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  1. This is a subject that has recently become very significant for my dd and I find it terrifying that post 16 schools can get away without offering even the most basic of pastoral care never mind counselling services!
  2. MCC Backs Boys Ballet

    My daughters were taught ballet by a man at their local dance school for a number of years and at our primary school, a man teaches Irish dance as an after school club. There are 6 male members of staff including the head and a teaching assistant. The only reason there are no males in the eyfs at said school is that they don't wish to work there although one of them said he may consider it in the future as part of his career development plan.
  3. Waiting on the schools

    Yes that was super quick! Was expecting to have to wait until after the Bank Holiday.
  4. Encore - Tring Park Graduate Show

    So glad I had the chance to watch this show. I particularly enjoyed Elite Syncopations and really felt that it highlighted the versatile skills of these dancers.
  5. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I think on the whole, the schools are far more stringent in the demand for physical attributes than the companies. The repertoire of companies is becoming increasingly more diverse, requiring more diverse dancers. One size no longer fits all so to speak so surely the schools are considering this?
  6. Encore - Tring Park Graduate Show

    They are also coming to Lincoln on 22nd April!
  7. Hours of dance - upper school courses

    Ballet West also sometimes holds rehearsals for performances/competitions on Sundays.
  8. Hours of dance - upper school courses

    It's hard to comment on Ballet West as the timetable changes each week and varies according to assessments, rehearsals and coaching for exams or competitions and it also therefore varies between students. For my dd, the day begins at 8.30 with a ballet class and has in the past not finished until 8.30 at night, but she has had breaks in between.
  9. Ballet West (Scotland)

    My dd is also a 1st yr at BW. She is in group 1 and says RAD is only a very small part of the syllabus. The emphasis is on ballet and they also study contemporary each day and have commercial and jazz as supporting subjects (not modern). I feel they are given many opportunities for example competitions and challenging roles whilst touring but of course they have to work extremely hard and the days are long. I'm sure my dad would be happy to talk to yours about her experiences so please feel free to pm.
  10. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Actually, I was wrong! She says she did do some kind of test in a computer room but can't remember anything about it so couldn't have been bad
  11. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    There was no academic test last year either, not at the prelims or funding finals.
  12. Hours of Dance

    At Ballet West, it's up to the girls to order their own pointe shoes as and when needed. Usually, by this age they have a preferred brand and their feet have stopped growing so they do not need regular fittings. As for how many they get through, well I don't think there is an average as such as it depends on the dancer, their feet and the type of shoe they use. For example my dd wears Gaynors so they last a considerably longer time than some other brands - she went with a new pair in September and was still wearing them after half term and that was with very heavy use, but I think if she hadn't been injured they would have probably died by now.
  13. Ballet West (Scotland)

    The level of maintenance loan awarded depends upon household income, just the same as other degree courses elsewhere.
  14. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    My dd's solo was about 1.15 and she wasn't stopped, so maybe if it's just over they are more lenient.