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  1. It is so lovely that they are doing this for wait list children so it isn't all or nothing. My daughter is actually really excited about the online classes. So pleased! Huge congratulations to everyone who got yes or online. Xx
  2. Yes ours said new online Junior Associates too. Does this mean they can call themselves JAs (albeit online ones) 😂☺
  3. Oh not long then. I can't imagine many get I off the wait list but you never know!! 🤞🤞 The wait goes on 😂😂
  4. I wonder what the chances are of getting in off the SWL this year? I imagine if they gave out less places than normal there won't be much movement. Does anyone know when the deadline for accepting yeses is? Which I guess would be the last chance of any movement. 🤔
  5. Congratulations to everyone with Yeses and SWL. We got SWL and offer of online classes for yr6 Birmingham. 3rd year of trying for my DD and I'm just so happy it is not another No! 😀😀
  6. I thought it might be something like that, just never known them do it before. Sounds hopeful then 🤞🤞 Congratulations to everyone who got a yes. My DD is in yr5 there and absolutely loves it!
  7. A friend of mine who's DD auditioned for YD year 4 has been asked to come back for a second audition in 2 weeks time. Never known them do this before. Has anyone else had this?
  8. My yr5 DDs birthday is in August so she couldn't apply which I found very unfair, it should go by school year. 😢 Congratulations to all those with WL and Yeses anyway. 🥳
  9. I still haven't heard a thing since accepting the place. Has anyone else heard anything? Xx
  10. Yorkshire ballet seminars have a 3 day online course from 14th-16th. I've just booked DD on.
  11. I did think it would be impossible and was very surprised to hear RBS is running. But if RBS are allowed to do it then they all should be able to. Maybe it is classed as education? 🤷‍♀️ Tring said residential was against the rules.
  12. Fingers crossed. Tring have cancelled their Easter course and seemed to think residential is not allowed. Does anyone know of any Easter courses definitely going ahead as residential?
  13. @RachH thank you. I think I'm probably not on the mailing list as she is not officially booked in yet. Would you mind letting me know if you hear either way? Thanks so much and fingers crossed! 🤞 😊 xx
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