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  1. Questions about Upper School auditions

    It seems to be so difficult to find a classical ballet leotard with a high leg and delicate looking straps that don't need shortening and altering at the front to get rid of the 'pinched in' look? As I understand it, it does help to appear exquisite for auditions and the cut of the leotard is important...
  2. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    Maybe you will find another family to share the ballet run with at one of the new schools. It makes the logistics of fitting in the ballet run around work and everything else so much easier. Over the years the commitment expected has got bigger at the local school, and then there have been exams, rehearsals, summer schools, associate classes etc., but (thankfully!) the taxi run has always been a group effort, with a little bit of organisation! I don't think I'd manage otherwise!
  3. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    I would say, the sooner you know when these events are, the better. Good to have the option of cheaper train tickets, choice of hotels at the cheaper rate and easier to ask for time off work!
  4. Bambi esque!

    I certainly think a few private lessons has helped dd during growth spurts, helping her to become aware of things that need adjusting, positioning/placement, (or whatever it is that ballet dancers need adjust!).
  5. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Yes I remember dd's school showed no interest in her JA achievement. In the area where we live though I think a sporting achievement such as in Rugby would be considered far more exciting. I did find a plus side to the situation though, as it helps to keep you grounded and keep expectations realistic and in perspective which will protect your dd in the future. It is possible to get a bit 'swept up' in the situation which can come at a cost.
  6. Sports Day - Love it or hate it?

    I find the best solution with sports day is to have a good reason to phone school and have dd marked as absent for sports day. Simple. This year it was a no brainier as she had a ballet exam the next day. I have to say, I found dd's ice skating obsession a few years ago a bit stressful. Our Saturday morning routine at the time was the ice rink for an early morning lesson, whilst I sat in the freezing cold, then on to JA's (as you do!). Of course, I was always wondering if we'd be going on to A&E, instead of JA's, but what can you do when you've outlined the risks and potential consequences, and the reaction is 'mum, I'll be fine.' I was relieved when she eventually had to make a choice between the two, and continued with ballet. It is quite stressful watching a 10 / 11 yr old ballet child flying around on ice!
  7. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    There are usually one or two children in a class who have got in off the swl. A 'no' or an 'swl' can become a 'yes' eventually if you keep heading in the right direction with good teaching etc...
  8. Cardiff Singer of the World

    I've got everything crossed for Anthony Clark Evans. If he looses to Louise though, that's ok!
  9. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Hi NicolaP17, probably best to edit your dd's name out of your last post! Congratulations btw!
  10. Weight Questions

    'Nutrition for the Dancer' by Zerlina Mastin is the book that several people recommend when good dance nutrition books were discussed on the forum. It is excellent ?
  11. Considering giving up vocational school

    Haven't there people heard of The Children's Act and the legal, professional and moral Duty of Care and Safeguarding responsibilities that it requires all people working with children to promote in every thought, word and action 24/7? We all love good ballet standards but it will never be as important as the standards needed to uphold the welfare of children.
  12. RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    It's actually quite a nice day out away from school. I'm sure she'll enjoy it!
  13. RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    Lat year no one was assessed out of dd's class. I think if a child is responding well to the training they are unlikely to be assessed out. I'm only guessing, but it's difficult to be accepted in to MA's and so I would think that any possible reverse in the process would be just as well considered.
  14. DSs contract news from the Vaganova

    Congratulations to you both! Loving the updates. Things are getting really exiting now and it's lovely to here it from your perspective!
  15. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Yes, they do sell merchandise. It ranges in price from a few pounds for things like stationary, bookmarks etc to the more expensive items such as sweatshirts. It's a special day out and I've usually let dd choose something small. I would think that JA1 would be harder to get in to because it is for years 4 & 5. I'm guessing there would be more spaces for year 6 because there are only year 6's in the class. However both JA1 and JA2 are mixed classes so in a class of 14 children... I'll let someone else do the maths.