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  1. Gosh, 10 is incredibly young. Does his teacher know he's walking about in them?
  2. Because the positioning of the ribbons is individual to each dancer’s foot?
  3. One school my ds went to offered textiles as an option but up until year 10 it was a 6 week course. They did more food tech and Design Tech. Some schools dont don’t offer it at all.
  4. Sometimes its not even just about the training. For example this week ds has been doing a week of dance/musical theatre workshpos wioth his theatre group where they are bringing in ouitside teachers from various shows/fdance companies. Dd will be taking part in Saturdays workshop simply because its being run by a musical theatre performer she admires and based around a show she loves. It's a fun summer holiday thing to do. Both kids in the past have taken part in things simply becasue they liked the people/friends etc.
  5. If you are at full time vocational school then you have to seek permission to do workshops etc elsewhere. It stands to reason that they are training you for the profession and they need to ensure you don’t receive training that will counteract what they are doing or overtrain. It never occurred to me to seek permission from local dance schools. Both my children did/do classes, workshops and shows at multiple places to fit in with our schedule etc. The only thing we never did was duplicate exam classes. Eg dd did RAD ballet, tap & modern at one school but did non exam jazz and musical theatre & summer schools elsewhere.
  6. I am so sorry to hear this.
  7. My dd auditioned 6 years ago now sober experience is probably out of date especially as there have been retirements and staffchanges since then. The ballet class was fairly simple. She was borderline back then & advised to work on her technique but it was her sense of performance that tipped the boundary for her on being accepted. Her feet were checked but I can’t remember what else. Singing is compulsory but the dance is the main thing. They know that many don’t have experience and children have been known to just sing happy birthday.
  8. Don’t Elmhurst offer it.? Not as external students would be allowed in their classes of course. But it surprised me about you saying about them going to Centrepoint. Hammond regularly enter students for Adv 1 & 2, sometimes the exams are held at the school, sometimes they travel to Manchester.
  9. There is absolutely no closure What did happen was back in 2011 a local day prep school called Merton House closed suddenly without notice and Hammond took on those children and opened a fee paying prep school which ran for several years. Over time numbers dwindled and so the prep has been closed as there wasn’t the demand. They did try to have it as a feeder school but I just don’t think there was the demand for children to specialise and board before year 7 and of course no MDS until year 7. The prep school has always been very small. In lower school there there is a big emphasis on classical ballet but the children also study tap & modern. I think they start contemporary around year 9/10, just 1 or 2 lessons a week compared to daily ballet class. Following the retirement of the principal the new principal undertook a consultation & A new Director of Performance has just been appointed (the post went to an existing member of staff & there has been some other re-structuring with several promotions etc.
  10. A DBS check is a bit like an MOT. It’s only as up to date as the day it was done so best practice is that they should be re-done every 2-3 years unless you subscribe to the update service.
  11. But doctors, pilots and paramedics are not trained at local schools where provision is subject to all manner of vagaries with regards to what subjects are offered, in what combination and where students may need to move from a small 6th form to a larger college to access the right subjects. We are not talking about dance training colleges we are talking about recreational local dance schools.
  12. Dd has been on residential summer schools where going to friends dorms during lunch and break times has been strictly forbidden and others where it has been allowed or encouraged but yes, that is something to consider.
  13. It may not have been related directly to Sen but to use a points system in this way is highly discriminatory to many children with an spld without taking into account the extra processing time some may require and to furthermore use the system in the divisive way you describe further exacerbates the discrimination. I’d be hopping mad. (I’d never heard of information processing speed until it was mentioned on my ds’s Ed Psych report so I’m no expert but the way it was explained was that it takes some people a little longer to access the stored information/knowledge from the brain to action it. ) Teachers are supposed to be professional & treat all students fairly and not take things beyond their control out of them.
  14. I'm really sorry to hear this. My dd was a lot older when she had a poor experience of a summer school (she had previously been to lots of others and had been a full time day student at vocational school for 4 years before that, so was able to handle it much better and at least we were able to cross it off her Upper school audition list. Am I correct in thinking that your dc has an SEN? The answering questions quickly bit touches a nerve as although dd has a lightning fast processing speed, ds has slow Speed of Informatin Processing (he gets extra time in exams including for the viva section of music & dance exams) and I wonder if this particular teacher has a poor understanding of the various issues some children face.
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