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  1. Yes been doing this for 7 years!! DD used to do BBO once a month in London too but had to drop that once took a place as an SA in London as couldn’t do two in one weekend (one on Sat and other on Sun) Id give both a go and see how things go
  2. Oh how lovely congratulations! I’d do both if possible. I only know RBS as DD has been a JA MA and SA and had learnt so much! whatever you choose to do good luck and enjoy it all
  3. Please don’t give up hope if on SWL as we know two girls who were offered MA places from the list. One took a place after a girl confirmed she wouldn’t be taking her MA place as was going to boarding school and another was offered a place after someone declined the place through taking other associate places (non RBS). There is often movement between places. We know someone who got an SA place but only did year 1 and didn’t wish to continue to do year 2 as found it too much with a 3 hour train ride there and with the pressures of school work in year 11. So whilst I wouldn’t assume your DC will get a place, places do sometimes become available. Fingers crossed and well done on gaining a place on SWL as it’s very very competitive and not easy!! xx
  4. Aw I know it’s so so difficult to know what to do. My DC is involved in another programme on a Sunday so what do we do? And I find Zoom not great and DC has not been very positive about that platform for lessons. I fully understand things are difficult but I’m undecided about whether to say we can commit to Sunday RBS classes. Trying to make sense if it all. Stay safe!
  5. Morning all just wondering what you make of the email we had this week saying that from September some associate classes may be in Sundays instead of Saturday and possibly by Zoom. I’m not sure my DC will receive the training they want and need by Zoom but I suppose needsmust in this odd world we are in currently. Also Sundays are not ideal for us as world normally be home that day before back in schoolMonday. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ anyone else feeling a bit uncertain??
  6. I imagine it’s the same across the UK. I can’t see vocational boarding schools starting back in September with boarders if I’m totally honest as I think the safely implications will be too far reaching. Hopefully they will but I’m being realistic stay well everyone as this is the priority in my opinion stay safe 😀
  7. I don’t see how vocational schools can reopen with boarders how would the pupils socially distance? Some go home every weekend or so therefore reintroducing risks if infection each time they return to school. so so difficult. staying well and safe is so important
  8. Even though English schools are reopened or starting to reopen, I’m assuming vocational schools like Royal Elmhurst YDA etc etc are still shut to boarders and day pupils is that the case?
  9. Hello any information on this school and advice would be gratefully received. many thanks
  10. Very few offer it without boarding or at least the need to stay in a hotel will they be open? i think the more we’re hearing courses are being cancelled (Hammond cancelled theirs today) the more unlikely any will go ahead. Best to manage expectations by preparing kids that they won’t be going. We have done this. Very sad but reality unfortunately imho.
  11. I’m pretty sure none will run which is so so sad not only for the students but the missed income for businesses. I don’t even know if lessons will resume as normal in September as social distancing in a studio is hard to imagine. Stay well everyone that’s the focus
  12. DD has just had the emails regarding SA2 info for Sept with dates etc deadline for replying is end May so maybe if people don’t take up places SWL offers will be sent out after that? good luck
  13. Hello! Has anyone heard about what is happening regarding Elmhurst Associates/Young dancers for September? DD is an RBS SA going into SA2 but In London. If she were to be offered a place on the Elmhurst scheme she may try to swap her SA2 To Birmingham to do both classes. but with this Coronavirus situation will they even be able to hold auditions for Elmhurst associates or will it be by application or video? ahy ideas folks? stay well 🌈
  14. When are the RBS associates auditions results out? Waiting on MA and SA for DS (who’s only been dancing 3 years) and DD!
  15. Our DD auditioned in January for an SA place and we had the result in April so please don’t sit waiting for an email in the next week or so or your stress levels will rise!
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