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  1. We are following this path. My elder daughter is year 9 currently and my younger going into year 7. My elder daughter is at a grammar school studying for 11 GCSE’s plus juggling 18 hours a week of ballet. Her school have been very understanding but it is very hard. Her self discipline is amazing. We don’t have the local dance schools and travel up to an hour and 3/4 to get to class. We will continue with this as long as she wants too. Her dedication, drive and hunger to dance never waivers. You can make this work, it is hard but when you see the joy on your child’s face, the friendships she has made and the life skills it is worth it. Good luck with how to get the hours. We attend a number of schools, all know of each other and this works for us.
  2. We are waiting on a yr 10 and yr 7 result.
  3. I spoke with Lauren who said they are using a new system which has not sent everyone’s email but they don’t know who has had an email. Ring and then they will email the result to you. X
  4. So am I. I have found a number so I am going to ring tomorrow x
  5. I haven’t heard re my 2 DD’s. I have emailed but not had a response
  6. Did they say how long it would be before you hear? X
  7. I have 2 DD auditioning on the 14th, one for yr 7 and the other yr 10. fingers crossed for your DD xx
  8. Do they audition year 9 and 10 together?
  9. We know of a couple of DD who have attended both
  10. Both my girls got the waiting list. They are over the moon x
  11. Hi T1 is for hips 84cm, 169cm and size 36. i think a medium
  12. Brand new with tags Degas T1 in lagoon. 9501 style. I bought this for my daughter, she has never worn it. Looking for £40 plus £2.50 postage
  13. We did Kings, Woodside and Elmhurst over the summer. My DD loved them all and got something from each one. She did single out Kings and will go next summer. Has anyone got experience of Masters of Ballet at Easter? Both my DD’s would like to try it.
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