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  1. Overall, it’s a lovely production, mainly children from local ballet schools. There’s a whole range of dance standards I think. Dd was disappointed in year 5 at the limited stage time and there was a lot of waiting around during rehearsals. I should have probably spent the money on private lessons or a summer holiday! She has tried her luck again since then in the older age group and got a good part.
  2. I think it’s important to be taught about good nutrition and healthy portion sizes. Apart from an element of luck, the list of health conditions that could be avoided, or at least be better managed with a healthy weight and diet is quite mind boggling! I think children need to be aware of this so that they can make informed choices. The NHS is wonderful IMO. I’m sure waiting lists would be shorter if there was more emphasis on maintaining a healthy weight and good nutrition in the same way that we take greater responsibility for the environment.
  3. Hi Proudmum, SA1 is 12:15 - 2:30pm but I think they need to arrive at 12:00. There is a black camisole leotard on the uniform list but it’s not compulsory. I think as long as it’s fairly plain it will be ok. The train has worked out better for doing school work en route and fitting in the local ballet class too. Wait for the cheapest tickets to go on sale before booking and keep copies if you’re applying for the travel bursary. Around London dd uses an Oyster card and every couple of weeks she gets someone to register it for child fares. Hope that helps 😊
  4. Here’s a copy of clothing requirements for the upcoming RBS auditions for girls. Clean shoes not new shoes are asked for: Clothing to be worn for the audition class: (below is a guideline, you may also wear your regular dance school uniform) Female auditioning for entry into School Year7, White Lodge/Mid Associates: simple plain-colour sleeveless leotard (no skirt, frills, lace or multi-straps), waist elastic optional, white/pink socks (no tights), flat ballet shoes with elastics (*elastics please not ribbons as candidates may be asked to briefly take their ballet shoes off in the class). No make-up. Female auditioning for entry into School Years 8/9, White Lodge/Mid Associates: simple plain-colour sleeveless leotard (no skirt, frills, lace or multi-straps), waist elastic optional, pink ballet tights, flat ballet shoes with elastics. No make-up. Female auditioning for entry into School Year10 & above, White Lodge/Upper School/Senior & Advanced Associates: Simple plain-colour sleeveless leotard (not white, no skirt, frills, lace or multi-straps), pink ballet tights, flat ballet shoes or soft blocks, pointe shoes if already working on pointe. n.b. some basic pointe work exercises may be asked for at a preliminary/associate stage audition. Classes may be mixed-age, so if not working on pointe yet you may do the exercises on demi pointe in flat ballet shoes. Subtle/natural make-up only, if worn (15+ age only please). Female Hair, all: a simple neat hairstyle, worn off the face if short or groomed in a bun if long. All dancers: It is not necessary to buy new shoes for the audition but please do ensure your regular shoes are clean and presentable.
  5. You might find it helpful to look on YouTube at: Associate Programme and Audition Livestream Q&A. When my dd auditioned a few years ago, there wasn’t any pointe work. However, those who had brought pointe shoes were looked at en pointe at the barre. There are always hoards of people auditioning. Get to the venue before they all arrive and find a quiet spot to prepare as early as you’re allowed. There will probably be lots of showiness that you can choose to ignore or appreciate the comedy in it. Don’t get upset about it though because it doesn’t mean a thing!
  6. Do you have a good local ballet teacher for your dd? I feel inclined to add that RBS seem to be familiar with which local teachers teach their students correct technique. I think they probably see more potential for a student to benefit from their programme when they know that what the child is being taught locally is correct and supports the RBS training.
  7. Thanks anyway Harwel, either way, Tring might be worth a try...
  8. Thanks Anna and Harwel. So does that mean that Dada funding will be available for 2019 intake of students?
  9. Ok thanks pictures, that’s helpful to know!
  10. I’d say ballet is more likely to be the making of her academically if she is enjoying her classes. It has given dd a strong work ethic, the ability to focus, learn time management skills, a broad outlook on life, etc etc. She seems to be in great company too! Must be down to what other posters have suggested.
  11. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but I was probably only half paying attention. (What seemed far in the future is suddenly relevant!). Am I right in thinking that there is currently no funding for Tring upper school? Ideally, dd would like to do 3 A levels alongside ballet.
  12. And I don’t suppose the would be many scholarships left either!
  13. Just wondered if anyone knows what the photo requirements for Rambert and Central usually are. They don’t seem to be online yet. Or are they somewhere in this 52 page topic?!?
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