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  1. Everything is tumble dried and washing is only done on certain days per week (though dancewear was done every day at dd's school) so the smell might become an issue and whether the school laundry was willing to handle them.
  2. I turned a one off bonus down that would have put us into the next bracket.
  3. If your income has changed drastically from a previous year you can apply to be re-assessed on your current income. I get dividends and I had to fill in my self assessment early in the May for the year just ended 5th April. So after 5th April 2020 you would fill in your s/a covering what you event between August and April.
  4. My daughter wears Diary Dolls as an extra layer of protection.
  5. It sounds like she may be heading in a more general dance/musical theatre direction than ballet. The issue will be funding. Funding for vocational schools aged 11-16 is based on their potential in classical ballet. My Dd who isn’t classical dancer attended Hammond on a bursary but we still had to find substantial fees. Their lower school dance course was great for her but it may be a better route for your daughter would be to attend a good local school working on ballet, modern/jazz technique etc then look at post 16 options. At 16 there is more funding available via DaDa for non classical dancers and lots enter at this stage.
  6. Yes she did enjoy it. It was eye eye opening for her too. Having been to vocational school she said the standard of ballet was lower than she was used to but the jazz, Tap & Commercial really pushed her and gave her an insight into what serious non vocational kids were doing as up to that point her own modern classes were very technical and the tap she was used to was more broadway 42nd street than the more modern style.
  7. I’m just impressed there is still a library. Ds’s school got rid of theirs and created a learning resource centre instead with computers but got rid of non essential books.
  8. My daughter bought a book called Safe Dance Practice at Move It one year (think she was in Year 9). It was expensive but she still uses it now.
  9. Maybe This is A Voice would be the best one to start with. Bit more user friendly.
  10. They might be a little too in depth for Year 8's (though my daughter read them) but I recommend This is a Voice and/or Singing and the Actor by Dr Gillian Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.
  11. I don't think they do. (My nephew is in a football academy). But they should.
  12. Yes, I think its the same organisation. If I remember correctly the Healthy Dancer screening is carried out by a physiotherapist.
  13. This just is not available in the UK. There are charities that offer the heart checks held on specific dates at places like local leisure centres (one locally is organised by the mum of a boy who died playing football) but the most you would get in a health check is blood pressure check and asking a few health questions. The waiting time for a simple blood test (which are not carried out by the GP) for specific issues my son was having was about 3 weeks wait. To have what you are describing done privately would cost hundreds of pounds if you could even find someone. My brother is currently struggling to find someone who will see his son privately for ongoing issues that are affecting his schooling and sports.
  14. This was where it was very handy to discover that our GP, many years ago had attended a private school in Chester and shared a school bus with Hammond students some of whom he made friends with! The fee was forgotten about.
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