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  1. It’s sad it has come to this. But I am not surprised. I read somewhere over the weekend that the HNC/HND Qualification had ended/stopped. I feel very deeply for ALL Students, past and present. Even those who where about to embark. However, if there’s a Story to be learnt out of all of this. Playing “GOD” with lives, esp the innocent impressionable ones - this has to be it. Let this be the Wake Up Call to ALL Performing Arts. Regardless what Discipline.
  2. Totally agreeing with you @drdance. This ugly area - and I say ugly in every strongest stance. Pandora’s Box has finally been lifted/ripped off. I do not know what has happed @Tulipbut I hope you and your family are ok. I get the understanding of “what can I say/can’t say” breaking rules, plus trying not to scare people. It’s not easy to deal let alone cope. I hope you don’t disappear. I made that mistake. It didn’t do me any good. So I’m here, trying to make my stand to help in some small way of clearing up The Arts. ESP in the field of Dance. Sending you a warming hug from one parent to another
  3. Totally agree with you. @taxi4ballet has helped so many open up and express their thoughts and emotions. ESP when been scoffed at in the past. xx
  4. @taxi2ballet No parent should harbour the blame. As parents we can only look, listen, take he’d what others say. Look at the Sats, the practices of care in place. But even then; it’s all glossy. However once a Parent does find out something is wrong. That’s when the said parent speaks at great length to their child. Reassure that no matter what, you believe them, comfort. From then.. work out what’s the next steps will be. Trust me it’s a lot easier said than done. As the PA World is very fickle. Not much Independant governance. Positions of ppl do use their power. That’s were the need for change must be.
  5. @Pas de Quatre Not every School is affiliated with Ofsted. There is a lot of Dance Schools that don’t have this kind of Protection. However a lot of MT School do.
  6. Beautiful to hear this. My Eldest has completed Vocational's and has done extremely well. Youngest is going through Uni. Both made me “skint” lol. But wouldn’t have it any other way. They both fulfilling their Dreams
  7. Dd1 & Dd2 have studied courses there. They did see a few things that made them question integrity.
  8. Thank u for ur reply. That's great they train along with FT BW. Do AP Programe change dates & times a lot? Reason I b looking at Air Tickets!
  9. Do the AP course take exams or just train for greater improvement? Forgive my question? I'm new to this Fourm. Both DDs recently completed weeks course. Loved it to the max.
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