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  1. I wish when I was younger I wouldn't have been so obsessed over body shape and just worked on improving what I could rather than get upset. I also wish I would have stretched more and did strengthening exercises everyday when I was little.
  2. If someone on here wins the lottery they could create that app
  3. Thank you everyone for all the tips they are very helpful . For long term the cross and aerobic training will definitely be beneficial. I think before when I was dancing I probably forgot to breathe but Kate_N's tip about planning when to breathe in the dance really helped me not forget to breathe. Edited for spelling
  4. Thank you Anna C and Kate_N, I tried the tips out in class and they worked because I wasn't as out of breath and I didn't die!
  5. People my age (teenager) who are phone obsessed and define you by your phone and when you are with people but instead of talking to you they just have their head in their phones snap chatting or texting someone else and you think to yourself that they could do that any other time but they can't spend time with real life people all the time. Makes me feel lonely.....
  6. Next week I've got a performance exam where at one part I have to perform a petit allegro followed by a really long grand allegro then followed by a solo which has lots of big jumps. However after the grand allegro I get really out of breath and I feel I don't perform my solo as well as I could. I notice that out of me and my classmates, I'm the only one who's really out of breath after the grand allegro but I do jump quite high. The ironic thing is that I play the trumpet so I shouldn't be as out of breath. I'm also a bit worried as when you're in exam conditions the nerves make you not breat
  7. I have hyper mobile feet and it did delay me walking and when I was little I couldn't even jump down from things because it felt like I was crushing and breaking my feet when I landed as I was in so much pain. However it doesn't hurt as much now. I think that could have been after starting pointe work and the pre-pointe exercises as I think that strengthened my feet up a lot. When I was younger I did see a podiatrists as my ankles rolled in lots but in my opinion the podiatrist didn't do that much, only making me wear expensive orthotics which I didn't think benefited me. With the foot suppor
  8. Thanks I shall try this as I have really thick heavy hair and its unmanageable even when it is cut short
  9. In the audition letter it said to wear a leotard but not purple, I always wondered why but I thought it was just the lighting
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3269329/Girls-young-11-suffering-painful-injuries-attempting-extreme-dance-moves-online.html
  11. Yeah I realized that pointe work was easy on Friday and Saturday then on Sunday we were suddenly hit with a load of pointe work. I made a list of Some of the Many Restaurants in one of the leisure parks: Chiquitos Franky and Benny's Nando s Coast to Coast An Italian place which I can't remember the name of A Thai and Indian place which again I don't remember the name but I haven't been there And the usual KFC and McDonalds
  12. Hi, I'm a guest and I'm often in a black leotard with a pink elasticated waist belt or sometimes a black skirt. I'm still aching! For me, Saturday was the most painful because I was in pointe shoes for over 5 hours and I couldn't even get up on pointe at the end of the day! I don't know if all the dancing is catching up with me because I was really hungry today, I think I need to eat more because I had a moment when I was really dizzy and my legs were about to give way today but I was alright after I had a hot meal for lunch followed by a big baguette. Bit off topic but is it just me whe
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