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  1. All other events that are being cancelled are being refunded from what I have seen.
  2. Finals have been cancelled for LCDS. Interview to be done by Skype. Totally understand why. However, as a parent if an offer is received it feels a worry to accept somewhere for them to be for 3 years without having the option to view and get a real feel for the place. Hoping there is an option for questions to be asked as you would if visiting in person. Not sure there is a solution 😞
  3. Agree! We were in same situation and I advised we wouldn’t be accepting place without MDS too May have changed this year though so worth checking ?
  4. I did the same last year and was chased for the money. Was told that we couldn’t attend funding audition if didn’t pay it.
  5. Resurrecting this post in the hope for some further insight into RCS if anyone can help. DD is considering applying but is keen on contemporary and would like to understand how much of the timetable is given to contemporary on a weekly basis and also if improv/creative classes are also available. DD wants to keep up Ballet to a high level after leaving vocational but really interested in progressing in contemporary. Do they only take the “typical” ballet dancer (I don’t mean that in any way offensive just don’t know how else to express it) or do they have a cross section of experience in dance, body shape etc Many thanks
  6. You def have to pay it to be able to attend the funding audition and it isn’t refunded if you can not attend due to not getting an MDS. Been there and got the t-shirt 😞
  7. They invited 52 back to the MDS audition last year for a handful of MDS awards at a cost of £160 per child auditioning
  8. RE BA Hons - Forgive the silly question but I thought grants had been abolished now and it’s all student loans for fees plus a maintenance aspect based on parents income?
  9. Ask if you can have a current year assessment instead. You can for MDS in such situations so hopefully same for DaDa?
  10. Student finance is also available for Cert HE courses at 16 (ie Foundation Year leading to BA)
  11. Northern School Of Contemporary dance do take 16 year olds but advise only those with exceptional talent - worth a try
  12. Lots of Hammond uniform for sale from jumpers, ties, hoodies, tracksuits, skirts, coats etc can be delivered to school. PM with requirements and I can check sizes.
  13. There is one in Clayton, Bradford, West Yorkshire - I think it’s RJS studios
  14. Looking for anything BBA related for age 11 ish +\-
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