year old ds to consider too, who, much as he loves vehicles and motorways, may not appreciate 3 hours in the car ev
  15. Myself and a colleague are running 3 days of 'back to school' dance training in CENTRAL Birmingham at a bargain price of £100 for 3 days! (Considering how much I normally charge these days this is a total steal!!!!!!!!!!) Seriously though - I will be teaching all day, every day on this course and will focus on placing and technique, strength, safe flexibility, injury prevention as well as teaching all of the tips I have learnt from people like Rebecca Davies, Tahlysia Smedley and Rosina Andrews to get you turning more easily, jumping higher and doing all those fun leaps and tricks SAF
  16. Although this is not for a ballet course, I suspect the problem is the same ... My daughter has been offered a wonderful musical opportunity in Birmingham next week. Only problem is I am still in school for most of the week. She is 16, and a vocational school student, so fairly self reliant. I am wondering if it is possible for her to stay unaccompanied rather than travel 5+ hours per day. Has anyone solved this problem? I know she would have to be 18 to check into most hotels, and even if I checked her in I am not sure if she is allowed to stay on her own. Her brother lives less
  17. Chiltern Railways have just released 50,000 tickets between London (Marylebone Station) and Birmingham (Moor St) for travel up to 17th May, via an Evening Standard offer. There are currently many tickets available at peak travel times. More details at: http://www.chilternrailways.co.uk/eveningstandard50offer If you're travelling further afield, you might want to combine this with other train offers - there's a good (but not complete) list on the moneysavingexpert.com site: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/cheap-coach-train-ticket-deals No connection to any of the above. Just pass
  18. Looking for classes over the long summer holiday and came across these at Birmingham dance xchange, right next to the Hippodrome and BRB http://www.dancexchange.org.uk/events/ballet-xtra
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