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  1. Thanks DDPA glad we aren't the only ones not heard yet, I guess details will come mon/Tue or I will be ringing. Good luck to your Dd, my Dd attended a dance day last year and really enjoyed it.
  2. Dd has confirmed audition for Central at Leeds on Sunday 17th Feb but we've not had details such as timings yet has anyone else auditioning next weekend heard anything?
  3. My Dd is away at vocational school in yr11 so obviously thinking about auditioning for upper schools. Her school has arranged a time slot to take their audition photographs for the applications next weekend but the problem we have is a couple of schools don't open their applications until October so we can't see which positions are needed for the application form, does anybody know the positions are required for applying to Central and Rambert please.
  4. Dd is at Hammond lower school and knows the situation for their US. We were just wondering about how strict other schools were for their dance courses, she wears make up for shows happily but doesn't see the point for everyday training. ☺️
  5. Thanks for the replies so far, it would be the Dance course that DD would be applying for not MT .
  6. Dd has said some upper schools ask students to wear make up for all classes not just for shows/auditions etc. Can anyone confirm this and know which schools do or don't ask for make up to be worn please.
  7. Anybody studying at RCS or who knows info about the school please could you tell me, how many contact hours?, class sizes? ratio of ballet/contemporary? or any other info you can share about the school please, DD interested in auditioning for Sept 19.
  8. Sorry to hijack this thread but which of these schools mentioned take at 16?
  9. I too had the emergency phone call last week and thanks to Amazon prime sent sharpies to dd. They did the trick and as you say they all looked black on stage, I also got a text to say the black lipstick was no longer needed! The show was amazing and as always everyone looked fabulous, now time for a well earned rest.
  10. Thank you so much, I have found the email and sent the medical form. I don't know what I would do without this forum! x
  11. Not got our info pack yet, so we don't know yet either.
  12. This course sounds very similar to the course offered by Hammond, am I correct in thinking that?
  13. Thank you, so as Meadowblythe says its only Central, Rambert and RCS that do a Dance degree for 16 yr olds (Not heard of Dancewise).
  14. If 16 yr old DD wants to pursue a Diploma or degree down the Dance route rather than the MT route how important is it that the school offers the chance to continue her RAD exams? I've started researching various schools and some mention RAD exams and others don't but does that mean they don't offer them or just that that info isn't on the website?
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