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  1. All4dancers

    Simply Adult Ballet

    I know Lilac Theatre do adult classes but not sure about ballet. Might be worth looking on their website.
  2. All4dancers

    Christmas Intensives or workshops

    MB New Adventures are also holding one day Swan Lake workshops.
  3. All4dancers

    Christmas Intensives or workshops

    Could you tell me where I would be able to find more information about this please?
  4. All4dancers

    Ballet shoes for wide feet

    Just to say, please be aware they look ridiculously small before stretched! I recently bought my dd a pair after reading this thread and thought initially I had been sent the wrong size 😆
  5. All4dancers

    Beginning to panic now!

    I've sent you a pm x
  6. All4dancers

    Make up at Upper schools

    My dd currently trains at the Hammond on the dance course and rarely wears full makeup day to day. I would definitely agree it’s personal preference although of course they are expected to be well presented.
  7. All4dancers

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    I feel this comment was absolutely uncalled for!
  8. Just had confirmation email that OPES is definitely going ahead and is to be held in Errol's memory. I'm sure it will be very emotional for everyone involved.
  9. Welcome packs etc had already been sent out.
  10. All4dancers

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Just to say that first year Hammond is still very much dance based (or certainly has been this year). My dd is not mt at all but has really enjoyed the first year. 2nd year is further split between MT, dance with vocal or dance with choreo.
  11. All4dancers

    One last post ....

    The absolutely wonderful thing about this forum is that people are now speaking out and this will help others. I think there is still a massive stigma regarding mental health problems and I think that brave posts such as this will hopefully help others to accept that such problems exist, are by no means rare and can happen to any one of our children. Thank you to both you and your daughter for your courage.
  12. All4dancers

    Prince Harry engagement… and wedding

    Definitely my favourite royal wedding! Normally my interest wanes once I've seen dress but today I was riveted from beginning to end. Fabulous!
  13. All4dancers

    Are there some people who just can’t do ballet pirouettes?

    I also think it has a lot to do with confidence, visualisation and of course practise. Pictures I've pmd you.
  14. All4dancers

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I got no email but parcel was delivered today.
  15. All4dancers

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I phoned as I hadn't received an order confirmation but I had got an email advising payment had been authorised. The sales lady confirmed my order and said there was some glitch in the system preventing customers receiving confirmation of their orders.