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  1. Hello my daughter chose A levels over BTEC to keep her options open (including A level dance) as well as training pre vocationally alongside on a CAT program. She has auditioned, been offered and excepted a Dance Conservatoire for BA HONS and also has offers for 3 University's including Edinburgh so has the very best of both worlds just needs the grades and some tough decisions!! Good luck but it certainly shows you don't need to do dance full time to get post 18 dance school offers
  2. Thanks everyone so many choices... Feeling lucky C4D
  3. Well done to your dd skintdancemum c4d
  4. Good Morning ballet co... I can't believe if 3 years since I posted on this thread! I still enjoy following everyone's stories and journeys with interest and do add comments from time to time. After my last post in 2016 my dd was unwell for 6 months unable to attend school or dance missing 3/4 of her yr 10 school year again... She returned for yr 11 both school and dance training @ CAT who supported her as always through the 2 surgeries and reabilition clinics. She worked hard and caught up leaving school with her GCSE's... She has been at 6th form for the rest of the time completing her A levels and attending dance at Dance City recovering for a further surgery at the end of last year only 2 weeks before her auditions started for her post 18 training for a degree in contemporary dance. She now has firm offers for both dance and under graduate with more interviews in the next few weeks... She feels blessed to have some massive choices to make for September but through her own pure determination and hard work she has refused to quit after 7 long years of poor health and she has never gave up on her dreams! Life is what we make it guys I'm one very proud Mum and have enjoyed supporting her on the way but maybe not every step!! keep dancing and never give up C4D
  5. Thanks yes I've been looking at locations and realise that now... cheers C4D
  6. Thanks Pups_mum appreciate that I've googled it now to get a feel for it... Seems to be a Premier Inn and a Travelodge in Greenwich! c4d
  7. Thank you is Laban nearby too do you know? c4d
  8. Good luck to your dd too stressedbeyondbelief hope it all goes well c4d
  9. Good luck to your dd balletbean hope all goes well c4d
  10. What's the Richmond Travelodge like I've been looking at that one and the Premier Inn in Richmond? thank you
  11. Good luck to your dd BlueLou hope all goes well c4d
  12. Huge congratulations to your ds Billyelliot... Exciting times ahead! One of the boy my dd dances with @ CAT Dance City has also heard today good luck everyone c4d
  13. Lovely news congratulations to your dd c4d
  14. Hi Hoglett i believe it's an new production so everything new! How exciting c4d
  15. Well done to all the DC getting a yes... If it was a no it's not the end of the world it just means no right now it could be a yes some other time. After 8 years of following this lovely forum we believe you should never give up on your dream and many paths lead you to your end goal... "TAKE PRIDE IN HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME, HAVE FAITH IN HOW FAR YOU CAN GO!!!!" c4d
  16. Well done to your dd rose-ballerina-mam exciting times ahead. Btw friends of ours did Both at Newcastle and Sunderland but obviously time change c4d
  17. Great news Billyelliot... They left you waiting?! Good luck to your ds c4d
  18. That should say good luck sorry I can't edit!
  19. Hello jazzpaws what an inspiring dd you have... Thanks for sharing and good look to her with the teaching training Life is about never giving up, whatever is thrown at you and whichever path you choose... I'm a great believer in fate! c4d
  20. Dancersmum2003 there's a picture of them on stage on Instagram good luck 🍀
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