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  1. Northern School Of Contemporary dance do take 16 year olds but advise only those with exceptional talent - worth a try
  2. Lots of Hammond uniform for sale from jumpers, ties, hoodies, tracksuits, skirts, coats etc can be delivered to school. PM with requirements and I can check sizes.
  3. There is one in Clayton, Bradford, West Yorkshire - I think it’s RJS studios
  4. Looking for anything BBA related for age 11 ish +\-
  5. Does Emma teach at the other locations? Has anyone got any experience of BBA Hull?
  6. Does anyone know of any workshops or intensives in London for age 12 w/c 28th October??
  7. It’s taken me 4 years to work that out. This was the first year I actually realised how to do it 🤣 very odd system (glad that it wasn't just me being silly Pictures !) I too have paid full price each time for kids and pensioners
  8. Feel sorry for those who missed out yesterday. It was a debacle indeed. Feedback and alternative approach ideas have been suggested to the school before but not taken up unfortunately. Think this year was worse than ever with PayPal crashing but as you said Karen some tickets may come available when the system catches up🤞🤞🤞
  9. There are many more MDS year 11 students leaving this year. Not sure why only 6/7 offered. Is this accurate do you know?
  10. I have been told no discount other than they deduct the usual sibling amount from your earnings for each means test but that would be just as if one in is in vocational and one in no vocational. Would be interested to hear if this is t the case.
  11. Hi Peanut68 - quick question re your MDS deposit comment. So you know if this is accurate information - would be interested in understanding how one vocational school charging £155 for an MDS funding audition fits within the rules of the scheme. Apprexiate it’s a lower school query but fits with your response re deposits. Many thanks
  12. Re Exeat - you can pick up cases from boarding house before (but be sure to check what time the boarding house will be manned until) and then collect child from school at 4pm so you can get on the road home quickly. The evenings are busy but it helps avoid homesickness. We found the less calls meant all well and when calls increased a little homesickness has set in but the head of boarding was a great help and most of the time it’s our need as parents to speak to them rather than their need to speak to you. I would say that the Sundays can sometimes drag and so saving up all your questions for then passes time for them if they don’t have an activity planned.
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