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  1. Lisa, I don't know you personally, but I have read many of your posts. You are always very welcoming to new members so I think you will do very well in your new job. Good luck and I wish you much success. I hope Sean is able to fulfill his dream one day as well xx
  2. So sorry to hear about daughter, I do hope she makes a full recovery and can begin to build new dreams xxx
  3. Lisa , Sorry to read this, it is so hard when we lose a pet we love. I'm glad she came home though so you had the last moments together. X
  4. Selling Essential Guide to Dance by Linda Ashley, 3rd edition. Paperback book, good condition £12.50
  5. Hi, just wondered if anyone can recommend a dance physio in the North West or Birmingham area. Our physio is on maternity leave so need a new one.
  6. To eligible for the competition you can't be in full time employment You must not be – and nor should you ever have been – employed on a professional, full-time contract as a dancer –UNLESS that contract ended before your 16th birthday. Work placements do not count as professional, full time contracts. If you are offered professional work which would start during the course of BBC Young Dancer, you must either withdraw from the competition or refuse the work. If you are offered professional work which doesn’t start until after the Grand Final, you may accept the work and stay in the competition.
  7. That moment when you arrive at the theatre to be told the show is tomorrow!!
  8. Thanks for posting about this Picturesinthefirelight, my daughter went yesterday and really enjoyed it
  9. Dreadful news Rest in peace Jo Cox
  10. Glad it doesn't seem to bad, can I suggest though it might be worth seeking the advice of a dance physio as well. My daughter injured her tendon in October and she has been given exercises to do to strengthen her foot and her core to prevent it happening again. She was off full dancing for twelve weeks and is still rehabilitating. Not saying it will be the same for your daughter as every injury is different but it might be worth seeing someone who understand what dancers put themselves through.
  11. Dramascientist, I hope yourdaughter recovers quickly at home and is able to return to the school very soon (have sent you a pm)
  12. Thanks for all your replies, I think I wasn't looking for answers but needed reassurance that I wasn't just being an over fussy Mum. My dd is coming home tomorrow as she says it will be easier to rest at home as when she is at school she wants to dance. Also although the school have a physio its not on a regular basis so it is easier gor her to get trestment from home. We have managed to get an earlier appointment with a physio from the jerwood centre and will see her on Monday,so hopefully she will give us the correct advice so we know exactly what we are dealing with and can show dd what will help and what will hinder her recovery. Thanks again for your support
  13. Just over two weeks ago my dd was dancing when she got a severe pain in the top of her foot. She went to the local hospital as they thought it might be a stress fracture but the X rays didn't show any fracture but it did show that she had some thickening of the bone on her 2nd metatarsal so they told her to re think her career, which she obviously found upsetting to hear. We did some research and decided it probably was a stress fracture so she's been resting but has kept on with gentle exercise. However last night she phoned me in tears as foot feeling more painful, a bruise was coming out on the top of her foot and it was also painful on the ball of her foot. I advised she went back to the hospital as I was concerned and being so far away couldn't offer any other advice. She ended up going in an ambulance as she passed out while talking to NHS direct! However the advice from hospital is now that because the bone is thickened it's pressing on the tendons/tissues and surrounding muscles. They said it will be painful for a few weeks but once the inflammation goes down it should be fine and she doesn't have to re think career. The doctor said rest but told her she can still dance, which seems to be conflicting advice, so just wondering if anyone can offer suggestions on what she should be doing. She has made an appointment to see a physio but that isn't till the end of October.
  14. Thanks for this information, just booked ticket for daughter
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