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  1. Well you already know the Birmingham results are coming out and it is a no for dd, but she is very new to all this and only just started on this journey. She is doing Midlands Associates this year so we will try again next year with a bit more experience under her belt 😊 She really enjoyed the experience though so thats nice! Congratulations to all who have a place and sorry to those who have a 'not yet , your are still all amazing little dancers 😁.
  2. Dd had her audition today and she loved it and we had no tears, bonus! Really pleased she did it, was a great experience for her.
  3. Thanks for the response guys, I am in two minds now wether to accept. They have said that they will cover classical ballet, conditioning, repertoire and jazz/contemporary when guest teachers take class on odd occasion. But if the main focus is not always on ballet and alot of guest teachers then I'm unsure 🤔
  4. Hi my daughter has been offered a place on Midlands Associates with Shannon and Peter Parker. Has anyone got any experience of their classes, did your son/daughter enjoy it? Dd is auditioning for RBS JA this week however without sounding harsh, I would be extremely surprised if she was to get in and obviously we have to wait until June to find out, so I was going to pay and book her on Midlands Associates still assuming this would be the case. Midlands Associates is ideal as it's only 30 min drive away and on a Sunday so... Don't know what I'll do though if she was to be accepted for RBS JA 😕 i would feel bad but not sure if Midlands Associates would wait until mid June for a decision?
  5. Hi we have a RBS JA audition on Tuesday in Birmingham. Could anyone tell me where the best / nearest car park is please? Tia x
  6. It was a no for dd 😣 She got totally overwhelmed and started crying when She was called in. She seemed to have settled down by the time we went in to watch, but then when she got nearer the front she started crying again, felt awful for her 😢 Then to top it all off she needed a wee so had to pull her out to go to the toilet! (You probably saw me lol) Not a great look for her lol. But I'm so proud that she faced her fears and didn't give in and I'm hoping going forwards she will learn to control her nerves. She did say she would try again in 2 years so she can't Be too traumatised 🤣 Well done to your dc, there were alot of applicants so that's fantastic she got a place. And also very well done to @ArucariaBallerina
  7. Can anyone tell me how long it normally takes to get your audition date and time after application? Wanting to go to the Birmingham ones on 16th/17th May, but not received anything yet Tia 😁
  8. Anyone going to the Nottingham audition today? It is dd first audition for anything and she is very nervous 😣
  9. Thanks everyone, I will definitely keep you all posted and I'm sure I will have a load more questions to ask you all over the coming months 😉
  10. I dont know much about EYB in general as I'm new to all this. Dds teacher said it was a new show and different compared to what EYB normally does. Sorry I cant be much more help x
  11. Would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for all your advice, I do not think I would of had the guts to speak up otherwise 😁 x
  12. Hi, Well it is a go! Told her current dance teacher that she WILL be attending another class and the response was positive 🤗 She has given her blessing which I'm (and dd) so happy about and a massive weight off my shoulders! So we have gone from only 45 mins of ISTD ballet per week to: 45 mins of ISTD ballet pw 2 hours of RAD ballet pw OPES summer school this year And applying for the following this year: RBS JA EYB Midlands Associates Staffordshire youth Ballet associates Really hoping she gets a yes from one of them 😕 She's very excited
  13. that is the worry isnt it, the rejection. But I have tried to prepare her for it explaining that 50 dancers wont get in and it dosnt mean you are a bad dancer 😊 I agree that it is exposing and like you I'll be getting ready to run with her out of the nearest exit 🙈
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