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  1. OK, I've done a bit of googling & from what I can see the Advanced Diploma in Dance is one of a plethora of TAFE qualifications in Australia that can either count towards university entrance scores or can actually be taken at a university as a 1 year course either instead of or prior to a full degree. So if she were to come and study in the UK (can't comment on the rest of Europe as that's outside my sphere of knowledge) at age 16 it wouldn't advantage her or disadvantage her to have the qualification. She would still have to study whatever qualification the school she was accepted to offers.
  2. In Australia is it a qualification that gains entry to university education? I'm wondering if it is a bit like our Btec Diploma here in the UK, a vocational qualification that can be studied either instead of, or alongside academic A levels that gives entry to university degree programmes? If so, and your daughter is planning on applying for European universities then it may be worth checking admissions criteria to see if it accepted. For those studying to be professional dancers here in the UK qualifications aren't really necessary, they are more often just used as the vehicle for which to get the course funded (for home students). If your daughter is looking to apply to study in Europe then she will be required to study whatever qualification the school offers as part of their training. In the UK that may be a Level 6 Trinity Diploma in Dance or a degree or a schools own internal diploma. It's the training, not the qualification that really matters. The time when they do matter is for anyone wanting to go into teaching.
  3. No, other than the fact that men often wear black or white ballet shoes and girls usually wear pink. Men sometimes need a wider fitting shoe.
  4. One of dd’s Teachers who had previously been at Australian Ballet implemented this when she was in Year 9. (Except I thought it was 32 not 24)
  5. 2 years ago they came by post. But there is new management in place now so it may have changed.
  6. It’s always worth applying as there are are sometimes children at all of the schools who decide that for whatever reason it’s not for them.
  7. Dd just did Tring (and hated it so didn't apply) the year before she had done Bird College and OPES.
  8. Mine didn’t want to go to London either joyofdance so she only auditioned for 2 colleges and a school. It is seen as second best by some though.
  9. We recently contacted our GP about some difficulties ds was having (he is autistic and severe anxiety was causing alarming behaviours). The GP said if it happens again call the police and they will arrest him!!!! Ds is 15 years old!
  10. Each school is allocated a certain pot of money. The actual amount depends on various factors but is different for each school. The schools each decide the size of their intake too so percentages are difficult. Eg if school A allocates 20 DaDas and has 30 students in total but School B might have 20 DaDas but their intake is 60 students. What i did do was to look up the OFSTED report for each school and that tells you the total number of students at the time of inspection and the number of students in receipt of a DaDa. Some are a bit out of date now though.
  11. Only Level 3 qualifications give UCAS points There are 3 different sizes of Btec Level 3 diplomas - The Btec Extended Certificate is equivalent to 1 A level and you study it alongside other subjects. The Btec National Diploma is equivalent to 2 A Levels and the Btec Extended Diploma is equivalent to 3 A levels and is usually a full time course. My son is currently applying for a Level 3 Btec Extended Diploma in Music and it is accepted for entry to music degrees at almost all universities except, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham & Manchester (Birmingham & Manchester accept it if you have A level music as well). Trinity Diplomas are Level 6 which is a degree level qualification) so they do not accrue UCAS points. You can top up the Trinity Diploma to a full degree at one of a handful of institutions (Middlesex Uni, GSA (Surrey) & Arts Ed (City University). Some Universities will allow the Trinity Diploma to be used as credits under prior study transfer schemes. Unfortunately many universities will not accept dance grade UCAS points to make up the total. For Music we did find a few that will such as Oxford Brookes plus at least one other I can't remember.
  12. I just say dd wanted to give dance her best shot but keep academic options open so she chose to go to an US where she could also study for A levels.
  13. I agree with Pale. If she wants to concentrate on her ballet more and do an associate class then something else needs to give.
  14. One extra thing to take into consideration is that at Hammond (so I presume Tring is the same) I still claim child benefit for dd until the end of the 2nd year. Central, ENBS etc you won't be able to do that as it's Higher Education.
  15. Central is a degree isn't it so the student applies for a student loan for Maintenance? I guess it's London prices. I know a lot of people who are actively discouraging thier children from applying to London absed universities becasue of the higher costs.
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