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  1. Our DD auditioned in January for an SA place and we had the result in April so please don’t sit waiting for an email in the next week or so or your stress levels will rise!
  2. Yes I think you’re right. If you don’t have a go at auditioning then you’d never know if you’d been successful or not. There are some former MAs and JAs in DD’s SA class but there are some who were never in the Associate programme before, whether they didn’t audition previously or whether they did but weren’t successful. There are some former vocational school students in the class who for whatever reason have left their vocational school.
  3. Past parents of SAs May be able to help. Once a student is offered SA1 do they have to pass an assessment to move to SA2? or do they move to SA2 automatically? ir do they have to audition along with non SAs? many thanks
  4. I agree with both sides of what Mrs Brown and Mumofdancegirls have to say actually as they both make valid points. There is a time and place for festivals and competitions. My DD has enjoyed competing and done exceptionally well and is through to finals. Have a nice evening everyone!
  5. Do whatever you think is best for your DC. Our DC was a JA, an MA and is soon to start SAs. Children joined MAs without being JAs and we know someone who has recently been offered SAs but was never offered a JA or MA place. My point is that there are lots of opportunities and don’t ever let not having been an Associate with RBS at whatever level prevent your DC from auditioning. We also know of two children who have gone to WL but were never JAs go for it!
  6. Hello Anyone applied for this in the past? We will be applying this year as DD starts as a SA in the autumn and this means long long journeys - far longer than to our MA and JA centre. We’ll be travelling about 168 miles (I think the cut off is 151?) Is it easy to sort out? Grateful for any advice or hints.
  7. I’ve only ever heard reasonably positive things about YDA and we know one student there They are very happy there
  8. Exactly we have heard about students who had absolutely no clue then got a letter telling them they were to leave where is the compassion or mental wellbeing in that? utterly appalling in my humble opinion But we know of some who have gone on to thrive at Hammond etc i wish anyone assessed out all the luck in the world and a big hug as it must be awfully stressful
  9. I’ve commented below but wish you all the luck Very pleased we didn’t get a place at WL with hindsight due to they way they treat students
  10. Feel so desperately sad for you and your child. I really question some decisions on assessing out of vocational schools but with no or little feedback as to why. If it’s something that cannot be changed like something physical like feet or turnout etc then why not say? I’d see a specialist dance physio for advice and I’d insist on reasons from school as to why she’d been assessed out. These children give up home friends school to go away and are sometimes treated like something just thrown away. What about their mental wellbeing. Schools have a responsibility. See someone like Emma Northmore for further advice good luck don’t give up and remember she must have been worthy of a place 2 years ago. look after yourself too xx
  11. Yes it does happen we know someone who got an MA place from SWL and we know a little girl who got a summer course place at WL from SWL because someone dropped out last minute through injury
  12. Any idea of the times of the SA classes in Covent Garden on a Saturday please? Also what is the uniform? We will be supplied with all the info we need in due course but I’m just trying to plan ideas for travel to London....... thanks in advance
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