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  1. Yes. That may definitely be the case. I think they will be educated very quickly! RBS needs to be across the relevant Laws and seeking Advice from the full range of different interest groups. e.g. Many LGB people do not associate themselves with LGBT+ as they are same-sex attracted not same-gender identity attracted.
  2. It is not inclusive if it alienates some women and LGB people. - Gender critical people: The recent landmark Maya Forstater case means that people, in the workplace, can not be discriminated against for 'gender critical' beliefs i.e. believing that there are only 2 sexes and women are adult human females. - Some LGB people: People supporting the LGB Alliance & LGB Fight Back, believe that current gender ideologies are a threat to people whose sexual orientation is same or both sex. That these ideologies are confusing and dangerous to children. Certainly, you may not agree with these views but the one celebrated by RBS here are not 'inclusive' of people in the 2 groups above.
  3. and also celebrates 'transitioning' in the pink/blue/white square. I am aware that this kind of medical intervention for adolescents is now in question at the UK Court of Appeal (Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust v. Keira Ball ). So surely it is not the role of RBS to promote a position.
  4. Across it's Social Media platforms The Royal Ballet School is displaying student art that celebrates: non gender binary, outside binary, partial genders, lack of gender... Ballet students across the world are seeing this. There is a very large number of vulnerable LGB youth amongst this demographic. Where is the messaging that they are perfect as they are? This kind of messaging seems wholly inappropriate to me! Why one viewpoint on gender ideology & not, for example, that of @LGBAlliance & @LGBFightBack ?
  5. For 'woke' read 'recreational vengeance warrior' Sorry - back to narrative ballets..
  6. Just as a comparison.. It is a very different story in Australia. Many students are at private fulltime ballet schools. Their goal is to audition for upper schools in Australia and around the world. They get a lot of hours and quality teaching. - I agree that being with others doing the same program is highly motivating and beneficial. - Doing academics in the afternoon, evening and weekends is incredibly hard work! We have well established Distance Education schools. You can opt for a full academic load or go to a DE school that offers a lighter load and counts your ballet hours. That is, it recognises the music, sport, physical health & development education the students are getting. Also, in Australia, the last 2 years of school can be done over 3 years. - We always check if the choice is right by asking - is my daughter getting her academic education and enjoying her choice? This way, whatever happens in ballet, she will have had a good childhood.
  7. Yes, cotes du rhone! I have allowed my daughter to breach so many important boundaries. It has been negative for both of us as it leads to ongoing angry conversations and encourages her to continually push the limits -to see if they actually exist! One of my rules is that if DD does not hand in school work on time then she can not attend ballet until she catches up. Finally, I enforced this. It was fabulous. It is so harmful on the relationship if you do not follow through.
  8. There is a lot of vaping in our little world! It's a hard no for me. My family are making significant sacrifices for our DD to study ballet. I have told her that she has to be prepared to 'pay the price' to have what she wants. It's always ok if she does not wish to continue. Ballet is an art that requires the body of an athlete.
  9. It does seem to me that there is a determined effort to slow down the progression of younger dancers. Some will say the stars are just not there. I am not so sure. Surely they have to get stage time in order to develop and build an audience? Xander Parish talks of years as a 'spear holder in the back row' before he made his move to The Mariinsky. Harrison Lee, for example, is a talented young artist but I have not seen any mention of him for years. He won the Junior Grand Prix Award at YAGP in 2014 and Gold at the Prix de Lausanne 2015 before going to RBS.
  10. Paola_Bromma Sorry, I don't know much more. I do know an Australian girl who is leaving to join ESB for the Sept term and someone else going to another Amsterdam school. Both seem to be going ahead with their plans. ESB posts quite regularly on Instagram and Facebook but I'm not sure what the Covid regulations in Amsterdam are right now regarding studio v. Zoom training. https://www.instagram.com/europeanschoolofballet/ https://www.facebook.com/ESBallet
  11. My DD has done a 1 week intensive with Jean Yves-Esquerre - director at ESB. Probably one of her favourite training experiences. He is a straight talker. He is funny. He has told parents that I know - and myself - exactly what he thinks about their young dancer's prospects. Covid has changed opportunities. I know several young dancers who are at ESB as a place to shelter in the storm. Keeping up their elite training and hoping to get audition opportunities soon.
  12. So often our contemporary ballet girls are performing in a leo only. Not a great look - no matter how slim you are. Let's celebrate the transition from a little girl to a young women! I went to her Instagram to give it a like! https://www.instagram.com/p/CN7hwjGFLLR/
  13. This is a confusing situation. It is no surprise that girls grow and experience puberty at different rates. Maybe the school in question is too small too provide flexibility around the needs of the students? My DD goes to quite a large school. There is quite a lot of movement at the 10-13 age group. Some students skip a RAD grade and some repeat a year. There are many reasons for this. Some students are more advanced in their technique. Some students experience their growth spurt early and fit in better with older girls! A school should be able to cater to this with sensitivity and normalising it.
  14. Here is an Australian student's account of her experience there. An oldie (2016) but a goodie https://balletschooldropout.wordpress.com/2016/12/02/surviving-sibera/
  15. I do think it is valuable to look back at your decisions & actions. Learn from them! Share information with those that show an interest. (thank you to this Forum!) I am constantly amazed at the lack of research some parents do! We learn through the feedback loop. Adjust early where possible. Pay attention to the light taps on your shoulder before it becomes a knock out blow.
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