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  1. So often our contemporary ballet girls are performing in a leo only. Not a great look - no matter how slim you are. Let's celebrate the transition from a little girl to a young women! I went to her Instagram to give it a like! https://www.instagram.com/p/CN7hwjGFLLR/
  2. This is a confusing situation. It is no surprise that girls grow and experience puberty at different rates. Maybe the school in question is too small too provide flexibility around the needs of the students? My DD goes to quite a large school. There is quite a lot of movement at the 10-13 age group. Some students skip a RAD grade and some repeat a year. There are many reasons for this. Some students are more advanced in their technique. Some students experience their growth spurt early and fit in better with older girls! A school should be able to cater to this with sensitivity a
  3. Here is an Australian student's account of her experience there. An oldie (2016) but a goodie https://balletschooldropout.wordpress.com/2016/12/02/surviving-sibera/
  4. I do think it is valuable to look back at your decisions & actions. Learn from them! Share information with those that show an interest. (thank you to this Forum!) I am constantly amazed at the lack of research some parents do! We learn through the feedback loop. Adjust early where possible. Pay attention to the light taps on your shoulder before it becomes a knock out blow.
  5. It was quite emotional being back in a packed theatre. All fingers crossed that people around the world can have this back very soon.
  6. Finally made it back into The Sydney Opera House to see The Australian Ballet performing New York Dialects. This is a triple bill: George Balanchine's Serenade - Beautiful. Watermark, a new work by Pam Tanowitz - 18 dancers, mostly male, and has the look of improv. Entertaining but not really my cup of tea. I started thinking that I should really just come to the tried & true storybook ballets - given the cost of the tickets. George Balanchine's The Four Temperaments - LOVED IT! There was a clear NY feel to it. Best of all was that it showcased so many of the
  7. That is interesting. At 17 is he too old for Royal Ballet School or did he want to join a company?
  8. What a great story! Kochetkova was with ENB Corps for 4 years dancing mainly corps roles. She then joined San Francisco Ballet as a principal dancer! She returned to ENB as guest artist in 2019 and is now back as Lead Principal. This is one of my favourite clips:
  9. That is my experience Momapalooza. When a dancer is at a 'serious' ballet school they usually agree not to go to other schools or teachers. The existing faculty should be sufficient. This includes private lessons if desired. Maybe Australian Ballet School interstate or Queensland Associate programs but these are only for visits a few times per year.
  10. I agree! As parents we have to set boundaries. How much money we are prepared to spend. Enforcing academic requirements that must be met for the ballet hours to continue. Gaining an understanding of where your dancer realistically sits in the mix... The industry was difficult before Covid, now we see dancers stuck, waiting and hoping. It has been a brutal reality check. I have had many frank conversations with my DD. A goal of growing up is to be able to get a job that pays your rent & food!
  11. I have nothing to say about who RBS select for White Lodge - you're welcome! I do see cultural differences between the perspectives in the UK and Australia (probably true of the US too) Where I live, in Australia, there is a very strong migrant & Asian mindset. Part of this is the strong emphasis on hard work over natural talent. Yes, we can all agree that Ballet as a profession is dependent on having certain innate physical attributes and, as Kate_N says, being close to biomechanically perfect! Students that I see, are working with what they have
  12. In Australia, a number of young dancers are brand ambassadors e.g. Bloch, Gaynors... This can be for dance photographers or merchandise such as shoes or dance bags or leotards and the like. if you are going through a lot of pointe shoes this can be attractive, especially to the parents. Some dancers want audition photo's from specialist photographers. In these deals however you have to post very frequently. That can be onerous.
  13. I heard an Australian ballet teacher talking about students - girls - going to the UK for upper school training. She spoke about the Heathrow Effect. Basically girls gaining weight because they were no longer being supported in their eating by mum, homesick, too tired and time poor to make good meals...
  14. My sympathies! It is particularly hard that there is usually no feedback. I agree with those that recommend seeking an assessment from a respected teacher. They can only provide their personal opinion but may be detailed about what they think are your DD's strengths/weaknesses. It is difficult that on one hand your child puts in so many hours but then they are told that it is all very 'subjective'. Surely, in regards to technique, a level of mastery is visible to the trained eye. An objective reality?
  15. I already keep a close eye on the full time school that my DD attends. I am paying private school fees and then pay for her academics on top. This is the Australian system so it's unlike UK vocational schools. Maybe doing this all on our money is helping us to 'keep it real' in terms of the dreams we may have. My DD loves her ballet school but if I stop loving it then she will be getting her training elsewhere. When I think about paying for my DD to be in a company... I fall off my chair. Typically in such a situation, you would start having expectations and start
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