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  1. My daughter is attending the summer school.
  2. Brand new black Bloch age 12-14 shorts. They have only been tried on, still with the tag and in the bag. Happy to send a picture. Looking for £10 includes postage
  3. Well done. Did you get Elmhurst SS result today? We haven’t heard anything yet. Was it the junior or senior? Thanks 🙏
  4. Hi sorry for being slow in my response I will message you x
  5. I have a small Claudia Dean adult one.
  6. 1 Collections by Claudia Aurora in Artic night. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit my daughter. New with tags only tried on. Looking for £60 all in I paid approximately £65 including postage. Thanks xx
  7. Merry Christmas and thank you for the wealth of information you give to a mum with no clue! Xx
  8. Thank you I now have somewhere to start
  9. I’m hoping one of the lovely posters on here can help. My DD has wide feet and i’m Struggling to get her a new pair of ballet shoes. The ones we tried this am that didn’t feel to tight looked like flippers on her!! How wide are the Capezio ww fitting? Any help gratefully received.
  10. That is amazing well done.
  11. congratulations to all the yes’ and to all the not yets keep trying. My little DD had a no thank you, she was upset last night, but this morning has already talked about giving it another go next year. I am incredibly proud of her for even going to an audition at such a young age, we will keep trying until my DD doesn’t want to. X
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