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  1. She is doing Cinderella in Hollywood in Cardiff in August, just auditioned and got accepted this month. Never done it before so very exciting! She would love to do Nutcracker too but Crawley is too far for us realistically. Although tempting!
  2. Thanks @Canary. Do you find they come home exhausted or do you think it would be doable to do 2 courses with only one day off inbetween? This is Easter but we have the same problem in summer because she's doing English youth ballet and malvern starts the day after it finishes! She's so keen but I don't want to overdo it.
  3. My 9yr old DD really wants to do this Malvern course now because she has a couple of friends doing it but I only heard about it after I'd booked Tring. Now she wants to do both (there is one day off between the two) but not sure if that would be too tiring.
  4. Has anyone heard whether Easter courses are going ahead after yesterday's announcement? My DD is booked in at Tring.
  5. 3rd time for us! ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠðŸ™ˆ
  6. Wow that sounds amazing, but tiring! The summer one clashes with English youth ballet which my DD has just accepted a place on but I don't think we would apply for the term time one. We have booked the Tring Easter school and have everything crossed it will go ahead ðŸĪžðŸĪžðŸĪžðŸ˜Ž
  7. Hi @SarahG1881 I remember you from last time too! Same here @In at the deep end 🙈
  8. I'd never heard of this. Is this in the term time in June? Will people keep kids off school?
  9. @rudolph23 and @In at the deep end I was wondering the same. ðŸĪ” Yes probably far too optimistic but you never know! 😆
  10. Yes that is right she is yr5, end of August baby so youngest in her year! Xx Does anyone know if they take many yr 6s or are they only filling places from yr 5s that drop out?
  11. Hello 👋 I remember you too! Good luck for this year. Which area are you applying to? I cant remember. We are Birmingham. My DD is an Elmhurst young dancer. Xx
  12. I mean she watched her own videos back, not the RBS ones.
  13. Can't believe I'm back here for a third year of JA audition turmoil! 🙈😭 DD trying AGAIN for yr6 this time. We really have zero hope so not taking it too seriously this time. She did the virtual insight day today and I only just discovered that the video auditions have to be sent in with the application this year. It says not to watch the video or practice (which we absolutely didn't last time) but it is the exact same video as last year and my DD remembers it very clearly having watched her videos back many times and going over what she could improve on, so it may be hard for it not
  14. Thank you @TwirlyWhirly and everyone else for all of the information. I haven't ever seen anybody write anything other than what a fantastic experience it is. I have a feeling it will become addictive yes! @WrapsnBows
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