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  1. Understandable @Fairydust that would exhausting! Great @Astrid my DD is doing it to. 😃😃
  2. Just got the term dates through! Is anyone else doing the optional Jazz class?
  3. Does anyone know what date they start in September? Just found out my DD has a Taekwondo grading on first Saturday of September (usually they are on Sundays). Obviously Elmhurst comes first but really hoping they don't clash. I guess we will be sent some info soon about dates, cost, uniform etc. I still know nothing!
  4. There is a good chance I think as quite a few will decline a place if they get into RBS. Fingers crossed we'll be seeing you in September 🤞🤞
  5. That is fantastic news tiny! Congratulations! x
  6. Thanks for all of your replies everyone, it sounds doable if it was close enough to the associate centre as it sounds like most classes are in the afternoon. @Astrid yes we will be in the same boat, I think I'll let her settle in at Elmhurst first before I look at it. It just sounds fantastic though as she is desperate to be on the stage and while she has had lots of fantastic lessons she has had no chance to dance on stage yet. @TinyNEDancer that would be very helpful to see a schedule thank you! Xx
  7. Thanks @dancingboy65 I am surprised it clashes with associate classes at all because surely they want associates to apply. My DD is at Elmhurst which is very early so maybe it would be later in the day. What time/how long are the rehearsals normally?
  8. That is great, at least one person has something other than a NO from Bath! I really hope she gets a place from the waiting list, fingers crossed!
  9. Hi, I am trying to find out more info about English Youth Ballet as I keep reading about it on here but I can't find much info on their website. Can anyone please explain? Is it a weekly class or do you just do a set number of classes then 1 performance? If a set number roughly how long does it last and how many classes are there? What day is it usually on? Would it clash with Saturday associate classes? Thanks in advance!
  10. 2 more Bath results, my DDs 2 friends (a yr5 girl and a yr4 boy) who applied also got a no. Bath has not been very kind to the forum this year! Is there a single Bath yes? I hope the rest of the results come out this week so everyone knows where they are! Good luck all still waiting. xx
  11. Awww thank you! I believed her future was at Elmhurst as soon as we walked in there and I was right! Really looking forward to September now. ❤️
  12. Sorry for your no. Bath was such a long shot this year, so many applicants for a handful of places. Good luck on your scholars result. Xx
  13. Result just came through and its a No for us too, we don't mind though because she has already accepted a place at Elmhurst and has her heart set on going there, a yes would have given us a very difficult decision to make! We will try for Birmingham next year. Oh my goodness I am glad that torture is over!! 😂 Good luck to everyone still waiting! xx
  14. Thank you @Fairydust this is torture, I am a bag of nerves! 🤢
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