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  1. Has anyone heard for year 7 girls London audition? X
  2. Thank you so much for all your replies! I am very new to the ballet world myself and I'm using google and now this forum to get myself up to scratch! My daughter on the other hand...well it's become her life! I hadn't heard of the other schemes so I'm going to look into them, and it's very encouraging to hear of other dancers that have started a little later than the norm. I'm glad I joined here as it's so good to hear from other parents and your experiences...thank you! Lx
  3. That's great to hear - thank you Scottishballetmum ❤️
  4. Thank you so much for all your replies - it is very much appreciated! I absolutely understand the competition with regards to these things, and am under no impression that P will go there and be picked. If anything it is definitely more for the experience and joy of getting to attend, so from your answers I think this would be ok? Just to simply let her have a go as this is what she wants. I'm very much the mum who thinks why not...if they've got a dream let them have a go. I just didn't want her to feel out of her depth as I'm sure the other dancers will have many more years u
  5. Hello all! Newbie here after some advice . My daughter has been taking ballet classes, alongside lyrical, musical theatre, character dance and body conditioning. She is now 10 (11 in May) and started a year ago and is about to take her grade 1 RAD exam (I know she's a bit behind but only really decided she wanted to dance in year 5) I would say she is now becoming ballet obsessed and has a one hour one2one lesson a week as well as her normal classes (4 days at the dance school) and her dream is to audition for the royal ballet school! Like all young ballerinas ! I have looked at t
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