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  1. Another waiting list for WL also for us! Same words. Congrats to the yeses and keep going to the no/wl ! It's not the end of the world and there is plenty of good summer schools out there!
  2. Congratulations to all the yes. Your DDS went so far last year. I wish them to be succesful this year!
  3. The management of my DD's school has changed this year. It happens suddenly and with no previous advice to parents. One day the school called parents for a meeting where they introduced the new staff and rules and the changed schedule of classes. All of us were very worried as we were totally satisfied by the previous staff and we didn't want any change. They reassured us telling that the teachers of intermediate and advanced classes would have been the same, but to be honest I was not convinced that the new management would have been a guarantee of good professional training. So I started to look for alternatives but my DD and me were devastated, as she grew up in that school and it was her second home. With her teacher we considered even the option of finding a new venue and transfer all her students there.... Finally we decided to stay till december and see how things go on.....now I can tell you that this was the best decision as the school is running very well, my DD and her teacher are fully satisfied.......this to say that sometimes a change can bring unexpected positive improvement and, once you recover from the shock of a loss, we can have even better perspective in front of you! That's what I wish to your DD and you!
  4. When your English speaking skills improve so fast (for an Italian that doesn't have any chance to speak English in everyday life)
  5. Thank you gowiththeflo for your tip! We still have to take the photos....but we are the queens of "last minute" in everything, so no worries!
  6. Hy mums (and dads), my DD is going to apply at RBS for both WL fulltime training and SS. Do you know if I have to send two separate application forms, with two sets of (identical) photos and pay two applications fees? Or can I do just one for both? Thank you in advance!
  7. Sorry, i didn't mean at all that a hyper-mobile dancer has not to struggle with his body and I perfectly know that sometimes hypermobility can be an issue and exposes them to injuries. It's true that any dancer has his own battle. I just wanted to say that for less mobile children even a still position can be a problem and that what can be natural for one, takes ages to be achieved by others. Didn't want to offend anyone, sorry!
  8. And sometimes they make mistakes: if only all children with good turnout and flexibility would become good artists we would have plenty of them..... Sometimes artistry and talent are not related to hyper- mobility. I understand it's difficult to judge it at 11 or 12 in 1 hour of audition.... In addition I think that a girl that has to struggle everyday with her less mobile body, that needs to work harder to obtain what for another girl is natural and effortless, can develope an even more strong personality and passion. And personality and passion are the essential attributes of an artist.
  9. Yes it's true that most of the great schools all over the world don't force children to be hyper- flexible and prefer less extended legs with a correct line and position.....but we have to face the truth: at auditions (specially with younger children, where they are looking for potential), hyper- flexible children are preferred. They say they don't force turnout, but only children with good turnout gain a place!!!
  10. When you bring your children at school at 8 a,m. and then wait the opening of the supermarket in the parking lot giving a look to the forum before checking your work emails......like me right now!
  11. Just made a quick search on Internet and found a lovely Christmas tree made of old pointe shoes!
  12. Thank you for your replies! I will have a look for my DD
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