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  1. Can I ask what was in the video requirements ?
  2. At what point do they ask for the videos? Just filled in tring application, got to payment details and nothing about video, am I missing something x
  3. I wonder if the videos are just for year 7 or all years? Good luck xx
  4. I have a degas 9502 leotard in a t0 in excellent condition in blue £30
  5. Lucky leo in xs £40 hardly worn
  6. I have a lucky leo for sale in xs
  7. I have a lucky leo xs this leotard has only been used a few times so in excellent condition i send picture via email as it’s too large to put on here £45
  8. Last year Elmhurst results took 12 days! Good luck everyone waiting x
  9. Can I have a picture please?
  10. Thanks everyone, is a bit rubbish this year, my dd don’t break up still 24th October 👎
  11. Does anybody know if there are any classes or workshops in October half term?
  12. No unfortunately she is not, I can post it if you want?
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