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  1. All4dancers

    Prince Harry engagement… and wedding

    Definitely my favourite royal wedding! Normally my interest wanes once I've seen dress but today I was riveted from beginning to end. Fabulous!
  2. All4dancers

    Are there some people who just can’t do ballet pirouettes?

    I also think it has a lot to do with confidence, visualisation and of course practise. Pictures I've pmd you.
  3. All4dancers

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I got no email but parcel was delivered today.
  4. All4dancers

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I phoned as I hadn't received an order confirmation but I had got an email advising payment had been authorised. The sales lady confirmed my order and said there was some glitch in the system preventing customers receiving confirmation of their orders.
  5. All4dancers

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    I know of someone who got MDS after they'd started.
  6. All4dancers

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    I just want to add that I'm so grateful for this thread; that so many people are acknowledging there is a huge problem is reassuring and is a step in the right direction for actually addressing it.
  7. All4dancers

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Indeed you might, however time out for injury frequently leads to or exacerbates emotional problems.
  8. All4dancers

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Unfortunately, there seems to be an enormous lack of understanding in particular of emotional problems and an unwillingness to support them which is quite ironic considering studies have shown that very creative people have more of a tendency to suffer from these. I wonder how much talent has been lost through lack of support?
  9. All4dancers

    Easter Intensives

    I’m sure that Shannon and Peter Parker announced on fb that they were going to run an Easter school this year. However, I can’t seem to access their website so I don’t know any details.
  10. All4dancers

    Life after a dada award

    You are only entitled to four years of student finance whether that be from a Dada or student loan so your daughter will only have access to one more year finance after completing her diploma. I’m not sure how this affects post grad studies, eg pgce.
  11. All4dancers

    Gardening News

    It made for quite an exhilarating and beautiful walk to work.
  12. All4dancers

    Operations for dancers

    Wishing him all the very best for a successful and speedy recovery. xx
  13. Definitely one to watch. My dd was offered a place this year with a very generous scholarship but decided to accept a place at a more established school. However, she was very tempted as the opportunities sounded great and the staff very caring and knowledgable about the needs of young dancers. We follow them on social media and love the type of work they do.
  14. All4dancers

    Neoclassical ballet

    I think all upper schools will include neo-classical as part of rep teaching. It's my favourite style to watch and I personally feel it's more expressive than pure classical but not as unstructured as contemporary.
  15. All4dancers

    Ballet West School

    I'm sure no one would have reason to be offended by your comments and you are right, it's very important that this forum offers a balanced view which is why I posted about our experiences in the first place. However, in answer to your question - no I really don't think I would have had such an issue with pastoral care if the school had been in a less remote position as myself or other family members would've been able to visit dd and help her. Of course it was her choice to go to Ballet West; she had other offers that were much closer to home but she was particularly enticed by the touring aspect. We obviously didn't know at the time that injury would prevent her from touring and this in turn would lead to other difficulties which were not taken seriously and led to further problems. In my first reply to the OP, I did indeed stress that others no doubt have had much more positive experiences but I also know of many dc that were unhappy and there was quite a high number who left at the end of the year for one reason or another. We were quite happy with the quality of teaching and before injury my dd was given some great opportunities; my point was the staff know that many of the students live long distances away and therefore there should be more regard to pastoral care, particularly when a parent of a 16 year old (a parent who had never before complained or questioned) has expressed grave concern about their child. I hope that the pastoral side can be sorted and that by bringing my dd's unfortunate experience to the attention of such a widely read forum, parents will feel more able to question and insist that adequate care is provided when necessary. I don't think I shall comment any more now on this thread as I feel I've expressed my views adequately, however I will always respond to pms.