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  1. I don’t know how many on the waiting list sorry🤪 but the student who have been offered places have to except by 14/04/21- I know there will be movement as I personally know a handful of student who won’t be taking their place at central x I wish you all the luck in the wold 💗
  2. No there are lots still waiting for results
  3. I can’t see anything on there website about the final audition x
  4. I’m not sure if finals are happening this year?
  5. Does anyone know how many girls they take into elmhurst upper school? X
  6. Well done to everyone - you all deserve a medal as it’s a stressful time for everyone! has anyone been told where they are on the reserve list? And if you there is one reserve list for boys and girls or 2?
  7. In the past and from experience - they post the results on the last day of term which is Friday - so I’m thinking results will be with you all by Monday/ Tuesday xx good luck everyone Elmhurst is a lovely school x
  8. I think it’s just upper school auditions now x
  9. If anyone wants the test, I ordered some home test From the nhs website on Thursday evening at 7pm and received them Friday at 11am- you input the results into the nhs website which you then get an email with evidence of a negative result. hope that helps
  10. What are people views on ks dance?
  11. Is anybody able to answer some questions on tring? the dada does not cover the boarding is that correct? do tring offer any help with the boarding cost as I believe they are around £4000 a term? so if your on a dada you pay your contribution then the £4000 a term for boarding? thanks in advance x
  12. Hope everyone is ok! has anybody selling a degas leotard in a T1 thanks in advance xx
  13. Brilliant picked up a box of test this morning from a testing site! All ready x
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