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  1. One extra thing to take into consideration is that at Hammond (so I presume Tring is the same) I still claim child benefit for dd until the end of the 2nd year. Central, ENBS etc you won't be able to do that as it's Higher Education.
  2. Central is a degree isn't it so the student applies for a student loan for Maintenance? I guess it's London prices. I know a lot of people who are actively discouraging thier children from applying to London absed universities becasue of the higher costs.
  3. £4,300 per term!!!!! I only pay slightly more than that per year for Dd with a host family elsewhere.
  4. I occasionally have a look across there but I’m more likely to visit the opera section. Can i I make a confession. I’m not really very into ballet. I’d never choose to go and watch a ballet (MT every day for me). But obviously I support my child hence this forum.
  5. Yes. I wondered about that. I don’t know anyone on the dance course personally only Acting.
  6. How is Birmingham to get to? I’m thinking maybe BOA.
  7. Given what you’ve said about her aspirations I think so. It’s the same level of course as if she’d stayed at her old school and she’ll have more options at 18 than are available at 16.
  8. If she is interested in a funded Level 3 diploma then Steelworks in Stoke on Trent might be do-able on the train.
  9. Oh gosh I remember your other post now. Your poor dd and her year group have been dealt a rough hand. It could have been us (dd is in year 13) so easily.
  10. There is no such thing as a “high school degree or diploma” in the UK. There are a variety of qualifications that lead to university entrance that schools and colleges offer after national GCSE exams have been sat age 16. The most common/well known of these are A Levels. Students generally study between 3/4 academic subjects between the age of 16-18 unlike the US where I believe a wider range of subjects remain compulsory. Off the top of my head the schools that offer A levels alongside vocational training are Elmhurst, Tring, Hammond, London Russian & Kings. Many students in the UK however choose to study an alternative to A Levels called a Btec diploma. They are available in a variety of subjects including dance but I don’t know any ballet schools who offer them. Both the above are Level 3 qualifications. Exams and assessments are set, moderated and marked by external exam boards accredited by the UK Qualifications & Curriculum Authority and universities make offers depending on your grades. However the anomaly in the dance training works is that several vocational schools offer actual university level degrees or a degree level diploma to 16 year olds. These are Level 6 qualifications, the level of a bachelors degree. Central offers a BA Hons and ENBS offers the diploma. Elmhurst, Tring & Hammond offer the diploma with optional A levels, Northern Ballet offer just the diploma.
  11. A panto company used gold spray paint when dd was in a month long run, think they had to be resprayed after about 3 weeks. I also used green car spray paint when dd was Tinkerbell but that was for a one night only show.
  12. I think it is usually updated about February/March time which is when the schools are told exactly what their allocation for the year is.
  13. Also, it says on their website that they can take the award from you if they aren’t pleased with your progress, assessment results etc. Is it really possible during 2 years of A-level? DaDa funding is specifically for those enrolled on the Trinity diploma which is classed as a full time course even if it is possible at places like Tring, Hammond and Elmhurst to do A levels alongside. You have to pass each year in order to progress to the next year. In order to be eligible for the funding in the first place schools ahve to show they are awarding it to those who have mopst potential to suceed. This isn't specific to vocational schools. If you are at a normal school or 6th form studing say a Btec in dance plus 2 A levels but don't pass the first year then you could also be asked to leave.
  14. In the light of hoglett's most recent post however I would also advise looking into the Level 3 Btec/UAL courses available as the majority of DaDa funded courses are geared towards intending professional performers. Some are private but there are now many that are funded. This can then lead onto a post 18 degree course and she may find more choice at 18, especially for the choreography/teaching route.
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